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C o n t i n u i n g   D i s c u s s i o n s (5)

1.)Ways to get safe email addresses.
~ Kathleen VanBeekom
~ Michael

2.) Why Bother Giving Away Free Stuff?
~ Ray Profet
~ John Colanzi

3.)Have you been scammed by PIYB???
~ Pauline Rose
~ Rhonda Rosser
~ Chris
~ Barbara Isham
~ R.C. McLean

4.) E-commerce solutions
~ Rina Chen
~ Pauline Tanner

5.) Giving away free stuff
~ Rafael Aguilo

N e w     P o s t s   (5)

1.) Jan
~ Free Web Design

2.) Joseph Bledsoe
~ New Promotion Program

3.) Sharon Rothe
~ I find that I am having a hard time keeping up with everything

4.) Susan Oak
~ Warning to others who are starting on the internet in business

5.) Kenneth Smith
~ Web Design Pricing

A l e r t   S e c t i o n(1)
1.) A hacker named "Curador" has stolen credit card numbers

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Site Review Requests (1)

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By Daniel Corkery.


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================== Word from publisher ====================

Greetings All

Welcome  190  new subscribers who joined list since last mailing.


Following up on recent problems with PIYB termination of their services and
leaving all of their customers empty-handed, here is more info on how to recover
your money if you bought anything from them. I investigated issue of disputing
credit card transactions  due to "merchant not providing paid service or product"
in more depth and here is what you should do .

This  information is based on my conversation with visa.

Call customer service of your credit card company.
The telephone number is on your credit card statement.

Tell them that you purchased  service (advertising or such) from PIYB.
Info about the company can be found here.

Visa has following rules in case customer disputes the fact that service
was not provided.

You can dispute transactions up to 180 days from the time it took place
and not earlier than two months  after.
This is  to give the merchant the time to provide the service.

After you call the credit card company,  they will notify the merchant about the
dispute. since PIYB doesn't formally exists anymore,  after certain wait period,
your credit card company will credit your credit card back for the amount
which was  charged  by PIYB.

I hope this information will be of help to you.



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==========F e a t u r e d  P o s t=============
From: "Tim S." <>

Hello Bogdan and AdLand readers

Let's start out by saying that I was one of last years success stories "What is CSA"
and most of you may remember that CSA stands for Common Sense Approach.

Last year my simple website started out as a member site that offered a Common Sense
course in web design and marketing that I wrote after trial and error learning placed
me in the top 10 at most of the major search engines. This year I have expanded CSA
services into the advertising and promotion area, have gotten the
address and am doing pretty well with my best monthly earnings at $3000 thus far.  I
don't know whether I can re-enter into this years contest or not? But I wanted to
write this story for your readers anyway.

I'll start with a brief explanation of how CSA has evolved. In the begining my major
service to my members and newsletter readers was to provide information on internet
trends and this was easy as they come and go very quickly. I also use my "guru"
knowledge to seek out info about new opportunities that are presented to me, here is
an example of reseach I did for a new downline opportunity recently.

I have done some research on Alphacom and I think I've got some answers for
you :~) First, the Alphacom opportunity, is another SFI/LFI like company, I
had no problem getting into the members area this morning, but noticed the
corporate link ask that you do not go there??? Unlike SFI that welcomes
visits to the LFI site? So I searched for the corporate link
and here is where they discuss the bronze members back in Sept 99
There business goes back to June 1997 mentioned here in PC Weekly
Similar article at ZDNet
Here are 3 examples of current member promotion   &
mentions a Feb 1998 conference call
note the last one has an id# 1176

I saw no mention of the TV show (spock) at the corprate site? in their "in
the news section", however they do discuss the VMSK technology with no info
on a release date? Doing a search for VMSK I came up with an article in
Wireless system design magazine Jan 1998 Patents apparently held by HR
Walker? There was no mention of Alphacom in this article and a site search
produced no results for Alphacom? I find this odd to say the least since
this Mag is solely about wireless technology?

I also found a link to a Alphacom powerpoint presentation at

and here is a site by a member that belongs to both :~) alphacom id# 3322
and alphacomopportunity id # 2914

My conclusion is that alphacomopportunity is building an incredible downline
for themselves via alphacom in anticipation of the incorporation of VMSK
technology into there already established wireless technology that uses
cellphone access, with a needed module cost of $349 a monthly fee of $19.95
for ISP service and additional cellphone access cost (local area) I do not
anticipate that it will be that popular? Two reasons, (a service of
Smart Technologies) already has completely FREE 56K dial up ISP service and
has just added completely FREE XDSL (with FREE DSL modem) service :~) both
of these without ads on your browser :~) and includes FREE pop E-Mail and
for those not able to use this FREE DSL service due to limited location
system design there will be direct satilite high speed internet access
coming from Dish Network by Fall of this year with FREE satilite dish and
$34.95 a month. I am a Dish Network subscriber and they are located in
Denver where I live, this is how I know this :~).

After this research, I decided not to join the Alphacomopportunity and relayed the
info to my members so they in turn could make an informed decision. I should also
note for those of you unaware, that they are calling this opportunity a pre-launch
opportunity, which is why the dates back to 97 & 98 are pertinent.

