Do Cylinder Shaped Foam Mattresses Need Box Springs?

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Date1/15/2021 4:43:24 PM
Using a foam mattress shaped like a cylinder will provide many benefits for you. You can quickly locate a mattress that will fit into the bed. Using Cylinder Shaped foam mattresses, you’ll find that you can purchase foam mattresses that are more affordable than those shaped like traditional box springs. You’ll also discover that by using a cylinder-shaped foam mattress, you’ll use fewer coils to get the same amount of support that you’d receive from a box spring foam mattress. When you’ve a foam mattress shaped like a cylinder, you’ll be able to sleep soundly in your RV because it is firmer than traditional foam mattresses. It’d be best if you realized that using a foam mattress that is shaped like a cylinder requires the installation of box springs. It's because it’ll need to provide support to the sides of the bed and the bottom and sides of the entire mattress. It’d be best if you also understood that it isn’t a good idea to install the foam mattress.
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