The most contemporary lighting fixture for commercial usage!

Date11/20/2020 7:04:17 PM
PriceUSD 69.83
Become famous for replacing grills. 2x2 LED panel lights have triggered the lighting market on a global level. This contemporary lighting fixture is designed to replace the fluorescent ceiling lights and replace the common grille. Panel light lights are the most suitable for the applications and areas like balconies, offices, high-end hotels, corridors, hospitals, schools, etc. LEDMyplace offers 2x2 LED panel lights in a matte finish. The lights provided by LEDMyplace are best for eyes and are featured with various functions like dimmable, excellent brightness output, and high CRI.

Panel lights have several advantages over conventional lights, as they:

• Are available in several color temperatures and wattages
• Offer high per-watt lumen output
• Consume less energy per use
• Are easy to install and maintain
• Visit the website to know more about our 2x2 LED panel light fixtures!

Get the fixtures delivered at your doorstep over nightT&C Apply. Available with 30 days return policy and 5 years of manufacturer’s warranty. Contact us at 815-697-5223 or have a live chat with us.
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