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         Word from Publisher
         F e a t u r e d  P o s t
        Ten Beaut Web Tips. This week, 6 to 10

C o n t i n u i n g   D i s c u s s i o n s (3)

1.) About vs the People
~ Rina Chen
~ Robert Lee

2.)Are Affiliate Owners sincere enough to treat their Affiliate Members
as 'Partners' or just 'Tools'?"
~ Trevor Davis

3.)Is  "Internet Marketing Challenge"  just another  "secret reports"  site??
~ Louis Roggio

N e w     P o s t s   (3)

1.) Rafael Aguilo
~ Why Bother Giving Away Free Stuff?

2.) Chap De Laine Jewelry
~Opt in mailing lists

3.) Jerry Garner
~ Free Lottos Offer More Than Meets The Eye

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Greetings All

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I would like to know why  there is no new contributions for that

1. Do you think that forum is to large to share your success story?
2. The reward is not good enough.
3. You don't think that publishing of your success story here would
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4. Your success story is not that big to tell anybody.
5. You would like to see other success stories before you publish
6. There is no information about that.
7. Other . Tell what.


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Note from Moderator about post below.

I was wandering lately why Robert Lee is not posting here anymore
and I already thought that Adland Digest lost one of it's important contributors
in recent months.
Great to see your response again Robert and I hope to see you more often here.

Robert's message is not really one article but  responses
to different posts in the last digest. I couldn't split it entirely and put it where
it should be  because  it  would loose its continuity and wouldn't have
this intended effect when read in pieces.

Thank you for the awaking.


================F e a t u r e d  P o s t (1)==================
From: "Robert Lee" <>

Hello to all!

I have been quiet for some time and now have found my voice again.
Bogdan, I have a great amount of respect for you and this newsletter, this
is why I have been a subscriber for more than 18 months.
This is one of the best "newbie" resource newsletters available and should
be treated as such a resource, however.
Many MLM programs get touted here and comments by other readers need to be
made to keep the record straight.
Take a look at some of last weeks articles:
From: "Tonya Payne" <>
Subject: Programs to submit your advertisements to free classified
If you're looking for advertising, I've had a great deal of success with
ezine advertising and Resource-A-Day.  I had over 2000 hits to my site and
prospects in two days than I'd had in four months combined!
Well Tonya, I did take a look at Resource-A-Day and found it to be a tower
ready to crumble under.
Encouraging sign-ups to a newsletter for a share of the advertising pie
seems rather wrong to me. Maybe you did get some referrals from this type of
advertising, but how well targeted are they to what you wanted?
Please follow this up. Thanks.

Ad Submitters are just that, they mass submit ads and take your money. Have
you ever seen any of the sites that you are submitting to? Has there ever
been a reason for you to go to one of the sites and try to find your ad? My
experience with these (yes, I was sucked in once) showed more spam and less
targeted traffic than was worth the time and effort. I have had much better
responses manually submitting ads and choosing where I target my ads, and
time, rather than just sending into hyperspace bytes that compete with
others doing the same thing.
If you know your own website, and accomplish a reasonable amount of research
on where you should be found, you'll do much better.
You have been warned.

I am amazed at the amount of promotional activities in this newsletter for
Where only the dedicated survive.......
Results oriented sales and promotional techniques disguised as help to
others turns my stomach.
I can appreciate all the helpful tips being presented in this forum, but I
really don't see much relevancy here for Affiliate Program Manager Programs
being offered as help. maybe you should be buying adspace in this newsletter
and leave it at that.
Bogdan, please start restricting signatures to what they are meant to be.
5 lines or so or webmaster contact info, site address and not long spiels
of, UGH, help.
And maybe even eliminating affiliate program URLs from being listed here
too. Just reduce it to the main URL and lets get back on track with making
this a great resource and not a hype machine for free self-promotion.

