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Topics in this issue:

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         Word from Publisher

C o n t i n u i n g   D i s c u s s i o n s (3)

1.)Subject: Large amount of traffic to my site and other tips
~ Charles D. Smith
~ Robert Chalmers

2.)Why The Internet Is Not Fulfilling...
~ Wendy Phillips

3.)Digest #156 to keep me wondering
~ Daniel Corkery.

N e w     P o s t s   (6)
1. Patricia O'Dell
~ Valentines day is 365 days a year here

2. Kathleen VanBeekom
~ Computers and TV are just machinery in the hands of people ...

3. Robert Chalmers
~  The First 5: Essential Tips for A Great Web Site

4. Robert Chalmers
~ An Online-Trial/Demo of AffTrack. Affiliate Tracking Software.

5. Sheila Currie
~ Re-designed site following your members suggestion

6. Vladimir Surin
~ Joke more often

Site Review Responses (1)
1. James Sistare

Site Review Requests (1)

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From: "Robert Olson" <>

Magical Words Make Your Site Sell!
By: Robert Olson

You can read magical words all over sites that sell.  Even search engines record and
display these special words. Every part of e-commerce requires the use of these
words or sales on the internet would be very few indeed!

When someone goes to your website, it is because they believe something they are
looking for will be found there. They won't actually find the product or service in
cases, but rather they find  words.  Your words better start filling your visitors
right off the bat or they will be long gone!  When visitors first arrive, they really
care about all the the great things  you might want to say about your company.   From
the minute they arrive, you need to start capturing their attention with the first
words - Benefits!   Start telling your visitor how your product or service is going
to save
them time, money, or give them health, happiness or whatever it is that your product
service will do for them

You will need to learn to use magical words that grab attention, words that spell out
benefits and create a desire for your visitors to click until they buy!  When you
look at
the sites that sell, you won't find flashy pages with streamming audio and video.
you will find is well thought out sales material that generally focuses on an age old
sales formula layed out in this order: (1) attract - Attention  (2) generate -
(3) stimulate - desire   (4) ask for - Action

If you are not familiar with this copywriting formula, I can only sugggest that you
about it.  The time, effort and even money spent in learning to write irresistable
for your ads and webpages will turn out to be the goose that lays the golden egg!
If you don't have the time or you think you don't have the ability to learn a little
this art, hire a professional.  It will be money well spent!

The internet has all the resources  you need to learn how to write powerful ad copy.
Just run a search for the word copywriting and you will find everything from
books and even professional copywriting services. Even if you only learn the simple
basics of copywriting, you will be many sales ahead.

Start by using the magical words that sell from the moment your visitors arrive. You
know how impatient people can be if they don't find what they are looking for right
away - so give it to them!  You can always tell them about how good your company
is after you have them wrapped around your virtual finger. Use magical words to
make your site sell and it will soon be you who owns the goose that lays those
golden internet eggs!

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==========C o n t i n u i n g   D i s c u s s i o n (1.1)=============
From:  Charles D. Smith
Subject: Large amount of traffic to my site and other tips

Greetings Everyone,

I am writing this posting in response to both Chad Davis, Brooks Hill, and
anyone else who is really looking to learn how to better market both online
and offline.  I talk with a business coach friend of mine online all the time
and mentioned to him I was not having much success with marketing the various
programs I market, especially online.  He referred me to a company online
here that specializes in doing generic training for those people interested
in learning how to market more effectively online and offline, in whatever
type of business they have.

 At first I was a bit skeptical because I have looked at several other
marketing training programs online, and none have worked very well for me.
Why?  First off, because they didn't provide very good training, just the
same old stuff you can find for free on the internet somewhere.  Secondly,
they didn't provide some step by step instructions on what exactly you SHOULD
and SHOULD NOT do on the internet and in marketing in general.  What I found
when I paid my money, and yes this does cost a whole $25 to get started, is
that the training they provided was excellent.  So good in fact that I
personally increased my web site traffic hits by hundreds of percentage
points.  While this may not sound like much, I got almost 50 hits in the
first 2 of about 20-30 min of work.  I considered this a huge
success for myself as I had only gotten about 800 the whole previous year.

So for anyone who would like to learn how to market more effectively...give
this site a look over.  You can even get a free sample issue to see some of
what they have to offer.