A Note to readers: I have seen some questions recently about ISP's, I highly
recommend the Freewwweb service mentioned above, available in the US and Canada only,
I am an Earthlink subscriber and got the Freewwweb account as a back up for when
earthlink is down, slow or busy.

Also recently there has been some discussion about not giving away free stuff at your
web site. I disagree, you see CSA is about building a community of members and then
offering Common Sense solutions and information to them for FREE. If they decide to
purchase the available advertising for a fee that is good naturally but I also offer
several FREE advertising solutions. Much like the success of AdLand, which is a free
advertising service. I give away a free replicated web site suite that contains
several pages and continues to evolve as I continue to learn. The first page is a
Promotional page that allows the member to place 2 classified ads and to insert their
program id into over 25 $$$ making links. Each members replicated Join form also
highlights their program links and if a new member does not join a paticular offer it
inserts the sponsor id automatically. All of the oportunities are free to join and
include the top 5 pay4surfing programs, Clickbank (there is a page with over 175
clickbank hop links all with member clickbank id inserted automatically called
CashConnections), Resource A Day, Speedline Club, My Money Machine, SmallBizFFA,
MegaSpinner, Click Thru Network,, PayPal, E-Gold, Traffic Magic. The page also
has links to My Favorite opportunity and My Testimonial, these are generated by a
script that also creates a Form to E-Mail page for each member. As if this wasn't
enough I give each member a Home page that they create and upload themselves and I
have set it up so they can place a photo of themselves on the page. There is also a
Web Portal page linked to each site and set up for each member with news and local
weather as well as several useful search tools. There is a C-Net shopping and
computer tips/help search, E-How search, search, a Mercata link, a
link, Horoscopes, TV listings, Sports score updates, Stock Quotes, an online Games
link, Auto buyers info search, health topics search, Music search, Movie
listings/times in your area search. Globelist topic search, Website tip of the day.
Each of these links is not only useful to the members but pay 3 to 5 cents each time
they are clicked. We all know that you can't earn a substantial income from placing 3
cent click icons on your page but what happens when you give away 1000 pages all
containing those same links when all of the links are useful and pertinent to the
page? If every member clicks each link but once a month your now earning $30 per link
per month. This is the power of replication/duplication and it only works because
it's FREE. Likewise if not for the free members joining the paid Advertising and paid
Banners would not get the exposure they get as the free members promote their page
trying to build their paytosurf downlines. In the last 2 weeks there have been over
4500 paid banner displays with an average of 60:1 clickthru rate.

There is also a FREE Banner Exchange with a 1:1 exposure ratio (with promo running
till March 31st, get 1000 free exposures if you join) and a FREE Classified Ad site
with no limit for posting (unless it's abused:~). These are GREAT traffic builders
for the site. Since the Free Banner Exchange requires that a member put a link code
on their website, it creates links back to CSA all over the web, which in turn helps
get higher search engine rankings. Not to mention the links webmasters place for the
free Classified ad site or that everyone that places an Ad or joins the Free Banner
exchange gets a promotional email detailing CSA's other promotional tools :~)

The creation of all of this hinged on 2 things, 1st the months of watching trends on
the web and second learning all about CGI scripts. I'll share alittle of both with
you now, obviously the trend of replication/duplication is one that is ongoing and
very powerful. One of my very first encounters with this was AdLand and then of
course SFI who now have over 100,000 members, that's 100,000 replicated web sites all
pointing back to SFI :~). Another trend was portal pages (start pages) to information
services. All the major ISP's and Search engines now offer one, look at My Yahoo and
it is my belief that this concept was started with AOL. The idea being to give the
unknowing surfers a place to start, to learn and to find what they are looking for.
Then I saw a few of these lottery sites where you pick your numbers and then click a
banner to play for free, on a small scale these could be simply 3 to 5 cent banners
and if you have 100,000 players a day  your earning 3000 dollars a day (over 1
million a year) but you could also charge great Ad rates to place the banners there
with that kind of traffic. Just recently I came across a FREE service that  I
actually I liked alot here is their description with a link,,,

Fill out the form and your site will be submitted to 125 search engines, an AMAZING
138200+ FFA (Free For All) link pages, 56000+ Classified Ads sites and 4000+ Message
Boards! And it's all free! No catch!

Note that one of the classified sites is AdLand :~) They have this set up with a
banner rotator on the page and a nag popup that ask you to click a sponsors banner
after every 8 of 348 submissions unless you do so, so I did and the whole process
took alittle over an hour at 56K and I ended up clicking only 2 banners (which opened
in a new window and did not halt the process) and amazingly enough I only got about
70 emails. Now if 1000 people use this FREE service every day and likewise click 2
banners like I did, that's $60 on a 3 cent banner, $200 a day on a 10 cent banner.
This trend relates to current topics in the AdLand digest about the advice to not
give away free stuff. I'll admit that giving away other peoples e-books and having
links to free stuff on other sites , is wrong. But giving away your own free e-book
or free service is not only right but a great way to make money!!!!!

