Microservices Architecture Solutions(Jellyfish Technologies)

Date11/26/2020 11:18:43 AM
Microservices are an approach to modern software applications for boosting the development process. Brands like Netflix, Amazon, Uber, Paypal, and eBay run their products on the microservices approach. In the monolithic approach, if the functionality of any component breaks down, the entire application used to get shut. Whereas, microservices divide the large software programs into independent and smaller components that reduces the dependency of the functionality on a single component only. Here, developers focus on creating large scale applications as a combination of multiple small services.
Microservices are service-oriented architecture (SOA). The benefit of dividing an application into multiple smaller services is that it improves flexibility & scalability, making the app much easier to develop, test, and understand. Jellyfish Technologies offers effective Microservices architecture solutions to organizations.
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