Perfect place to sell Gold Vancouver

Date12/9/2020 11:00:57 AM
PriceUSD 10.00
The Federal Gem Lab is the perfect place to sell gold in Vancouver. We are the fastest growing gold buyer in all of Vancouver, and we deal in all kinds of gold and jewelry, silver and other valuable materials. Our main aim is to provide you an excellent dealing experience when you sell your gold to us. Our strict rules and regulations shape our policies of helpful customer service. We are here to earn customers satisfaction by providing excellent service. So that the next time you think of selling gold in Vancouver, you will think of us. With your valuables, we will assess and evaluate the purity of your gold in karats. The steps we use to evaluate your gold are latest and transparent. We always try to keep our prices really low so that the morals of our customers always high! Our talented and highly skilled staff test, sort and weigh items right before your eyes using state of the art machinery. For more queries, call us at 18557362591.
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