From: "Jerry Brooks" <>
I own the exclusive rights in the following states: Alaska,
The Dakotas, and part of California. I'm finally the big cheese
some where!
Well Jerry, you sure didn't think this up yourself, but I bet you wish you
Good luck with the sales.
The places that this site advertises in are high traffic - low response
venues and by becoming an affiliate with them you give them credibility that
otherwise may be missing. Nowhere did I see exclusive territories being
carved up for your sales area.
Oh well, have fun  with it and tell us how you are doing in 4 months, ok? I
really want to know if you made back your $99.00 by then.

From: Linda Laubenthal <>
Hello Bogdan and all Adland readers.
I am requesting a site review. I have been reading a lot of marketing
newsletters (including this one!) and have made a lot of changes to my web
store. I'd like to know, how am I doing? What am I missing? What needs
rearranging yet? Thanks for any input any of you have to give.
Linda, an interesting service, you will do well if you can better manage
your webspace.
Clear out the hodge-podge of text on your main page, they distract from the
overall reason as to why someone would want to go to your site. The page is
too wide for my little 15 inch monitor, and I hate scrolling right, change
the table to a percent value and bring it in. Other promotions are ok, but
place them on different pages, if I'm interested enough in looking at things
other than your Knits and Bits, I'll find the links even if they are SMALL
print links at the bottom of the page. It's too easy to forget than Mom's
birthday is in 2 weeks and I'll not buy anything looking to make my own
fortune on the net, or is that what you want anyways?

Well Bogdan, that's it. I've gone on longer that I thought that I would, but
it feels good to get this off my chest. To any of you out there that I've
offended, think how many others like me there are that haven't told you
anything yet!

Keep it clean and targeted and you'll do well, mess it up and you can buy a
broom at and start over. Ruin your
reputation and you won't be welcome here anymore.
Good Luck To All!

Robert Lee.

Thank You For Choosing Us As Your
Dating Service Directory
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===Ten Beaut Web Tips. This week, 6 to 10.=========
From: "Robert Chalmers" <>

With these tips, we complete the Before You Start series. Later on I will
give you some more specific tips on using various packages, like Imageready,
Flash, Dreamweaver and a few others.
Well, lets begin.
Before You Do Anything Tips. Part II.

6. Images.
Remember to allow sufficient time to gather images from all their different
sources. This could mean phoning printers, advertising agencies and so on.
You also need to allow time to scan and optimize them all.

7. Identify.
Consider how you are going to visually establish the identity of your site
on every page: you need to establish your style rules. These include rules
for the font and size of text on every page, the positioning of the logo,
the design of the buttons, bullets and rules, and the section headings.

8. Templates.
Create templates for each section of your site. This involves working out
how to create pages with different types and amounts of information, while
maintaining the overall style. You may have to later your basic style rules.

9. Cross-platform.
Set up two machines, preferably: one Mac and one PC, with as many different
browsers loaded as you can lay your hands on. Then you can check your site
looks good on every one, and that any DHTML you've used fails gracefully on
browsers that won't support it.

10. Check & Check again.
Draw up a list of things you need to check on every page - for example that
all your images have ALT properties, that every page has a title, and that
the links are all working. Then, establish the checks as part of your
working practice as you're generating the pages.

That's it for this little design school - we'll have more in weeks to come.
Some really in-depth stuff, some for beginners, and some ideas for all. have
you heard of PHP3? no/yes, I may even do an introduction on that. A very
handy package if your hosting service provides it.

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excellent list,  looking for maximum exposure at minimum cost. Well, at the
risk of repeating myself, for the readers of Adland's Digest I can give you
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very own audio advertisement broadcast regularly to a world wide audience
for a fantastic price of only $520 for one month. But don't delay. This
offer will only appear in this digest, and won't be repeated. If you want to
take advantage of this fantastic opportunity, email me at, quoting the AdlandDigest Issue number, and this
text. I'll give you the details on how to get your advert to me. It's never
been easier to get coverage like this.

In Adland Digest  #161 following article appeared.