While we're on this subject let me give you a link to a freebie that can be your own
for only $29.95. JADSoft Software at   offers FREEWARE called Copywiz
and Syncwiz for Win95/98, these are useful products available at places like and ZDNet, because it is freeware you have complete license to
distribute them from your website. Jim will put your logo, Ad line and URL in a start
up window, in the program window and in a close window for just $29.95. Plus he'll
pay you a commission for refferals ($5) please tell him Tim, tlsspkrs sent ya :~)
This is called viral marketing, because it spreads throughout the web like a virus.
Let's say you give away a copy of Copywiz with your Ad/URL in it to everyone that
joins your newsletter for FREE. What happens when half the people you give it to
start giving it away to people that join their newsletter, suddenly it's all over the
web like these old outdated e-books we all see everywhere, and 5 years from now
you'll get a visitor to your website from the URL in that program. This also works
with cgi scripts, a good example is the many email post cards on the web, they are
everywhere and each one in one way or another links back to the site of origin and
offers the person that got the postcard/greetingcard the chance to send one of their
own (viral marketing:~) The best I've found however is Wotch downloadable ecards
(there is a link on my portal page, pays 10 cents per click:~) They let you set up
the "from" line as a link to your website, Their service is free but they will send
you emails about offers and updates, I set mine up as from "Join CSA Click Here" and
it works great !

This leads us into talking about CGI scripts, for CSA I took the idea of viral email
postcards and using a free postcard script created the Rainbow-E Mail Ad Maker
(note: everything at CSA is called Rainbow) This little jewel sends out a picture
email ad, to see it work, the trial version is still available at my old site at:   (don't link to it, this site goes down on
Mar 31st) hint,,,send it to yourself, then you can use it over and over simply by
forwarding it. It's really a great tool for advertising, I send them to mailing list
I belong to. The full version has hundreds of banners, photos and animations I have
collected. I will also be setting up a actual postcard program in the future to add
to my traffic building resources. I want them to be Valejo art prints and I'm waiting
for his permission :~) I also want to do one with users pets and allow people to send
photos so their pets can be in postcards all over the web. The ideas and
possibilities are endless!!! and CGI makes it possible. Better yet there are hundreds
of CGI scripts available for free all over the web as well as alot that cost $$$. But
I have found that many of the free scripts I have used work great, Both the banner
exchange and Classified sites were done with free scripts the replicating script was
only $39.95 the postcard script was free and the form to email script was free. All
it takes to set up a powerful web site alive with many features is a little know how
and time. Being able to use CGI requires access to your host servers CGI-BIN if you
don't have it get a different host !!! You need to know just aliitle about unix if
your on a unix server, what is the path to perl?, what is the path to sendmail?, what
is my user directory path? and how do I change file permissions? It's that easy. Most
of the free scripts include install directions explaining everything step by step and
the tools you need are free also WS-FTP (free version) will allow you to change the
file permissions on the server and editpad (also free) will allow you to edit the
scripts to set them up for your needs and use as well your web sites look and feel
ie: your background colors, logo, page titles, links etc. If you are a Rainbow
member, I answer questions related to web design and scripts, if you purchase
advertising services from me I will edit and install the scripts for you ( I have
copies of most all the free scripts and opinions on which ones I like the best :~) I
also have 2 host servers I recommend that offer full/unlimited CGI access for a very
reasonable price.

I have probably taken enough of your time :~) so I will end with wise words and some
info. To be successful on the web is easy all you need is something that is original
and can be duplicated. FREE is good, but you need to make FREE work for you! not for
someone else! Just like I created the Email Ad Maker which is original unlike my
promo page which is not, that concept was started by SmallBizFFA which led to the
Speedline Club and now there is myEnet, Moneylegs and Refmaker just to name a few.
CSA for Life-Rainbow is however unique as it offers multiple pages and services all
the others do not. My advice is simply surf the web, look for trends that are
duplicated and concepts, this will get your creative juices flowing. Think how can I
duplicate this? How can I improve this? How can I create something new?

Here is the info :~)

To check out the Promo page go to:

To check out the portal page go to:

To check out the FREE Banner Exchange go to:
Your welcome to join, email me   and I'll give you 2000 free
exposures :~)

To check out the Classified site go to:
Your welcome to place a free Ad.

To get a very good begining in CGI buy the book Perl and CGI for the world wide web
written by Elizabeth Castro ISBN# 0-201-35358-X retail $18.99
Available at all major book stores including Amazon.

To get Free CGI scripts go to:

Did you know that everything it takes to set up and run your very own server on the
web is FREE ? go to:
They also have free cgi scripts.

If you would prefer to run a Windows web server NT/95/98 go to:
it's free too.

To get a free copy of Perl for Windows go to:
You can't run CGI scripts without perl.

A note here if your a Windows user you can set up a local server with perl and create
a cgi-bin to test drive your scripts once they are altered (or written like I'm
doing) before uploading them. Just remember that the setups and installs are
different for Windows and Unix and most free scripts don't work with Windows.

You can get WS-FTP and Editpad at FREE :~)

Working the web is now my full time job and I love it! Setting up services for CSA
has allowed me to be creative and given me great satisfaction when something new
works, not to mention the great emails I get from members thanking me!

Take Care
Tim Sanders
CSA forLife-Rainbow

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==========C o n t i n u i n g   D i s c u s s i o n (1.1)=============
From: Kathleen VanBeekom  <>
Subject: Ways to get safe email addresses.

