CA Firms in Dubai - Internal Audit Firms in UAE

Date1/25/2021 8:28:59 AM
Internal Audit provides independent assurance that the organization’s risk management, governance and internal controls operate in a seamless manner. It also has to act as the trusted partner of any business.

Any discrepancies in Internal Audit lead to process improvements as well. It basically helps identify any warning signals that could lead to threats for any organization, so you get how important Internal Audit can prove for an organization. Here are a couple of changing trends for Internal Audit firms in Dubai, and how they can implement these changes in their processes:

The role of internal audit has evolved than just being a financial audit. It’s more about regulatory compliance and business process optimization. Right from financial reporting to managing risk, from prioritizing goals to eliminating redundancy and streamlining operations – the role of an internal auditor involves this and much more!

Given the environment today – businesses call for a strong collaboration between auditors and auditees. It’s all about building a structure that facilitates a healthy environment at workplaces, one that also facilitates accountability. With the free flow of information, every organization can be on the same page.

Internal Audit is now meant to deliver continuous assurance across the organization. Centralized Internal Audit solutions will ensure that everyone has a know-how of the organization. Every business must be able to review any control self-assessment of their choice – regardless of where it’s being performed. This will help identify and improve processes to a very large extend. By doing this across business verticals, auditors will help you identify risks, near-misses and many more emerging risks that could hamper the organization.

Upgradation of the technology infrastructure for any business is essential, given the various complex assessments and inspections involved.

A web-based integrated audit management system can help overcome the operational difficulties, while also strengthening the Internal Audit function. To know more, get in touch with TRC Pamco, the leading Internal Audit Firm in Dubai.
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