Charles D. Smith

"Helping Others Enhance their
<A HREF="">Network Marketing</A> and <
A HREF="">Internet Marketing</A> Skills!"

==========C o n t i n u i n g   D i s c u s s i o n (1.2)=============
From: "Robert Chalmers" <>
Subject: Large amount of traffic to my site and other tips

Talk about FREE stuff. Here's free stuff. Lots of free stuff. Over ten
thousand (10,000) images. Clipart, Fine Art, Word Art, Scanned Images, home
made images, photographs, sketches and drawings.
For the readers of Bogdan's excellent newsletter, you couldn't have a better
resource for your art work needs. If you can't find something suitable here
to enhance your web pages, then you are really hard to please. you'll find
Arts And Minds on my front page. Remember to write down the Login and
Password you will find there, you will need it to access the full size
images behind the thumbnails on the Arts And Minds pages. Clipart And Books on Art, Design and Graphics.
Coming Soon: [1] Essential Tips For A Great WebSite.(free)

==========C o n t i n u i n g   D i s c u s s i o n (2.1)=============
From:Wendy Phillips
Subject: Why The Internet Is Not Fulfilling...

In a message dated 00-02-09 01:38:37 EST, you write:
<< Why The Internet Is Not Fulfilling
 Your Wildest Fantasies ... and
 How You Can Change That Right Now!
  Dale Armin Miller >>

I think this is the best article I've read in Adland Digest! It has some
humor which most articles don't. This give the article more life and
credibility. To the extend I saved and put into Favoriate Places his website
URL. And gave me some ideas how to improve my website. I'm a research writer,
so tend to evaluate the character of what I read.

Wendy Phillips, CEO,
 <A HREF="">Globe City's Planet

==========C o n t i n u i n g   D i s c u s s i o n (3.1)=============
From: ". Daniel Corkery" <>
Subject:Digest #156 to keep me wondering

First off, I'd like to say thanks to all involved for Digest #156.  There was much
there to keep me wondering, as I try and get to grips with this whole new world of
online marketing.  You see, unlike most of you out there, I'm just starting out in
this game...still cutting my milk-teeth on the hard crusts of web commerce, links and
downline resources.  But, as the web is always in flux, I guess we each are all still
struggling in our own ways.

Each day seems to bring new changes to this cyber world that we are trying to make
our own.  Old Firms come together, like two or more giant suns, to form dazzling new
stars that glitter from our screens and take the business world by storm.  And where
do we fit in amid all of this?  We, the small fish in the pond?  Most of you out
there started out with a dream that just wouldn't let you idea that seemed
bigger and better that those of everyone around you at the time.  You knew it could
work...WOULD work...if you went about it the right way.  And some of you made that
dream real, while others out there reading this go on struggling to this very day!

Why is that?

I'd like to point out right now that it might appear as though I'm making myself out
to be some kind of expert here,...I'm not.  As I said, I'm new to all of this and,
besides, it seems to me that every second person out there has all the right answers
to sell at the right price...little pearls of wisdom that they tell us we can't do
without....and good luck to them if people out there want to buy.

But the more time I spend on the net, the more it seems to become clear that the two
things...the two most important ingredients in success are "Image" and "Advertising".
They both go hand in hand with the other and they both can make or break any
business, no matter how big or small it may be!  By Image, I of course mean
"Branding" and the customers-to-be only know what they see,... and, if that is an
image less than perfect, they tend to think the product will be the same.  I use the
word "They", but this really applies to us all.  We do it from time to time and it
something that "we" as business men/women tend to forget.

Basically, if the image "works" for "us", then we should strive to improve it, making
it better for "them".  And that's where Advertising comes in...and common scense
seems to go out the window!  Take a look at the TV the next time you find yourself
watching it.  Watch those ads that pop up on screen and take note of the good ones
and the bad ones...the ones that work and the ones that make you remember to get that
drink you were going to get before the break.  You know the ones I mean.  Now, who is
to blame for these bad ads...the company who makes the product?...the Agency that
produced the ad?...or a bit of both?  I'm not going to point the finger at anyone
because I believe its due to the nature of the world in which we live,...what works
today can just as quickly be out of style tomorrow.  These are fast times we live in
and an even faster medium that we have chosen to use as a means of doing business.
Sure, it's cheap, fast and direct,...but those points in it's favour can just as
quickly turn on any budding company and send it crashing down in flames, vanishing
from sight into the depths of cyberspace.  We have to be careful not to mistake the
ad for the image because that is the point where customers-to-be turn away.  They
want to be "sold", not "told"...give them ads...not "art"!   Anyway,...if your
branding is strong, your ad will only have to make them aware of you product.  Of
course, there's no reason in the world why your ads can't be artistic, as long as the
image is clear and the product isn't up-staged by the ad's content.  If you can get
the balance right, then you'll have an ad that people won't forget in a hurry!  All
of this applies to everyone of us,...the little fish, as well as the great whites out
there.  And if, as the old line says,...a picture paints a thousand words,... then
let 95% of them be about your product.

