Data Science Project Lead Analytics Part II | Python Project

Date12/19/2020 1:13:48 PM
PriceUSD 328.00
How to start with Python Data Science Project?
How to become a “Data Scientist" just google and you find tons of blog posts and articles. From the first page of the search result, you find that they are generally pretty good, with details of what a data scientist is, what kind of background they need, etc. like linear algebra, probability, statistics, Python, R, machine learning, and domain knowledge start to overwhelm you.
We are offering a lot of projects with our various certification courses in Data Science python training and explaining why to learn python first before moving to the learning of Data science according to the eligibility, experience and understanding of technology, our experts pick one project and share with candidate and along with expert guidance candidate explore the whole project and try to finish by own.
This is a first video in lead analytics using Python and Data science libraries. In this 1st video, how to configure Python and DJango is taught. Join our professional training program to learn practical data science.
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