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C o n t i n u i n g   D i s c u s s i o n s (3)

1.) Spelling in articles.
~ Robert Chalmers

2.) Who needs 250 Paid To Surfs?
~ Rafael Aguilo

3.) Looking for the truth on E-Commerce
~ Lorenzo Boyd

N e w     P o s t s   (3)

1.) Eve Paludan
~ Why you should offer your own software products at your web site

2.) Kathy Mcdowell
~ News letter

3.) Paul Clough
~ Are opt-in mail lists  really  good?

A l e r t   S e c t i o n(1)

Site Review Responses (2)
1.) and
~ Bob Cortez
~ Terri Robinson

Site Review Requests (2)

G u e s t   A r t i c l e (1)
How to Succeed in a "Paid To Surf" Program
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By: Rafael Aguilo

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================== Word from publisher ====================

Greetings All

Welcome  210  new subscribers who joined list since last mailing.


>From time to time I receive letters from my customers or affiliates and
are two of them  which I just received this week and wanted to share them
with everybody.
When I receive posts like these, I'm getting the impressions that the effort
put into my business pays off and there are some things which I did right.


>From Wayne Davies <>

Bogdan, I want you to know that I'm very impressed with your service
and your product. We've gained a number of new members to our program
as part of our Adland Pro affiliate program.

And now that my business partner and I are earning enough to have a
modest advertising budget we made a conscious decision to invest in
paid advertising with Adland before looking further.

We made this decision because our Adland advertising generate enough
hits to our site to justify the cost of advertising. And because the
quality of those hits is exceptional.

Wayne Davies


From: "Chris McCreedy" <>

You really are the tops.
I have always found you to be most helpful and honest in all matters.  You
in fact a breath of fresh air in this cut-throat network marketing and
world.  I applaud your forthright honesty and willingness to help.  May you
live long and prosper.



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==========F e a t u r e d P o s t=============
From: "Peter G. Browne" <>
Subject: The Truth About E-Commerce ???

Hello Fellow Adlanders,
Recently there has been an ongoing thread about "The Truth About E-Commerce"
In reading this thread I have come to the conclusion that we need to ask
ourselves What is E-Commerce? Some people submit articles that are based
on making money by selling an item as in the post from Adland Digest
#168 From: Rhett Morton.
This is not, what I for one, view as e-commerce or the direction the
discussion should be going in.

I am going to be writing a series of articles that will be hopefully put
into syndication and would like to hear from you as to what your thoughts
on this issue are. I would also like to continue a thread in Adlands about
this issue. My concern is mostly focused on International E-Commerce as
opposed to US based E-Commerce. I recently had a conversation with
a provider  and it is well enough established that if you are located in the
United States then you  shouldn't have much of a problem acquiring a
account, heck he set one up  for a dog just to prove how easy it can be.
(true story according to him)

Have you had trouble? Do you have a nightmare story? I welcome all
submissions and hopefully if everyone participates we will see a resolve to
this truth issue about e-commerce.

Please forward your submissions to
I will review all issues submitted and hopefully make use of the information
as it is provided. If you are able to provide a way to substantiate your
claims that would of course help,  as I will do my best to investigate
everything prior to publishing anything that I or you  cannot prove.
There needs to be truth and accountability. I hope to make the merchant
account providers along with the banks and credit card companies sit up
and take notice.

I am collecting facts and it is facts that I want to deal with. It is a fact
that 65% of the people on-line are outside of the USA and they are the ones
that have  the most trouble getting a true merchant account without any form
of US presence required.  They have products to sell and an audience of
viewers that would like to buy them.

So let me know what you think e-commerce really is, let me know your horror
stories in trying to acquire a merchant account, the more we can give to
the providers of this service the more they will have to listen. I want your
facts, so if you have them send them to me and I will try to make use of as
much of the information that you send me that I am able to.

The Internet is International and so should be E-Commerce. If you are a
provider of merchant accounts and you offer International (true
International) please also feel free to participate. Send me your offers and
I will look into
"The Truth About E-Commerce" and give the proper views back to everyone.

I look forward to your responses.

Peter G. Browne


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==========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (1.1)=============
From: "Robert Chalmers" <>
Subject: Re: Spelling in articles.

Just a quick response to R. Downs on the subject of Spelling.

   Quite right of course. I totally agree. I hasten to say that for some
reason I suffer from a problem of Literals. Unless I actually proof read my
work, and also run a spell checker over it, sometimes I can't even see the
A Literal by the way is "wehn" you "cna" see the word but letters are
transposed when you type/write them. As in the case of wehn/when and
cna/can in the last sentence. Spelling of course is a different matter. The
old war horse of color/colour and "offense/offence" mentioned by Bogdan
in his reply are just a couple of cultural differences. Then of course there
are the people who's first language is not English - or American - or

This doesn't of course deny the fact that the good old magic of spell
checkers shouldn't be used, and you shouldn't blindly accept that the spell
checkers version is the right one!