In Digest #165, Sencan Topaloglu was looking for ways to get safe email
I would suggest setting up an autoresponder, then advertise its address in
the body of all his ads with a brief catchy headline, such as "For Hot Profit
Info...send this blank mail to:..."
   You can set up your Adland ads to bring up the blank mail addressed to
your autoresponder, instead of starting your URL with "http://"  change it to
So when people click on your ad, it will be directed to
""   (thats mine) and this will bring up a
blank email, they just have to click send to receive your information.  Also
link your autoresponder to your site.
   Of course, you could start your own opt-in list, globelists offers you
both a header & footer ad.  To attract people to join your list, just send
emails to all the lists you're already subscribed to, offer them a great
reason to join yours....but don't give the full details until they actually
   I would suggest inviting other lists through your regular email service,
because people sometimes ignore the invitations sent from the list sites.
Also use Adland, Yahoo, and every other large ad source to invite people to
join your list, you can put your list address or autoresponder in the body of
your ad, then use the URL space for your site.   I've gained 1,100 new
subscribers to my list in 3 months, also offer freebies or contests to people
who actually read the postings.  People who are subscribed as "web only" will
miss out.
  Kathleen VanBeekom

==========C o n t i n u i n g   D i s c u s s i o n (1.2)=============
From: Michael  <>
Subject: Ways to get safe email addresses.

I just read with interest, the post from oscar white about visiting the
different clubs and boards to read and post, for the purpose of
advertising his mlm business.
Those are certainly excellant ways to promote your business,
especially if it is MLM, because you can pretty much 'target' and
pre-qualify those you want...and when you leave your message,
only those that want your info will respond..... results?...a worm to
hot market, that understands MLM... or at the very least wants to
be introduced to it.
I would like to offer somethis in addition to that. it will reduce the
amout of time you spend chasing those warm to hot leads. (and i
don't mean that in a derogitory way)...
There is a recent introduction to those marketing a MLM business,
or looking for one.... that is already revolutionizing the lead
generation business... It's called i6s (I success) ..
They have gathered the leads of people that want more info about
an online MLM business that  can be worked from home....that
satisfies the opt-in and pre-qualifying part.
You decide how many leads you want to work with each
month.(minimum is 30) (no more searching)
You decide what you want to tell the prospect in the autoresponder
emails that will be sent to the prospect...they do this for you.
They supply 2 websites for you... 1 to promote YOUR mlm
business... and 1 to promote the i6s system...
by the time the prospect  gets teh emails and visits your site and
sees the power that it has to introduce people to your business,
they are ready to get invloved with you.Why?
It is simple.. YOU have just introduced them to what they have
been looking for!!! This goes way beyond the problem of not having
any friends and family left, to tell about your business. And it also
eliminates you having to 'warm'  up a cold market... You will only
be dealing with people that WANT what you have....and they were
dropped on your door step by the i6s system...
Take time to look at the site....
<a href=>The i6s System</a>....or

<a href=>My MLM using  i6s to
Let me know what you think if the site..

==========C o n t i n u i n g   D i s c u s s i o n (2.1)=============
From: Ray Profet <>
Subject:  Why Bother Giving Away Free Stuff?

In the  issue  164 Adrian Elman wrote.:

>>I launched our new site at
>>one week ago. Sales went berserk! I have not made less than
>>$1000 a day since and it's climbing. Please note that there isn't a
>>freebie in sight and so the people visiting are those that have
>>money to spend.

>In issue 165 Melanie wrote.

>I went to this site to see what appeared in my imagination must be
>wildly successful.  To bad I couldn't view it.

I too went to see what was all of the hubbub regarding this site. I also have a high
powered computer (Dual Pentium 466) and experienced problems with it.

First of all, I would comment to say that if in fact one is making over $1000 a month
with as difficult as this site is to review, can you imagine what would happen if a
non-Flash site were created.

Secondly, I believe if you are going to market something to someone you should make
it easy to get to, not difficult. Most people want to buy something that benefits
them. They are not necessarily interested in music (which I couldnt turn of BTW) and
a long and drawn out concept.

It took me a good 5 minutes to get to a page which talked about a course that one
could potentially be interested in without all of the bells and whistles. I spend the
time just as an experiment. In most cases, most people on the Internet dont have that
attention span before they get to something that they might be interested in.

Just my 2 cents.

Ray Profet
OrbisNet Online
The Entrepreneurs Small Business Portal

==========C o n t i n u i n g   D i s c u s s i o n (2.2)=============
From: "John Colanzi" <>
Subject:  Why Bother Giving Away Free Stuff?

I've read various posts in your newsletter, both pro and
con on offering Freebies.

I'm in favor of freebies and think they're an excellent way
of generating leads. I started offering free ads to new subscribers
of my Street Smart Marketing ezine and have seen a dramatic
change in the rate of new subscriptions.

Although I've had a few marketers subscribe for the free ad and then
ask to be removed, the majority continue to remain subscribers and
are vary responsive to any good offer.

Something Free gets your foot in the door, but it's up to you to keep
your audience interested.