>How to Easily Increase Your Affiliate Commissions in Two Days or Less
>By Mark Joyner, CEO, Aesop Marketing Corporation

What an excellent article. This is probably the best I've read on the
subject in a long time. I'd recommend that people print this out and keep
referring back to it. It's a lot of work, but it _works_!
Keep up the good work, and thank you from at least one reader.

Robert Chalmers

==========C o n t i n u i n g   D i s c u s s i o n (1.1)=============
From: "Rina Chen" <>
Subject: About vs the People

I want to share my fear with th rest of the readers here.

I am aghast at what's Mr. Bezos did!!  It could mean the end of many small
internet businesses.  Domain names will sell at outrageous prices.  Take for a real
example is going for an estimated price of US$149,000 all
because of the money required to go to tho pay for this "web patent technology".   A
potential plastic surgeon may just pay for such a domain.  But do WE really want to
pay exhorbitant prices for domain names??  And I am not even talking about
cyber-squatting which is of an entirely different matter.

Here's what YOU should know (as forwarded to me from another ezine publisher):

If you are a non-technical person, you may be oblivious to patents
or anything that drives technology. You may only care about your wallet.

Fine. Try ignoring this development for another year or two. But
when it's time to start YOUR e-commerce site, which, today, can
be operated on a shoestring, even from your home, with reasonable
hosting and development fees... yes, when it's time to build YOUR
Web site, YOU will be the one who has a rude awakening.

Why? Because you'll find out, that most, if not all of the business
practices that are completely common and obvious on the Internet
today... will have been PATENTED by corporate behemoths like or making it outright ILLEGAL for you to:

1.) Create a site that conducts auctions or reverse auctions;

2.) Create a site where the customer will name their own price on items;

3.) Create a Web site with a button that allows one-click ordering;

4.) Create a Web site that does any kind of e-commerce at all,

..unless you ask for permission to do so;
..unless you buy the software from the single (or one of few) vendors
that have been licensed by or, etc. to legally sell such
..unless you pay a hefty MONOPOLY PREMIUM because all competition
in the Web software market has been virtually eliminated;

Don't take my word for it.  Read the recent articles on's anti-competitive

Go to for full details of what these web
patents means to all present and future website owners.  I've endorsed their cause.
See if you would like to do so too to stop the "death" of the internet.

The SVP (senior Vice President) of a major local bank (my client) has just received
this very email this morning and he totally agrees that Mr. Jim Bezos's idea should
NOT be patented.  The one-click ordering system was around long before he launched
Amaz so why should anyone be holding the monopoly and crippling ecommerce sites?  I
hope you'll join hands with me on this worthy cause.  Feel free to forward this email
to anyone you think may benefit from this cause.

Rina Chen

Get a free E-mail account

==========C o n t i n u i n g   D i s c u s s i o n (1.2)=============
From: "Robert Lee" <>
Subject: About vs the People vs. The People scares me to death.
Get started and help stop this menace before its too late!
Read the recent
articles on's anti-competitive practices:
<a href=",1367,34670,00.html">,1367,34670,00.html </a>
<a href=""> </a>
<a href=",1151,12377,00.html">,1151,12377,00.html </a>
<a href=""> </a>

2.) READ THE PATENT ITSELF. One paragraph of such sweeping
generality, it's hard to believe anyone at the USPTO even
read it or has any idea of how far-reaching its impact on
e-commerce in the U.S. will be:
Go to the USPTO's Web site at:
<a href=""> </a>
There, enter the patent numbers:
5,960,411 Jeff Bezos' patent on one click ordering
6,029,141 Jeff Bezos' patent on affiliate systems

3.) TAKE ACTION. If you can envision the catastrophe we're
heading towards, and you do not want to be forced to operate
your e-commerce site from a remote island nation where bogus
U.S. patents can't reach you,
And if you're concerned about's equally
sweeping patent offense, call William Shatner, of Star
Trek fame, and explain him what kind of company he's
advocating in his commercials.

