Flight King - Private Jet Charter Rental

Date11/30/2020 6:05:34 PM
(213) 4012462(213) 4012462
8810 W Pico Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90035

Aircraft Rental Service

24 hours

Payment Types:
All cc, cash

Your personal charter consultant will help make your private jet experience unforgettable. Whether traveling domestic or international, for vacation or a business meeting, we will streamline your arrangements from chartering a flight to your destination to arranging limo services, hotels and even preparing your perfect in-flight meal.

Personal, charter specialist available 24/7
A wide range of aircrafts from small to long range jets
Customizable schedules and destinations
All fees and taxes are always included in your quote!
No membership or hidden fees
Fill out our simple request form or call us directly at (213) 4012462 to get a quote for your travel today!

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