As a side note, I don't see how anyone that's a member of Adland can
question the value of offering something free, it's working well for you.
John Colanzi
Free Ezine Advertising!
Free 40 Word Ad To All New Subscribers Of The
Hot New Street Smart Marketing Newsletter. Subscribe
Now At:
Information... Opportunity... Value

==========C o n t i n u i n g   D i s c u s s i o n (3.1)=============
From: "Pauline Rose" <>
Subject: Have you been scammed by PIYB???

yes, I am one of those stupid enough to try PIYB and asked some time ago for
a refund. I received a refund notice by return e-mail but of course no
money. I will try my bank but guess I shall be told "buyer beware" At least
I wont fall for these schemes again. Pauline Rose

==========C o n t i n u i n g   D i s c u s s i o n (3.2)=============
From: Rhonda Rosser <>
Subject: Have you been scammed by PIYB???

Yes I was scammed by them.  I read about them in your newsletter,
took your advice and bought a web site from them.  Now I'm out
$350 and 20 Ad Triangle sites that took me 2 months to give away!
I just went to the Ad Triange sites and they don't exsist anymore.
The web business they designed for me has a total sales of $9.60.
In addition to the money I lost for the site, I've lost the money
I paid out in advertising.  I am one hot customer!  I wish I had
never gotten involved with them.  I should have trusted my first
instincts.  I had a feeling I'd never see a dime of the 24+K they
said I'd make.  I promoted the site like crazy and now I have
nothing to show for it.


==========C o n t i n u i n g   D i s c u s s i o n (3.3)=============
From: M B <>
Subject: Have you been scammed by PIYB???

I'm so embarrassed I could cry. I'm one of those
people who got scammed by BIG time by PIYB. I
dare not tell any of my friends. After seeing
PIBY ad in this news letter, I was totally sold
on their program, mainly due to they association
with Adland (or so I thought). I associated
Adland, this new letter, their members and
subscribers with honesty and integrity. Luckily
for me I brought into they program at $249.00, a
couple of days before the prize went to $499.00.

After viewing what they has sold me for a web
site I complained and ask for my money back. The
response was most unsatisfactory. I have thought
many times of posting my complaints in this news
letter, but I kept convincing myself to remain
positive, and hope for the best.

I'm now feeling a little guilty of not taking a
stand and alerting other people before they got
scammed like I did, or even worse.

A long term member.

==========C o n t i n u i n g   D i s c u s s i o n (3.4)=============
From: "Chris" <>
Subject: Have you been scammed by PIYB???

  Here is the URL for the complaint form for the US Attorney General.

You can send this to people and they won't have to wait for the one to come
via mail as stated in your digest.


==========C o n t i n u i n g   D i s c u s s i o n (3.5)=============
From: Barbara Isham  <>
Subject: Have you been scammed by PIYB???

    I am one that was scammed by PIYB. Unfortunately there is nothing I can
do because I had an echeck done and there seems to be no recourse at the
moment for my getting my money back. I called the attorney general in Ill and
requested a complaint form and it is on the way.
    I went back through all my correspondence and found that they started in
Wheaton and then switched to Palatine Ill. They said they needed to move to
give better customer service and at first it was, then all of a sudden they
were gone.
I have contacted at&t for further information on the names that were customer
service listed and no listings for either name specifically. The PIYB # is
still active but full of messages. I have an address for PIYB so I might try
a letter with return receipt requested at least they will have to accept.
There is always the small claims court right here in North Carolina. I can try

    On a lighter side-how do I go about the process of advertising in adland.
I have just started anew business and want to see how it will go the Internet
and little expense as possible.
    thanks for listening(reading)
    Barbara Isham is the address I use but the business address is

==========C o n t i n u i n g   D i s c u s s i o n (3.6)=============
From: "R.C. McLean" <>
Subject: Have you been scammed by PIYB???

Dear Bogdan;
I would like to let everyone know that I must of been one of the lucky ones
when I got my money back from P.I.Y.B. I even got back the advertising money
that they had charged me for.  When I signed up they sent me an email
telling me, my site would be up in 2 weeks.  After 3 1/2 weeks I started
emailing them and asking where my site was.  I was supposed to be able to
pick the ads and the colors.  Yeh, right.  When it finally come up and they
emailed me the link, I almost had a fit.  There was not one thing there that
I would even click on to take a look.  The color was a dirty brown and
beige. YUK.  I emailed them right away with my displeasure and got a return
email that for an additional $45 they would do it my way.  I emailed them
back (with words I won't write here) and told them that as they were late on
putting it up I thought they should do it for nothing.  The response was
that if I wanted it changed then I would have to pay for it.  All I did was
DEMAND MY MONEY BACK.  It took some weeks and threats of going to the Credit
Card Company.  After about 5 weeks I got a notice by email that the money
had been credited to my card plus the advertising money.  I sure checked my
credit card for the credit when it came in and it was there.  I was new to
the net when I did this but sure smartened up after that.  So, now I am very
careful on what I sign up for.  I just wonder how many others got their
money back?  And, yes, I signed up from this site and I also sent you a
letter about them when I finally got my money back.  I heard from one other
person who got ripped off.  I don't know if she got her money back or not.
My computer crashed and I lost her address.
I would like to thank you for you Ezine and keep up the good work.
Sandra Hicks

==========C o n t i n u i n g   D i s c u s s i o n (4.1)=============
From:Rina Chen <>
Subject:E-commerce solutions

Hi Richard and everyone!
I found a service which is similiar to only thing is IT'S
BETTER!!  Let me explain:-

1)  It doesn't charge you any monthly or registration fee
2)  It's transaction fee is LESS THAN 6.9% (web sales 5.9%) instead of the 12% or
more charged by or
3)  You are able to add shipping charges so you can sell your products to ANYONE
4)  Excellent technical support
5)  Easy set-up (just copy and paste the html into your webpage).

