ESSENS Perfume with Big Brands Without Labels

Date12/22/2020 6:55:19 PM
Price£ 21.50
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"ESSENS Perfume with Big Brands Without Labels"


Best Quality Perfume ,because:

- Very intense scent that feels right after application.
-Fragrances are released slowly,
Extending to several, sometimes tens of hours.
- Guarantee the content of 20% fragrance essences supplied by
-A light fragrance that does not irritate the environment
-Complements your personality.

Specialities of our Perfume --

- Ours contain 20% essential oils making them stronger
than Eau de Parfum so they last up to 12 hours on skin!

- We use our OWN sleek branded bottles - not lookalikes.

- Ours contain the same essential oils as the designers,
which means you can pay for the scent you love instead
of a designer name or bottle.

Get Effective Fragrances--

-For long lasting scent-

✔️Apply in curved area of skin like behind the ears,
neck, wrist, elbow well and ankles.

-For lower intensity-

✔️Sufficient to enter the fragrant cloud created
by spraying the perfume in front of you.

-To last longer-

✔️Advisable to fix it by using more products
of the same fragrance

🔷For a very long time-

✔️The scent will be kept in freshly washed hair.
✔️ Wear the garment only after the perfume has been absorbed into the skin.

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