eBSEG Digital Sales and Onboarding Platform

Date11/2/2020 12:56:56 PM
How to increase Online Sales and Promote bank Products or Services?
eBSEG Digital Sales and Onboarding Platform enable the bank to sell products with the most efficient product presentation, the new enhanced customer journey has gone to the next level when the customer can shop, compare, save, apply, upload documents, get in-portal in-mails for inquires, follow up and requests.
eBSEG Digital Sales and Onboarding platform is made for acquisition, but without forgetting the existing customers, we integrate with core banking as well as your internal CRM to make sure leads are converted to clients.
Moreover, consumer behavior analysis and monitoring enhanced tools are made explicitly for sales optimization and learning curve data mining.
All services are completely digitized and banks can manage to change, monitor and work on contents with a very powerful multi-tiered CMS, you can add new products & update old ones easily in seconds with full details and let your customers compare between and choose the best for them.
So what you are waiting for to let your customers channel their online buying process with just a few clicks on your public portal?
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