We can all make it in the end.  But while we are trying, let's remember what we have
on offer and who we are offering it to...simple words, but money in the bank if we
can put them into practice.

Regards to all...

Daniel Corkery.


======================N e w    P o s t i n g (1)========================
From: "Patricia O'Dell" <>
Subject: Valentines day is 365 days a year here

Hello, again, Adlanders,
 I know that this will not reach you in time for the  holiday, but I have a
gift for everyone out there in cyberland.  I have tried my hand at a
Valentine page and would like your feed back on it.  I think that it is a
message for 365 days a year. If you have loved ones that you have not been
with for a while send this page to them or if they do not have a computer
print it out and snail mail it.
I still think that Adland is the best and I am learning more every day.  I
have been working on the site and following some of the advice that was
emailed to me and I think it is improving by leaps and bounds. I have even
made some new cyberfriends since that last post of mine.  Not only is Adland
the best, but Adland readers are the best too!  Keep up the good work guys
and one day we little guys will go where the big guys go, too (to the bank).
Remember that if you don't promote your site no one will see it.  I takes
hours of work at the computer every day to post post post.  It will pay off
in the end!  Just hang in there!
Adland readers are responders too, I have found out, so if you are
considering paid advertising Adland Digest is the place to do it.(shameless
plug for you, Adland, but it is true.)
Well, back to the valentine can find it at
If any one knows where I can get a short url service that will not put the
page in frames will you let me know.  I can't afford a dot com right now.
Thanks for letting me spout off.
Pat ODell


======================N e w    P o s t i n g (2)========================
From:Kathleen VanBeekom
Subject: Computers and TV are just machinery in the hands of people ...

     I was recently at a school PTA meeting, our school enrollment has
dropped and they wanted suggestions for better communications and how to keep
the local people in this public school instead of going to private schools.
     At the meeting, the PTA President actually admitted that he had never
visited the school's website, neither have many of the parents, the majority
of the few dozen postings were from students.  He also expressed concern over
the price of computerizing the library, and the yearly upgrade costs.  This
same person said that the use of cable TV in the classrooms has made little
impact.  If it hasn't its because educators aren't fully utilizing the media.

     Computers and TV are just machinery in the hands of people who don't
realize their full capacity.   Many schools are teaching computer skills as
early as kindergarten and keyboard skills in 4th grade.  They just need to
become more aware of what the internet has to offer.  I wrote a brief article
for the school about online communications with parents who have internet
access (quite a large number in USA).
      When I was in high school, only 17 years ago, it was almost unheard of
for boys to learn how to type, now there's a world full of men hunting &
pecking for the letters while trying run their businesses.   Lets not allow
our school systems to hold themselves back,  you can copy my article and
share it with your local school system.  It discusses 2 free means of online
communication, the opt-in list and autoresponder, we all know those
inside-out, but there's a world of people who have no idea what they can find
online for free.  Each one of us can offer our expertise to our community,
most people who aren't involved in internet marketing will think we're
To receive this 1-message autoresponder article, send an email to:
By, Kathleen VanBeekom

======================N e w    P o s t i n g (3)========================
From: "Robert Chalmers" <>
Subject: The First 5: Essential Tips for A Great Web Site

To assist the many newcomers to the AdLand digest, and to remind a few of
the regulars.
Web Design.
The First 5: Essential Tips For A Great Web Site!

 1. Paint Factory Explosion!
    Your monitor can display millions of colors, right? So can your designer's.
    But really, do you need to use them ALL on your home page? Electric Green
    on on a blue background, rainbow colored links, busy backgrounds - none
    of this makes it easy on the eye, and none of it makes it easy on the
    visitor trying to find something on your site.
     Point: Select three colors at the most, ones that compliment each other,
    and stick with them throughout the site. Simple consistency is the key to
    easy on the eye design.