If you're interested in how you can get this service, email my administrator at  ABSOLUTELY NO DOWN-PAYMENT and monthly fees!!  PAY ONLY WHEN

Rina Chen
A Junk Site of Resources
Motto:  "We help ourselves by helping others."
Win US$500.00 for your site!!

==========C o n t i n u i n g   D i s c u s s i o n (4.2)=============
From: Pauline Tanner <>
Subject:E-commerce solutions

Richard Hill shared with us his service for accepting credit card
orders.  I have found another good service that charges $15 for set-up,
and then $2.50 + 4% per sale. No sales, no charge.  In fact, I learned
of it thru this digest. I have gotten great service from them. If you're
just starting out with an online business and can't afford the monthly
payments, this is just the thing.  They have recently started an
affiliate program too. If you want to check it out and start taking
credit card orders plus earn a few bucks by referring them, visit my

Pauline Tanner

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==========C o n t i n u i n g   D i s c u s s i o n (5.1)=============
From: "Rafael Aguilo" <>
Subject: Giving away free stuff

Hello Bogdan, and all Adlanders,

In issue #165, Tony<> writes:

>Hi Bogden, what am i doing wrong?
>On my site i offer people 'freebies' in order to get their
>e-mail addresses to build up the subscriber lists to my e-

>I run a site dedicated to horse racing and gambling fans at
 > Only about 10% of the visitors
>actually request the free systems and regular updates i offer.

>How can i increase the reader's interest in what i am giving

Tony, I went to your site and here's my 2 cents.

Your welcome page defeats the purpose of what you're trying
to do: have people subscribe to your e-zine.

Stop talking about your website, and talk about YOUR Visitors!
Tell them what's in it FOR THEM!

You HAVE to make them want to subscribe, because if they
don't THEY'll lose some very important info! And it's available
in YOUR NEWSLETTER!. The freebies should be there for one
purpose only: to use as enticements for subscribing to your

Save the BEST Freebies as BONUSES for those who do!

Imagine a first time visitor seeing this right at the top of your
opening page instead of the Welcome:

" Winning!  The Greatest Game of All"
Tired of following Dead-End Tips? Tired of Scams?
Nothing you try works? Want to be a winner?
Stay with me and I'll show you how!

I'll show you how to get the advantage:
"Start winning big money today!"

List ALL the benefits they can get!

Talk to them, romance them. Get them excited!
Make them drool for your newsletter!
Give them what THEY want and they'll give you what
YOU want.

To do this, you can use your introduction page's copy
and rewrite it with YOUR VISITORS in mind; never
losing sight of the end purpose: getting subscribers!

Hope this helps;


Rafael Aguilo helps the average 'Joe and Jane' make money
online using Free Tools. And he shows you how... FREE!
It's The Idiot-Proof Way To Make Money Online!

======================N e w    P o s t i n g (1)========================
From: "Jan" <>
Subject:Free Web Design

Hi all,
I've been an avid reader of Adland and I thought I might be able to help some of the
women out there who would like their own web site with a minimum of fuss.  I have
just signed up for a site at Tawnya, the owner of the
mall, is designing a web site for the women who join her.  It has cost me nothing,
and will only cost $4.95/month, since I took advantage of her March special.
You can still do this, if you are a woman.  *Sorry, guys!*  I have seen her work and
it is fantastic.
She is working on my web site now and hopes to be done next week.
I hope I have helped.

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Subscribe to "Tame Your Brain!"  This free ezine
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======================N e w    P o s t i n g (2)========================
From: Joseph Bledsoe
Subject: New Promotion Program

Hello Friends,

"Internet Marketing Support-Pros" is a "Members Only Site" which will Launch
on March 28th 2000.  This site will give you everything you will ever need to
market your Online Business / Associate Programs successfully.

Our Company's goals and mission statement:

"To create a company that will become the industry standard for Advertising
and Marketing  service and vendor satisfaction. We recognize the value of our
members and associates. Our members are our most valuable asset and we will
treat them with the highest respect. Our conduct with each will be dedicated
to achieving a "win-win" result."

There will be an exclusive "Support-Pros Members Only Area," where members
can get access to the best and most effective tools (worth over $3,500) to
promote your online business.  We will also have a referral program (Self
Replicating System) which will bring our members extra income, by helping
your friends and colleagues learn about "Internet Marketing Support-Pros."

This site is elaborate and has up to 65 pages of resources you will need to
and use over and over to promote your online business.  Our designers are
still working on the site and will be ready by Sunday, March 26th 2000.

We are building a Safe List called "High Response Support-Prolist" and we are
expecting to have THOUSANDS of Opportunity Seekers and Internet Marketers
join our list within the next few days.  This is YOUR Opportunity to get
access to our Safe List for FREE!  YES, Its going to be FREE TO JOIN until
April 14th 12.00 Midnight!!

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SUPPORT-PROLIST". Membership to the Support-Pros Members Area with thousands
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If you want me to Put you on the list:
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Joseph Bledsoe  Pres.
Technical Support
The Marketing Support-Pros

======================N e w    P o s t i n g (3)========================
From:Sharon Rothe <>
Subject:I find that I am having a hard time keeping up with everything

Dear Bogdan,

I need some advice.

