Most effective adhesive for different packaging materials

Date1/25/2021 5:22:41 PM
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In today’s world everything we consume comes packaged; from a packet of frozen food to the shoes that you are currently wearing, packaging plays a vital role in our lives. The packaging industry is one the largest markets that accounts for the use of industrial adhesives.

With the variety of existing packaging materials available today, appropriate packaging adhesive is used according to the suitability of the packaging application. It is important that you use a good quality industrial adhesive to sustain proper packaging of the goods.

Here are some of the effective adhesives that are used for packaging materials—

Tecbond glue sticks: These particular hot glue sticks were designed specifically with packaging needs in mind. Strong bond, fast setting and made for use on cardboard. Paired with the right hot glue gun, these hot glue sticks will provide an efficient seal at an affordable price.
Hot melt glue gun: Power Adhesives pneumatic extrusion glue gun has a hot melt chamber allowing for glue slugs or bulk hot melt pellets. The gun works well for product assembly and packaging applications. This glue gun is low cost, has low power consumption, robust and easy to use.
Hot melt adhesives: Thousands of food, beverage, pharmaceutical, and packaged goods manufacturers rely on hot melt adhesives to enhance their product presentation, differentiate their brands and improve their production line conditions.

ACC Gulf is one of the leading adhesive manufacturers in UAE it is also a supplier of quality industrial maintenance and repair products in the Middle East. They supply a host of industrial adhesives and sealants for a variety of applications.

Powerful and innovative adhesives from ACC Gulf excel in every part of the value chain in the packaging industry. Adhesive solutions from ACC Gulf meet the highest requirements with regards to energy efficiency, food safety, superior finishing, and facilitate a state of the art packaging processes, also in special applications. Reach out to them for all your adhesive needs for packaging purposes.
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