My last post had half a dozen Literals - and no doubt just plain miss-spelt
words - when I read through it again. Which highlights the other problem for
writers. Don't press the Send key just because you _really_ want to get the
heck out of the office and into bed.
Bad copy is really noticeable in promotional material. However, in my own
defence :-) it makes the copy in chatty newsletters like this one look like
they are actually written by a human being more concerned with communicating
than with how they look?

Of course, I agree with Bogdan's response. If he was to proof everything
these posts, he'd never get the copy to air.

And when you get tired of checking all that spelling:
Here's a trick for the Microsoft Word 97 users: pinball Wizard.
1. Type the word "Blue" (no quotes) in a new document. Make the font bold
and color it blue.
2. After the word, type quotation marks, then a space, then more quotation
3. Go to the Help menu. Select "About". Hold down Control and Shift and
click the Word icon.
4. Time to play. Use Z for left flipper, M for right flipper and Esc to
And don't forget to drop by the station.


==========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (2.1)=============
From: "Rafael Aguilo" <>
Subject: Re: Who needs 250 Paid To Surfs?

Hello Bogdan and Adlanders:

On issue #168, Neil <>

>The thing is about referral programs is that there are just two >many Paid
To Surf programs list, some sites have up to 250.

I would like to point out that it doesn't make any difference how many
programs YOU join. What matters is How Many People Join, and WORK the
program(s) With You!

That's the Key! You MUST be willing to WORK the program(s) How? You MUST
comply with their rules!

I would like to point out that one of the main reasons people
fail with Paid to Surf Programs is:

Unrealistic Expectations!

Since I've been running my Current Link(tm) System, over 250
people have joined the program. How have we achieved this? By trying to row
the boat in the same direction as A GROUP. Does everybody participate in the
"Rowing"? NO! That's the way we human beings are.

Now, let's be realistic. How many hours can you actually spend online?

People get lost in the hype of "make easy money", but don't want to be
bothered with the details.

Let me give you an example. One of the first people to join my Current
Link(tm) System wrote me after a few weeks complaining that, although he had
a group of sign-ups, he was not receiving any credit for THEIR viewing time.
Therefore, the Current Link(tm) System was to blame!

I asked : "Are you running the "Viewbar" yourself?"

The Answer: "No, I don't want to BOTHER with this. I just want to get paid
for promoting this, for what OTHER people do"

He has a VERY busy website. Had he understood the real potential of what he
had at his disposal, stood to make quite a chunk of cash from this. But,
following the program's requirement was just too much to ask of him! What
did he do? Just throw money away because he wouldn't do ONE thing:
Run the "Viewbar" when he was online. Go Figure!

Another example:

I've had requests from people at work to show them how they can also benefit
from what I do online. I explain to them how easy it is and that If they
follow my instructions, they can do it too. Whenever I see them again,
almost ALL try to give me an EXCUSE as to why they haven't done it! I tell
them that I Don't Care. It's up to THEM!

This is a classic response. We want SOMEBODY ELSE to do the WORK!

In these kind of programs it just DOESN'T Happen!

Let me give you another example. This was as easy as falling of a log! I
sent an urgent message to all members of the lists I run, about a very
limited time offer. Almost anyone could have had up to $1000 put on an
account in their name!

Response? A Grand Total of 3! Am I disappointed? No!
That's human nature. I work with those that WANT to work!

The real question should be: Do people REALLY want to make money, or they
just want to go through the motions?

Only they can provide that answer.

Neil also writes:

>it doesn't matter how much you advertise your site
>your downline will grow very slowly.

The missing piece of this puzzle is: How many people are
actually looking forward to reading (or "wait") for your advertising? How
much advertising do YOU read?
Do you think anyone would be willing to pay good money
if finding a captive audience was as "easy" as they say?
Think again! The companies would do it themselves.

There's a BIG misconception about what people go online for.
Looking for Advertisements is NOT one of them! Unless they ARE looking for
what you're advertising for. Period.

Although the "new kid on the block" factor plays a very important role, not
too many people are (or will be) able to build ANY considerable downline;
unless they ALREADY Know How and What to Do or have a working System to help
them do it. As long as you follow the classic route, that WILL be the case.
It's DESIGNED to be that way!