I opened my site last August in the hopes of being able to completely support
myself with the income from this site. By the end of September I had oh about
500 subscribers. It's now been 8 months and I have nearly 13,000 subscribers
and about 500 affiliates.

Needless to say my site's growth has risen rapidly.

My question is this. Has anyone out there built a site that became so big
that it began to be impossible for one person to manage?

I find that I am having a hard time keeping up with everything. What I need
are some tips on how to automate things a bit, or perhaps some advice on
programs that will help me get a bit more organized in regards to keeping
track of everything.

Thanks for your time. I really appreciate all the work you put into this
digest, I can't begin to count the number of links I've followed through it
that have been useful.


Sharon Rothe

Lucky Irish Lotto

======================N e w    P o s t i n g (4)========================
From: susan oak  <>
Subject: Warning to others who are starting on the internet in business


I would like some advice and hope to give warning on the following:

My name is susan oak i live in the uk but because of lack of internet know
how over here i deliberately target my "surfing" to the US. that is why i am
a member of so many US ezines (some over here have never heard of an ezine
and they're on the Internet). Anyway i set up my 'free' website the web host
arranged to have my links2u click through placed on the webpage. Wam, bang
wallop, last weekend my mailbox was overflowing. I rubbed my hands in glee -
so many polite wellwishers and then - the worm. I received a very rude email
from an anonymous person hiding behind a load of digits. When i investigated
it turned out to be an Adult website offering vast amounts of money but the
bottom line was "if you're not interested don't apply to our ffa." Now i was
not aware that i had placed an advert with them, but due to automatic
submissions this is what happened. It took two emails telling him/her firmly
that what they were offering was illegal in this part of the world. and not
to pester me anymore.
My question is to whoever within your magazine can give me some advice - how
does one stop this sort of thing happening? Its like stepping into a
minefield for the unwary.
2. If it will help any of your other customers please pass on my experience
of what not to do when advertising.
thank you.
regards susan oak (

======================N e w    P o s t i n g (5)========================
From: "Kenneth Smith" <>
Subject: Web Design Pricing

Greetings to the group...

My brother is a talented artist and was recently approached by a close
friend of his with an offer to design a website.  As I mentioned, my
brother's artistic skills are excellent and he already has a nice portfolio.
  The problem is that he doesn't know a fair price to charge the potential
client.  He doesn't want to overcharge the guy and risk losing a client, at
the same time he wants to make sure he's not giving him too much of a price
break.  Is there a standard pricing convention that web designers are using
to charge their clients?  I would like to hear from some people who are
doing this.



===============Site Review Request===============
From: "Andrew Lea" <>

Hi everyone!

Our new website for our company is up online at .
We offer bilingual English and Japanese web site design and marketing.
We wanted to make the site simple, but classy and professional looking, and
hope to have achieved that effect.
It would be great if anyone reading could take a look and let us know what
you think!

Thanks in advance

Andrew Lea
Inspire Japan

================ALERT SECTION=======================

A hacker named "Curador" has stolen credit card numbers
from at least eight small E-Commerce sites in the past two
months by taking advantage of a known security hole in
Microsoft's Internet Information Server (IIS) software.
On a Web site he paid for using one of the stolen credit
cards, Curador wrote: "I would like to thank the nice people
at ALL the sites I cracked for leaving their entire sales
database readable and writeable...."
A Microsoft spokesperson said that the company had published
a patch for the security hole two years ago but that many
customers weren't using it.

One of the victims,, which provides credit-card
billing services for other Web sites, announced it will switch
to a system that uses competing software based on the Linux
operating system. The company has also informed customers
that their stolen credit card numbers had been cancelled.


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===================G u e s t   A r t i c l e (1)=====================
By Daniel Corkery.

Hi Bogdan,

Thanks as always for the work and time you put into Adland Digest...worth the read
every time!
Keep up the good work and let us all continue to read and learn from the joys and
horrors of those who are good enough to send in their stories.

My little pear of wisdom this time is to do with that topic 50% of us love, while the
other 50% love to hate...the Paid-To-Surf Program!!!

What, you may ask, has this got to do with marketing/building a business on the web?
The answer is...ALOT!!!

At the time I'm writing this, there are over 250 such programs out there...some
good...others sick scams that trick hard-up people into filling in their details in
exchange for a dream of earning big money and nothing else!  They almost mirror the
much larger net-based business world in every way:...some run a good
business...others "won't",....some always keep the "visitor" in mind when building
their sites,...while others just don't seem to be able to get their minds down to
building a site that works in the first place!  And then they wonder why they don't
receive the same number of hits that the "Good Guys" do???

All this might seem to be straying from the subject of Paid-To-Surf programs, but
it's not...hang in there with me...all shall become clear soon enough...

