Get Fantastic Prizes - Guaranteed

On AdlandPro Community, you have an opportunity to earn real prizes.

This is not a contest. It is not a sale. It is not a draw. There will be no raffle, no auction, no "just pay the shipping and handling". We are actually giving away awesome prizes, and all you have to do to claim them is… use the site!

How's it work?

Every prize costs a certain amount of credits, and you earn these credits by doing certain things on the site. These are normal, everyday things you'd be doing anyway – like logging in once a day, talking on the forums, and liking content – so getting rewarded for it is a huge bonus.

Once you have the required number of credits for your chosen prize, you just redeem them, and we send it to you. It's that simple. There's no maybe's about it.

So this is where the guarantee comes from – just keep using the site, and you'll get your prize.

What can I win?

You can either redeem your credits for some fantastic prizes – like tablet computers and mp3 players – or you can even exchange them for advertising credits – like direct contact, traffic exchange and impressions credits. Just check the bar to the right.

Just follow the steps below to get started, and to see all the details once you're in Community.

What do I have to do?

The first and most important step is getting your Community account set up.

  • Go to Community.
  • You'll then need to validate your email address, if you haven't already done so.
  • Finally, just start using Community!

You can gain credits in one of two ways: a) one-time activities and b) repeated activities.

One-time Activities

For each one of these you do, you get a nice sum of credits. These options are designed to help your profile get noticed, which is what any marketer wants anyway.

You can:

  • Upload a photo for your account.
  • Fill out your profile's "about me" section.
  • Enter your fullname for your account.
  • Set up your location in the real world.
  • Pick your interests.
  • Subscribe to the digest.

Repeated Activities

There's a great number of things you can do over and over again to keep getting credits, and most of them are things you'd be doing on Community anyway. These aren't worth as many credits as the one time activities, but they make up for it by being repeatable.

You can:

  • Log in (only counts once a day).
  • Accept a friend, forum, group or event invitation. Each one counts separately.
  • Follow someone.
  • Get a like from someone for something you posted. Quality content is rewarded.
  • Read the personal messages people send you.
  • Gain credits each time someone replies to your posts in a forum or on the wall.
  • Gain credits each time one of your referrals signs up.

Affiliate Benefits

Spending time on Community like this can actually benefit you as an affiliate too. You're going to interact with all kinds of other people, and they're going to post things you'll no doubt find interesting.

And if you find it interesting, other people will too.

That's where our sharing controls come in. Most of the content on Community can be shared, easily and quickly, on whatever social platforms you use (like Facebook or Twitter).

When you share a link and someone follows it, they will be flagged as your referral. If they ever go and purchase something from AdlandPro, you'll be credited for it, and you'll be able to earn up to 30% of the sale.

So, not only do you bulid up your online presence by sharing our great Community content with your followers – and they'll appreciate it when you share cool things – you also increase your earnings potential. Win-win!

(Just to be clear, we don't pay you for sharing Community content. Your social media pages – whether Facebook, Google+, Pinterest or whatever else – are your personal pages, and not a vehicle for our advertising. We would never ask you for that. But, if you share social content you like anyway, and one of your followers ends up buying something on our site, you will get credit for it.
So, don't hesitate to share anything that catches your eye!)

That's it. Now go to Community and get started today! .

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Or you can get Direct Contact, Traffic Exchange, or Impressions Credits.
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