 2. Big! This is BIG.
    The 15MB image file that your photographer used for the front of your
    corporate brochure is all well and good in the correct place. It's not welcome
    on your  web site however. Try and keep the pages of your site to less than 30k,
    otherwise browsers will lose interest waiting for your beautiful 3D spinning
    corporate logo to download. They will never actually get to find out about your
    Point: If your images are a little on the heavy side, use an image reducer
    such as A Smaller Gif( Then, to speed up your pages
    download, make sure that all images have HEIGHT and WIDTH attributes, where
    the height  and width numbers are the pixel height and width of the images.

 3. Popping Up All Over
    The pop-up ad, made &quot;popular&quot; by freespace suppliers. But,
    when I visit, I want to see Your site, not some ad for your ISP or your best
    friend's web design business. By including these pop-ups you are giving the
    surfer a way out of your site before they have even seen it.
    Point: If you must use pop-ups, make sure it only contains links to your

 4. The Road To Nowhere.
    Try not to overload your web pages with hundreds of choices. Focus on
    making navigation easy. Internet surfers have short attention spans. If they
    can't find what they want immediately, they will go elsewhere. Complicated
    navigation systems that only you understand, inconsistent navigation systems
    that no one understands, and no way back to the home page will only irritate
    your visitor, and they will vote with their mouse.
   Point: Always provide a way back to your home page on every page.

 5. Those Old Infinity Blues.
    Pages that go on for ever are no fun for anyone. But they particularly
    won't be welcomed by the visitor with the 14 inch monitor or the laptop user
    who will have to do endless scrolling just to get to the bottom of your
    page. Long pages signal a site with bad navigation, where content has not been
     Point: Split pages up into manageable but sensible sections - remember that
    text is much more difficult to read on a screen than on paper. Clipart And Books
    Art, Design and Graphics.

======================N e w    P o s t i n g (4)========================
From: "Robert Chalmers" <>
Subject: An Online-Trial/Demo of AffTrack. Affiliate Tracking Software.

Be in on the start for a change :-)
For those interested in tracking their groups, or Affiliates - or for the
MLM,ers, you can't beat a good tracking and signup program. I've put
together just such a thing, if you would like to have a look at the trial
run and give me some feed back?
This link takes you to a 'sample' member page. It is an "affiliate" page, or
one of the affiliates of the main site..

In this case, if you wish to access the member administration, the Login is
the Member ID, in this case BRONZE50. The password is 123456  (very
Why BRONZE50... no reason at all . easy to spot in the log files during
testing I suppose.  There are others there as well

This link,

Takes you to the FrontPage of the main site. The "master" if you like.   It's
little more than a 'signup page, although there is a link to the master
Admin setup there.

I haven't yet worked out if I can safely open the Master Admin pages. People
do like to mess about with things. Maybe later.

The program will be for sale in the near future, but meantime, you are free
to have a look at it.
It's not an actual Affiliate thing yet - it is only a TRIAL. So, if you want
to generate your own sample page, go right ahead. If you use your real email
address, you will receive a short message advising you of your 'new' page.
You will NOT be enrolled in anything you don't want to be.
I repeat - It's only a TRIAL.

Hope to ehar back from my fellow members of the Adland Digest.

------------------------------------------------------------ Clipart And Books
Art, Design and Graphics.

======================N e w    P o s t i n g (5)========================
From: Sheila Currie<>
Subject: Re-designed site following your members suggestions.

I had a tremendous response when I asked the members to help me with my site's focus.
Rather than trying to e-mail everyone so they could see how I used their suggestions,
I thought I would send a note to the list members.  I took all of the great
suggestions given by your members and totally re-designed my business site.  So if
you sent and e-mail or a letter to the list about my site you are welcome to check it
out and see how your suggestions where used.  If you don't remember it was Currie
Business Services   The very colorful business site:)
Thank you again for all of the help!

Sheila Currie, CMA, CFM

Currie Business Services
Balancing, Analyzing, Budgeting!
The online family shopping mall,
indexed for easy comparisons

======================N e w    P o s t i n g (5)========================
From: "Vladimir Surin" <>
Subject: Joke more often

Hello, Bogdan and Adlanders!