4.) GO TO and make your voice heard!
<a href=""> </a>

Thank You For Choosing Us As Your
Dating Service Directory
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==========C o n t i n u i n g   D i s c u s s i o n (2.1)=============
From: Trevor Davis<>
Subject: Are Affiliate Owners sincere enough to treat their Affiliate
  Members  as 'Partners' or just 'Tools'?"

In Adland Digest #160 Michael Loo" <>
 >Hi Bogdan,
 >I wish to bring up a new topic for discussion - "Are Affiliate Owners
 >incere enough to treat their Affiliate Members as 'Partners' or just
 >Tools' to generate cheap leads to build their wealth?"

Hello folks,

I would like to ad my two cents worth to the discussion

First:  I believe that (as far as I have seen) that most Affiliate programs
are established by the "Company" for one purpose and one purpose only
and that is to generate a "Cheap" easy no risk way of getting there advertising
out there.

Think about it,  this has got to be the best thing going (from the "Company
point of view)
They get instant FREE advertising effort and only pay (if they pay) when
there is revenue generated.

 From the "Partners" point of view they are able to instantly be "In
Business" and generate
income with no investment or risk.

A real Win - Win right?   NOT....

First, From the "Company" point of view (as I very painfully learned with
my Affiliate program)
Having Affiliate partners is a liability,  in the sense that they are
running around out there
"Blasting" your good name in sometimes questionable ways.
(another painful lesson learned for me)

Second: From the "Company" point of view, I have spent countless hours
"Helping" affiliates
market there individual link with not so much as a "Thank You"  the only
e-mails I get are
complaints when they don't understand something.
(more often then not they just don't take the time to "THINK" )
and of course there is the affiliate that Always wants to argue the "STATS"

Third: From the "Company" point of view,  I think that the vast majority of
Affiliate Partners
out there are not serious about there efforts and they "ASSUME" that there
secret to
Instant Riches is putting 200 affiliate banners on a page some where
(usually a FREE host)
and POOF the sale will come rolling in.

So my conclusion from the "Company" point of view,  IF my affiliates are
serious and WANT
to put in the effort to market "OUR" company then I will absolutely bend
over backwards to
make them (us) a success.

I mean it is truly the high point of my day when I sit down and right out
commission checks.  Because I know that I have Real People putting in real
effort for me, and
I respect that.

As for any advice to Affiliate "Wanna Bees" ... Just do you home work
before you sign up and if you do try a program, don't expect something for
nothing and know when to cut your losses when its not working.

Hope you all have found some portion of this post worth while and look I
look forward to this continued thread.

Trevor Davis

Of course, check out our Affiliate program at

==========C o n t i n u i n g   D i s c u s s i o n (3.1)=============
From: "Louis Roggio" <>
Subject: Is  "Internet Marketing Challenge"  just another   "secret reports"  site??

Hello Bogdan and everybody,

I'm new here, but, your discussion of IMC compelled me to pass on this info.

For the very best value available - far too much to list here - you should
definitely look at the Warriors group.

I'm not going to try and sell you on it. Things with true value don't need
to be 'pushed'. They will sell themselves. After seeing all you get as a
lifetime member you'll be amazed. But, the absolute best value is their
forum. All the biggest names in Internet market, ebook & ezine publishing
belong to the Warriors, and, yes, they regularly offer advice, answer
personal questions and present opportunity. Plus folks from around the world
form business relationships through their first connecting in the Warrior

I can only say that ANYONE serious about their success in an Internet
business cannot afford to be outside this group. But, don't take my word for
it. It's inexpensive and Treasure Chest.

Thanks for the informative newsletter.

Louis Roggio


======================N e w    P o s t i n g (1)========================
From: "Rafael Aguilo" <>
Subject:Why Bother Giving Away Free Stuff?

Dear Bogdan and Adlanders:

I wanted to make a few observations about the use
and miss-use of 'Free Stuff' on Websites.

If you take a "Cyber-Trip" to the most popular
Websites, you'll notice that the most common
attraction they have is Free "Whatever".

