Third Eye Opening - Effective Prophetic Supernatural Power

Date12/2/2020 4:59:15 PM
PriceUSD 1,000.00
Third Eye Opening:
Powerful and Effective Prophetic Supernatural Powers for Servants of God
Powerful and effective Prophetic Spiritual Holy Mantle Powers available for Servants of God that will take your missionary calling to the next level. I give healing and prophetic powers to men and women of God who desire to be world renowned pastors, evangelists, reverends, bishops and prophets. I have the ability to give you powerful and effective prophetic power and Third Eye opening that will enable you to draw crowds in their thousands; heal and deliver people, and give prophecies regarding past, present and future. Check my Facebook page; Prophet Stanley K Supernatural Odyssey. And also check my website for Testimonials from all over the world; (Prophet Stanley Kuforiji).
When you receive the Holy Mantles for direct anointing power impartation as a servant of God, you will be able to achieve the following by the mighty power of the Lord Most Hi
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