How to fix error 429 too many requests?

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No matter what type or size your website is, sooner or later it will run into a problem. Error occurrence is a very common thing to happen. And some of these errors are very difficult to troubleshoot. At times you do not get any hint about the root cause of the issue from the error message that is being displayed. The [HTTP Error 429 Too Many Requests][1] is one such error. At this point, you must have started wondering How to fix error 429 too many requests. There are several factors that can cause the [429 Error][2] but in order to resolve it you will have to find out what the real culprit is.
There can be instances when the server finds out that a user is trying to access a particular web page very frequently. This when the server triggers a rate limiting features. This can happen when an unauthorized user makes repetitive attempts to get access to your website. However, the chances are that the web server will detect users with cookies instead of the credentials they are using to
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