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Date11/30/2020 6:11:34 PM
PriceRs 5,289.00
Banarasi Sarees - The name that is an impression for every wedding. Banarasi Sarees are considered among the best sarees in india for their intricate designs.
The different surfaces, shadings, and plans settled on these sarees a mainstream decision for customary marriage wear. Directly from the hands of the best specialists in Varanasi,
we at Brand Mandir house is choice of Banarasi Sarees with eye-getting designs. We house an impeccable range of sarees that reflect our culture and heritage in every detail. Our complete collection of sarees is perfectly curated
and crafted from the hands of our master weavers, making every piece unique and exceptional.

Weaved with the finest quality of silks combined with gold and silver threads, the Banarasi Sarees can be passed from one generation to another.
Showing the most luxurious designs, most extreme consideration is taken to design the pallus to introduce you in full loftiness.

Brand Mandir is a hub for trendy and stylish Banarasi Sarees.
Shop the modern masterpieces of original Banarasi Sarees at Brand Mandir to totally transform your look and style.

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