It can be free: classifieds, information, software,
graphics, reports, weather, maps, stock quotes,
music, etc.

People just LOVE to get Something For Nothing!

Should you just go out on a limb and just begin
giving the "store" away? If you want to follow
the new internet economy of selling dollars
at a discount (with hopes of making a profit on
the volume) go ahead. But PLEASE remember to
let me know IF and WHEN you turn a profit! You'll
have discovered the way to turn "LEAD" into "GOLD",
and I want to know HOW you did it! (
would like to hear from you too!)

In the meantime you can give, give, and
keep on giving (this reminds me of a certain
drum-playing bunny!) and you'll get nowhere
(profit-wise); UNLESS you can make giving
away 'FREE Stuff' work for you too!

Don't get me wrong. There are some very popular
websites that charge absolutely nothing for their
content and the owners don't mind keeping them
that way. It so happens that yours truly
doesn't have that kind of deep pockets to
get on that band wagon. If you are on my side
of the fence, keep reading. This is for you!

The Word FREE can work wonders when used the
right way!

First of all; You have to realize that all
'FREE' stuff is NOT Created EQUAL!

There is Free for the sake of free; and then
there's FREE with a definite purpose. THIS is
the kind FREE you want to deal with!

The most important 'rules' (at least in my book)
for using FREE stuff are:

Whatever you GIVE away, MUST:

1. Be RELATED to your Website.

2. Have its HIGHEST VALUE when COMBINED with
one or more of your other products, or services.
Never, Never, Ever, jerk people around with a
'free' anything that has NO VALUE by itself
(I've seen plenty of those around).

This serves TWO purposes:

1. Gives your 'Prospect' a built-in reason
   to COME BACK to your website.(You don't
   want a "hungry fish" bitting on someone
   else's bait, right?

2. Gives YOU the opportunity of building an
   In-House email list. You can request people
   to join your list so they can receive FREE
   updates! This creates a friendly relationship
   between your customers, members, etc.; and You.

This can only happen when you give away Free Stuff
the RIGHT Way!

Rafael Aguilo helps other small 'Guys and Gals'
to make money online using Stuff you get FREE!
Come see how it's done:
It's The Idiot-Proof Way To Make Money Online!

======================N e w    P o s t i n g (2)========================
From: "Chap De Laine Jewelry" <>
Subject: opt in mailing lists

I need to find a reliable company that sells opt in emailing lists for a
reasonable price.  Does anyone know of any that are reliable and

Kristina Chap de Laine-Green

web page:

======================N e w    P o s t i n g (3)========================
From: "Jerry Garner" <>
Subject:Free Lottos Offer More Than Meets The Eye

I think that at one time or another, most all of us have come across a free
lottery site online. Many of you have probably even played a ticket or two
at these sites, and then forgot about them and never returned. What you may
not have realized, is that while you were on that site, you could have been
looking directly at the most cost effective traffic generator online, and
didn't even realize it. During the course of this writing, I will be using
Lucky Irish Lotto as an example, since it is so close to St. Patricks Day
while I am writing this, and since I have an easy to find link to them on my
site ( in case you need to go there to fully understand the

To begin with, there is the obvious traffic benefits from these sites. For
example, Lucky Irish allows visitors to play one ticket per week at every
site that links to them. Since the lotto page itself only links to 15
sponsor sites each week, many fanatic players will bookmark every site they
can find which links to the lotto, just so that they will be able to play
far more than 15 tickets each week. You could easily end up with hundreds of
additional bookmark visitors in no time, all coming to your site faithfully
each week to play their lotto tickets. Some of you may wonder what the point
is in even having them come to your site if they are just going to leave
again when they get their ticket. I imagine many store owners thought the
exact same thing when conventional lotteries were introduced. Did you ever
stop to consider why so many stores are now eager to sell lotto tickets even
though they make virtually no profit on them? The fact is that they may come
there for the tickets, but somewhere along the line they will make an
additional purchase or two, and the more time you can get them to your site
the more likely you are to make a sale.

