The Fat Loss Jumpstart Program By Metabolic Effect

Date12/31/2013 6:46:05 PM
PriceUSD 129.00
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The Metabolic Effect “4 Weeks to Fat Loss” online coaching program is an intensive, email-based fat loss program. This program is designed to be a fat loss “jump start” for people who want to take their fitness & fat-loss to the next level. This plan is meant to be less accommodating in terms of how to guarantee fat loss. There is not a lot of room for flexibility, besides basic sensitivities, this is most similar to a contest diet where participants will be able to achieve noticeable fat loss in a short amount of time.
NOTE: This program is NOT for the uncommitted. It will not do the work for you, and will not bend 100% to your preferences, but it almost guarantees results if you work the plan, be consistent and make a commitment to it for 4 weeks.
The strength of “4 Weeks to Fat Loss” lies in its unique coaching component. Exclusive interaction on a Facebook group where all the participants can interact and ask questions. Participants will receive daily emails, access to an online portal with educational videos, directions, meal plans and downloadable workouts. We will cover everything you could ever hope to know about fat loss, both for the short-term and how to continue after the 4 weeks are over. The emails and videos focus on diet and exercise, but also cover lifestyle and belief.
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