    Sometimes I'm reading questions at this Discussion Club pages on how to
increase traffic to someone's site especially if her budget is limited. Of
course, one of the best ways to promote a site is to place an ad to an
ezine.  But most (if not all) of them are paid. What could be done in this
    The answer is: a NON-TRADITIONAL approach to the problem. See an
example. Some months ago I had sent a joke to the 'Joke Of The Day' division
of this Discussion Club without any hope to success. But Bogdan had
published it. And what's the further? Two days later I received an email
from one site with seeking a permission to republish the joke in their ezine
in exchange for placing of two my ads for free (each $40 value).
    What's the conclusion? Never lose heart and joke more often!

    My best regards,

    Vladimir Surin

Learn how to earn money in the Internet for FREE!

=================Site Review Request(1)===================
From: "Brian Norris" <>

Hi all,

I have had my site,, on the web for about three years now and
it's been a wonderful tool for referrals and positioning. As an expert who speaks and
consults on marketing, positioning and communications the referrals have resulted in
some lucrative new contracts. I've become seasoned in marketing the site, getting it
placed in search engines and directories. In fact, I've created several sites for
other clients to serve the same purpose(s).

In the last few months, however, I've shifted my focus. I'm making the transition now
to featuring more products and services that people can directly order from the site.
I've started with the essentials, toll-free #, online credit card capabilities,
Amazon affiliations, etc. Since many of you are religiously earning income from your
sites, would you take a few moments to explore the site and share your feedback on
what you might do differently or better to encourage visitors to order? Letters for
Lovers is a special passion of mine, and I'd love to get your opinions on its
presentation and setup in regards to being buyer friendly.

Brian Norris

Marketing Specialist, Expert Developer
Voice: 954-236-4834 * Fax: 520-438-4794
become an expert ... or work with one at

=================Site Review Request(2)===================
From: LeAnn Markowski <>

Hi there,

I have been a member of this list for just under a year now.
I always scour it for new information to help my business.

I am requesting a site review. This is a little new to me
and I just moved to my new domain and did a major overhaul.

I am having a little trouble integrating misc. content with
the true purpose of my website.

I read that you should not have too many other links not relating
to your website on your homepage.

Could you please set up a site review for me.

Any information, criticism, comments and overall good humor
is much appreciated.

Thank you in advance

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used to achieve money and freedom. *IT
Check my website:

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How To Think Like A Power Marketer And
Skyrocket Your Income!!
By John Colanzi

FACT #1:
You're losing money if you're only using mail order.

FACT #2:
You're losing money if you're only marketing on-line.

Strong statements my friend, but here's why:

The internet is the most powerful lead generator ever invented.
You can expose your offer to millions in the blink of an eye.

Mail Order is still the most powerful method for delivering your
message directly to your leads.

It's no coincidence you still see the big money boys advertising in
the newspapers, on TV,and on the radio.

Do these insider's know something you don't?

** AOL

** Ebay

**  GoTo

QUESTION: Wanna double your sales?

ANSWER: Use both!!

Skyrocket your income 100% by combining both. Hop on the
Fast Track and grab your share of the pie!

Here's  a Steamlined, Shoestring method for

1. Take the best qualities of your product or service and put
them in a How-To report.

Make sure you pack the report with benefits directed at your
target audience.

2. Next offer it Free to anyone who would be interested:

A. Potential Prospects

B. E-zine Publishers

C. Webmasters looking for content.

D. Post a small classified on the Free ad sites.

What you've done is taken a mail order loss leader and
circulated your message Free.

Now you have a powerful Free lead generator.

I hear you asking, where does mail order fit in?

You take your leads and start sending them your sales literature
in a direct mail package.

Why would you start getting into printing and postage when you've
been able to do everything Free?

Here's Why?

1. In your direct mail piece you have no competitors, it will be

2. Hard copy advertising stays in the readers mind longer than an
easily deleted e-mail message.

3. You can contact your prospects on a regular basis.

4. You can sell your in house list for even greater profits.

I've given you the basics, the rest is up to you.

Wishing You Success,
John Colanzi
Copyright (c) 1999 John Colanzi.
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======================Joke of the Day=====================
Taken from Joke a Day.

I met this gal in a bar and one thing lead to another.  I said,
"Let's go back to my place."

She said, "Oh, do you have cable?"

I said, "No, but I have some old ropes that should do just


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