Having stated the obvious benefit I will now move on to discuss the ones
that many people never even notice. Again, I will be using Lucky Irish as an
example, but most any of these free lotto's operate the same. First of all,
I would have to say that the affiliate program they offer is a definate
benefit that more people should be taking advantage of. By participating in
their free affiliate program, you will be able to give your visitors a free
game ticket each week (which goes back to the benefits mentioned above),
plus, if any of them ever decides to become a weekly sponsor, you will
receive a commission from that revenue. All you need to do is sign up a few
weekly sponsors and you will easily generate enough revenue to sponsor the
site yourself (or just withdraw it and spend it on whatever).

The weekly sponsorship packages is another benefit that is often overlook,
when it should be taken advantage of. The last time I checked the Lucky
Irish website, the rates for being a weekly sponsor were $34.95 for 1 week,
$59.95 for 2 weeks, and $79.95 for an entire month. Plus they will guarentee
that you will receive a minimum of 1000 unique visitors per week, which
comes out to only be a couple of cents per visit. What happens if you don't
receive that many? They will pay you 10 cents for every visitor you are
short. That means if you were to pay $34.95 for a 1 week sponsorship and
only received 600 visitors, they would pay you a total of $40.00 for the
visits you were short. That's all of your money back, plus $5, plus 600
hits. You can't beat a deal like that. How much traffic can you expect to
receive. I have personally been a weekly sponsor of this site in the past,
and will continue to be in the future, and on average I receive 1200 to 1500
unique visits per week from this site. I would highly suggest that all of
you take advantage of these opportunities. Please take a moment to visit my
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How to get at least 20 times more traffic - for FREE!
By Tommy Kellermann

It's every webmaster's dream to have a link to his/her website
on 1,000's of other websites across the Internet.

Today, most webmasters join one or more "banner exchanges" to get
additional traffic to their websites. However, it's a common
mistake to believe that this will EVER give you a significant
increase in the number of visitors to your website. Please read
on, and I'll explain why.

A banner exchange works like this:
When joining a banner exchange, you enter your banner ad into
the exchange. Then, you place a html code on your website, that
displays a banner every time you get a visitor to your site. The
banner exchange has lots of other websites with this html code
on them, so they can display a significant volume of banners
throughout the network of member sites.

Then, there is an "exchange" of banner impressions:
For every two banners you show on your website (every two
visitors/hits/page views you have on your website), your banner
will be displayed once on another banner exchange member

So, how does this give you traffic?
If you have 200 page views/visitors/hits on your website, your
banner will be displayed 100 times on other websites in the
banner exchange.

If we assume that your banner has a CTR (Click Through Ratio) of
1%, which is quite normal, one out of 100 people who sees your
banner will click on it, and visit your website. With your
banner displayed 100 times on the other websites in the banner
exchange, you will get 1 - ONE - extra visitor as a result of
the 200 banners you displayed on your website. In other words:
For every 200 visitors you have to your website, you will get 1
- ONE - extra from the banner exchange.

OK, let's say you have 1000 visitors/hits a day on your website:
This will give you an extra 5 - FIVE - visitors a day from the
banner exchange.

Actually this is a 0,5% increase in the traffic to your website.
Would you call this banner exchange a "great traffic builder"? I
wouldn't! The only website that benefits from this, is the
website that OWNS the banner exchange, and get to sell all the
extra banner impressions that's left from the "1 for 2" exchange
of banner impressions throughout the entire network of banner
exchange member websites! Hey, what a great business!

So, What's the deal whith the "self replicating advertising

A self replicating advertising webpage works like this:
When you join, you get your "own" self replicating advertising
webpage, displaying six classified ads or links. Your link or
classified ad will be in the "first position" of this webpage.

To see what a self replicating advertising webpage looks like,
go here:

Whenever someone visits "your" advertising page, and signs up to
get her/his own, they will get a page with their ad in pos 1,
and your ad in pos 2.