Take, for example the Paid-To-Surf Company http://www.NICELOOKINGSITE.COM,...I've
changed the name but, I'm sorry to say, the following story is all too true.  About a
month ago, I came across "Nicelookingsite" and was struck by the design of their really was nice-looking!  Their offer, as far as these paid-to-surf
programs go, was really good, too, I set about joining.  I went through the dull
task of filling in my details and clicked on the submit button....nothing happened!
I pressed the back button in IE5 and tried to re-submit the form,...again nothing
happened.  So, I went to the end ot the page and clicked on their "Contact"
link...filled in my details...wrote them a nice informative letter about what had
happened and asked them to let me know if there was some other way to join their

When I was finished, I pressed the submit button located at the end of the page and
the screen changed to show a "Thank You" screen, that told me I would be contacted
within 48 hours.  Two weeks passed and I'd all but forgotten about NiceLookingSite,
when I opened one of the many mails that I get daily only to see a link for
NiceLookingSite.  I'll skip the rest and tell you I repeated everything above and,
again, I'm still waiting for a repsonse!  Is it any wonder that so many view these
programs as being less than "serious" money-making ventures?

But the good ones over-shadow the "NiceLooking-type" programs.  Basically, as a rule
of thumb, if they have their own .com/.net then the chances are they have a solid
base.  If the level of informative detail at their site is good, then it's more or
less a sign they are "ok".  I know some people would disagree with this, but take a
look for yourself and you'll see exactly what I mean.

So, you find a site and sign what???

If you want to make money from surfing,...don't just log on and surf for the limited
number of hours that the company will pay you for in any given month!  Instead, set
about the dirty task of getting referrals, because that is where the real money lies.
Most companies will pay you a % of what your referrals make, so if they earn $20 a
month and the company pays you 10%, then you get $2 for every referral who surfs the
limit of hours allowed.  $2 doesn't exactly put a smile on my face either,...but if I
had 2000 referrals, then I'd be grinning from ear to ear!!!

So, how do you get those kind of figures? advertise the referral URL
the surf company gave you when you signed up, right?

Wrong!!!  Going out onto the web placing ads WILL NOT get you a load of
referrals....believe me, I know,...I've tried!  What it will get you is one monster
of a phone bill...a few "Flames" and maybe cries of "SPAMMER", ...not to mention a
mailbox crammed everyday with unwanted promotions and a bad impression of the
Paid-To-Surf business in general!

No,...the only thing I've come across that really works is what's known as "Referral
Building Clubs"...based on the same system that is employed by MLM firms, called
"Downline Building".  These "Clubs" are formed by like-minded people who share the
dream that they can earn huge incomes from surfing the web and, in fact, they
can...but you have to be in the right club!  You see, some "Clubs", just like
"" (remember them?) don't rally care who joins the club, as long
as they leave a forwarding email address that can be sold on when they get a large
enough list!  Others fail to tell you that the big figures indicated are ONLY for the
first month,...after that you could be waiting a long time until your turn comes
around agin, if at all!  Basically, the last type are nothing more that pyramid scams
designed to benefit only a handful of members at the very top of the pile!

So, which ones should you join and which should you swiftly side-step?  I've
encountered both types and I've found myself sticking with two types of clubs.  The
first type is your basic kind of club, by "basic" I mean they do not supply you with
your own website to which you send people to sign up;...they simply run from the Club
Site and that's where you refer people.

The second type offer you a state-of-the-art website, that lists every surf program
you are signed up with and when people arrive at your site and join up, they become
your "Direct Referral".  Both systems work as well as the other and it's basically a
question of individual taste, because, in the long run, if you get the number of
referrals you are targeting, then it's just a means to an end!

NOTE:  Some people will tell you that these "Clubs" never work and they would be
right in of the main reasons why these systems fail is due to members
dropping out.  In most cases this is due to failing to realise when they signed up
that it could take a long time to build their "downline"!  If you're looking for a
quick "take-the-money-and-run" set-up, then maybe this sort of venture isn't for you.
But if you're the kind of person who can work at a project and are prepared to watch
it grow slowly, then the sooner you join one of these clubs, the better off you'll

Below are five links to both types of sites/clubs I've talked about.  The first three
are the "basic" type, while the last two both supply you with your own webpage to
which you can send people.   As you will notice, the difference between the two types
isn't that great...

One final word:...DO NOT NEVER, EVER SPAM!  If you are caught doing so, not only
could you be banished from the Net by your ISP, but also the club to which you are a
member could be shut down!  In doing so, you would be destroying a lot of hard work
by a lot of people...just don't do it!  Instead, take the slow road and enjoy the


Daniel Corkery.

======================I n s p i r a t i o n a l =====================

Submited by  Fiona :)

A Personal Commitment to Excellence:

I am the sum total of the genetic endowment
with which I came into the world.
and of all the experiences which have made up my life.
Some bad, but all of them have been mine.
What I currently am is what I deserve to be.
My life, my reputation, my influence is the mirror of the choices I have
If I am not everything I can be, it is because I haven't chosen to be more.

I am determined not to live in my past, which I cannot change, or waste
time waiting for the future, which I cannot guarantee, but to live in the
emerging reality of the NOW, which is all I have, I cannot do everything,
but I can do some things.

I certainly cannot do everything well, but I can do some things well.
I cannot guarantee I will win, but i can promise I will not allow losing to
become a habit, and if I fail, it will not be a failure of nerve.

So I will stand tall, feel deeply , think large, and strive mightily,
remember what I accomplish probably won't change the course
of human history, but what I attempt will create the course of my
personal history.
Towards making this declaration a reality I hereby commit myself;


Let's hear from you......

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