Burj Al Taqah Est

+971 6 5350919+971 6 5350919
Address: Al Wahda St/Dubai - Sharjah Rd/E11/S113

Burj Al Taqah Est is a supplier of dehumidifiers, voltage stabilizers, air cooler, Desert Cooler, Industrial dehumidifier, voltage regulator, Water leak detection system, Outdoor cooler, Evaporative air coolers, GE UPS, Riello UPS, Swimming pool Dehumidifier, Portable dehumidifier in Dubai, UAE. Their services include the following:
1) Dehumidifier: Supply & installation of a commercial dehumidifier, room dehumidifier, dehumidifier for swimming pool room, small air dehumidifier. We offer humidity control solution for indoor pool rooms at an affordable price. Our product includes a desiccant dehumidifier for cold rooms, warehouses, and marine applications. According to the site, customers can choose a portable, ducted, or wall mount dehumidifier.
2) Servo Voltage stabilizer: Offering Servo voltage regulator, static voltage stabilizer & Static voltage regulators.
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