When someone signs up from this "new" page, they'll get a self
replicating advertising webpage with your ad in position 3.

As time goes by, this cycle will repeat over and over again,
creating loads of advertising pages in your "downline" with your
ad in position 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6!

So, why is a self replicating advertising website better than
ANY banner exchange?
Let's take a look at the numbers we used earlier:
Say you still have a website with 1000 visitors a day. Now, drop
the banner exchange! Simply place a banner or a textlink to your
self replicating advertising webpage on your website instead!

Let's say that this banner/textlink also has a CTR of 1%. This
means that you get 10 visitors a day to your advertising webpage
from this textlink or banner.

The statistics show that at least 1 out of 10 visitors to a self
replicating advertising webpage signs up to get their own! This
means that there will be generated at least on new self
replicating webpage every day, displaying your ad or link in
position 2!

After 3 months, you will have your ad or link in the 2nd
position on approx. 100 advertising webpages.

AND, your link will be on 1,000, 2,000 or even 10,000 other
websites, depending on how successful the people in your
"downline" have been in "giving away" FREE advertising webpages.

Anyway, let's take a look at a modest example, and assume that
your link is on 1,000 advertising webpages after 6 months. Let's
assume that each of these advertising pages has just 10 hits a

Ok, now we're talking advertising! In this example, your
classified ad or link is seen by 10 x 1,000 = 10,000 people -
every day!

If we still keep the 1% CTR, your website would receive 100
extra hits per day from this advertising.

Compared to the example with the old banner exchange (remember
the 5 extra visitors per day the banner exchange would bring
in?), you'll actually get 20 times more visitors from your self
replicating advertising website than from the banner exchange.

And - the best part is that the number of webpages displaying
your ad will grow - every day, and so will the traffic to your
website! Not only because YOU keep sending visitors to your
advertising page, but because all the people who has signed up
"under" you does the same - generating new advertising pages all
the time!

After some months, your link will be permanently displayed on
1000's, 10,000's or even 100,000's of advertising pages out
there... If you have a calculator or a spreadsheet, try figuring
out just how much traffic this could give you after one year -
or two years...

And it's all THAT simple!
The only thing you need to do, is sign up to get 2 or 3
different self replicating advertising webpages, and then place
textlinks (or banners) to these powerful "marketing machines"
from your website.

The clue is simply that the more visitors you get to your
advertising pages, the more people will sign up, and the more
new pages will be generated with YOUR link or ad on them, as one
out of six displayed.

Best of all, these hit-generators are FREE, and may very well
generate an extra 10, 100 or 1000 hits per day to your website,
depending on how many of these you can "give away"!

Try these services, they are all FREE, and they WORK:

Self replicating Classified Ad Website, complete with FFA links
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To get more traffic just by placing a banner ad or some text
links at your website, sign up for these traffic generators now!

Short note about banner exchanges:
We have nothing against banner exchanges, or the people that use
them or run them. But after testing different self replicating
advertising webpages, we know they work just so much better! AND
they actually gets better and better the longer you have them.

Being member of a banner exchange WILL bring you a few extra
visitors a day. But as we choose to see it: Having one or more
self replicating advertising webpages is actually better than
OWNING a banner exchange! It's all set up for you when signing
up, and everything is automated! Also, sending visitors to your
self replicating advertising webpage is a long term investment!
The one person you sign up today, can get you 1000's of extra
visitors to your website every month - for life!

Start building your own "advertising empire" - Sign up for a
self replicating advertising webpage today!

Article written by Tommy Kellermann,
President of the SmallBizFFA advertising network

======================Joke of the Day=====================
Taken from Joke a Day

A young lady came home from a date, rather sad. She told
her mother, "Jeff proposed to me an hour ago."

"Then why are you so sad?" her mother asked.

"Because he also told me he was an atheist. Mom, he
doesn't even believe there's a hell."

Her mother replied, "Marry him anyway.  Between the two of
us, we'll show him how wrong he is."


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