Crossdocking services in Memphis, TN

DNG Transport specializes in cross docking services to help companies reduce warehouse costs, shorten delivery lead times, and increase order fill rates. By breaking down received items at the loading dock and matching them with pending orders for immediate, direct shipment to the retail store, cross docking eliminates the storage and labor costs of a traditional warehousing model. Benefits of cross docking solutions-Reduce distribution costs. By more than 50% on the items being cross docked. Reduce facility operating costs. Cross dock facilities simply cost less to operate than full-fledged distribution centers. Reduce inventory. When the volume and timing of supply can be managed to precisely match demand, the need for large safety stocks is eliminated. Reduce transportation costs. Transport mode shifts from high-cost LTL to consolidated truckload shipments that get there faster. Increase retailer efficiency. Retailers receive fewer, precisely timed shipments, requiring fewer dock doors and receiving staff.
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