eBSEG Omnichannel Solutions

Date11/2/2020 12:07:37 PM
Has Your Business Solved The Digital Channels Challenge?
eBSEG Introducing CEEP, Customer Experience & Engagement OmniChannel Platform for Banking, Insurance, Wealth Management Company or any other Financial Service Industry.
At eBSEG, we saw the demand for a single unified portal Omnichannel Customer Experience Platform, where all content, features and business functions for all channels could be created, updated, and implemented, from one source, with one team.
Our Omnichannel Solutions include:-
- Digital Banking Solution.
- Digital Insurance Solution.
- Digital Sales and Onboarding Platform.
- Digital Trading Solution.
- Digital Messaging Solution.
- Mobile Queuing Solution.
- Digital Self Service Solution.
- Digital Customer Assistance Solution.
- Digital Patient Assistance Solution.
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