Shop The Best Bully Sticks

Date11/18/2020 11:50:37 AM
PriceUSD 25.00
Bully sticks arrive in various sizes and assortments. For little dogs, thin and smaller than normal Bully sticks are typically the most ideal decision as the bigger variants are too thick to even consider fitting in the pup's mouth and can sever into enormous pieces. In case you're worried about the smell of this regular item, don't perspire it! Normally scent free harasser sticks are accessible to keep your pup involved and your home smelling new.

Bully sticks are normally high in protein, however low in fat and sugars. They're a modestly enduring bite produced using 100% meat pizzle and sourced from free-going grassfed South American steers.

We will address the glaring issue at hand first thing: menace sticks are produced using Bully sticks. What!?!?! That's right you read effectively. Along these lines, they are a solitary fixing item that is 100% regular and is a more secure option in contrast to rawhide bites. As far as size, there are little (6") bull sticks from steers as far as possible up to a lot bigger bulls.
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