2017 Graco XM%20PFP%20Intumescent%20Pump in Monroe, WA

Date11/24/2020 1:03:23 PM
PriceUSD 65,000.00
2017 Graco XM PFP Intumescent Pump Base (with Control Panel). 5.0 gallons (x2) (20 Liters) Pail Supply modules (has large tank on it). Proven Ratio Assurance (Control Panel). Displays Realtime Spray Parameters (Tank Levels, Temperature, Pressure, Mix Ratio). Mis Ratio-Weight Check tracking. USP Drive for Data reporting. Intuitive User Controls. Settable Mix ratio. Modes for Circulating or Spraying. New Temperature Controls and Supply screen. Part - 262878. Series - L17E. Serial - A12158. A&B Metering Valve Assembly. Handles Two-Part Materials from 1.1 to 10.1. Provides precise Ratio Control within = (-5%). Ensures accurate On-Ratio mixing. Optimized for Fibrous materials. Metering Valve Assembly (both Upper and Lower valves below A&B Valves). Metering valves. Ratio sampling valves. Circulation ball valves. High pressure check valves. Viscon HF Heater. Large passages provide over 3 times the flow of a standard Viscon heater. Cleanable design reduces Downtime. 5,400 watts - increased both Power and Efficiency. Model - 245869. Series - H17C A01708. Proven Graco Xtreme pump design (rear side of control panel). NXT 6500 De-Icing Air motor. Part - 257463. Series - F17A. Serial - A0016843. Brass fitting on the bottom is a Quick-Knockdown Xtreme pump lower for fast rebuilds. Merkur Blush Pump. SST Construction. Used for mixed material flushing. Hot water or Solvent flush. 301 Pressure Ratio. Hot Water Flush kit (available separately). Heated Pressure Tanks (Mixer). Hot Water circulation for fast material condition. SST, double-wall, ASME-approved vessel (20.0 gal - 76 Liters). Built-in Agitator. Brand new Level Sensor technology (automatically refills tanks when material reaches a certain level). Settable Fill and Stop points. Viewable tank levels on Control screen. Overfill safety relief. Proven Graco Check-Mate Feed System. 5.0 gallon (19 Liter) Supply system. Pumps Mastic materials with East into Supply tanks. Intuitive controls for changing material pails. De-icing Air motor. Spray Gun - Time did not see any. PFP Mix Manifold - Time did not see any. Static Mix Line. 0.5-inch Mix line with 0.375-inch Whip-to-Gun. Cleanable 0.75-inch SST Static mixer. A must see Intumescent Pump and everything works well as should! Currently located in Monroe, WA. Serious inquiries only. Stock Number H208274E. Financing, Nationwide Shipping and Warranties available to qualified buyers. Stock Number: H208274E
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