Hope this helps;

Rafael Aguilo - Webmaster

Get my Newest and HOTTEST FREE EBook:
The Idiot-Proof Way To Make Money Online!
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==========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (3.1)=============
From: Lorenzo Boyd
Subject: Looking for the truth on E-Commerce

RE: Adland Digest #168

I got caught up in one of those 48 month contracts that you referred to in
this Digest.  If there is anyway that anyone knows how to get out of it, I
would sure like to know.  It should be against the Law for them to lock you
into a four year contract without a release clause.  When you purchase a
car, a four year contract is OK because you have something.  These
commerce contracts don't give you anything and if you fail in the business,
you're stuck for 4 years.

==========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (4.1)=============
From: Karen Clinchard <>

Dear Bogdan,

I wrote to you a few weeks ago about collecting success stories for my new
ebook, "Who's Clicking Now!".  I've had a great response and I really
appreciate your help.  You and Adland Digest will have a special mention in
my ebook.

Now I have some quite reasonable, permanent advertising to offer to your
readers (the money collected will pay for the great software I purchased to
compile the ebook!):

"Who's Clicking Now!" The Great New E-Book Packed
To The Rafters With Tales Of How Ordinary Folks Like You & Me Made Their
Internet Fortunes Almost By Accident!

Find out if they found success or did success find them?! Read how they
acquired their sites, advertising, marketing etc.  You can't fail to learn
from  their incredible experiences.

"A truly remarkable insight into the essential ingredients needed to operate
a profitable business on the web.........I couldn't put it down"
Nigel H. Williams  (Internet Business Solutions)

Here's the good news!
This ebook will be given away to new subscribers of "Cashing In" newsletter
in the near future and eventually it will be offered to other sites as a

It's always a good policy to associate your business with other successful
ventures, well now you have your chance! You can invest in a 5 line ad (180
characters) in the back of the ebook for $5.00  OR
$10.00 for one of the first 4 ads (180 characters) located in the ebook.
All ads can include a hyperlink directly to your site or email address.

If initial interest is anything to go by then this ebook is destined to
achieve a huge circulation within a short period of time (who doesn't enjoy
picking up simple but effective tips on earning BIG money??)

Send email with your ad copy enclosed, if you want a $5 or $10 ad  and
"EBOOK AD" in the subject (EBOOK AD in the subject is very important because
I also receive ads for the newsletter).  I will then send you an email with
the request for money from PayPal.

Not a free member of PayPal?
Join at
and you will receive $5.00 for joining - then the ad will be free!  FOR

This really is a "no lose" package with the potential to have a significant
positive impact on your business. Contact me NOW!


Karen Clinchard


Note from Editor.

As you might see this advertising opportunity is continuation of previous
request posted by Karen in this Digest.
If you accept this offer, please do it  at  your own  risk.
This is not my recommendation.
I'm just trying to help Karen in her efforts to spread word around with her
E-Book but I have no information about e-book itself.
I just feel that she is trying to build her business by first offering
something to the community and this is why her post is here.


======================N e w P o s t i n g (1)========================
From: Eve Paludan <>
Subject: Why you should offer your own software products at your web site

Dear Bogdan:
I am the webmaster for my husband's 6-month old railroad software web

After much effort at trying to promote products that sell through
affiliate programs, and not earning anything, except a small amount for
commissions for sales resulting from direct associate links,
we found out that offering one's own software products at a web site is
really paying off for us.

Here's how we do it:
1. gives away lots of free stuff
(software, images, screensavers, etc.) to attract traffic. Plus, to
attract repeat traffic, our home page has a history feature that's
different every day.

2. We sell a shareware product U.S. Railroad Map but offer a free demo
download at:   The ratio of download to
sale is about 1%, which we think is very good. That means 1 out of every
100 people who download and install the demo go ahead and purchase the
registered version.

3. We got U.S. Railroad Map reviewed by and it was awarded a
4-star editor's pick. distributes the demo version for us at:

4. We started a Railroad Software webring to bring TARGETED traffic to
our site, and we get lots of hits from the ring! After just a few months
the ring is #14 out of all the software rings at;

5. We have a contract with for credit card
processing. They charged us NO SETUP FEES, and they get a small
commission (15%) from each sale. It's really easy for us. All we do is
link to our order page at their site and when someone orders the
registered version of our software, its secure and fast. Customers
purchase U.S. Railroad Map software online and either get a download
direct from (their bandwidth) or
forwards us the CD-ROM order (minus the credit card number) and we send
it out to the customer asap. sends us a check every
month from our sales, and we have had no problems doing business with
this company.'s services is much better than spending
money for a credit card merchant account!

6. We trade links with other railroad software sites, especially those
with high volume traffic.

7. We give away free hotbar browser skins for MS IE users, all with our
URL on them:

We are making money every month from because
a. we give away tons of free stuff
b. we develop and market our own software products
c. we try to attract targeted traffic

My husband is a programmer, but myself, a nonprogrammer, am determined
to move into the industry. I am now learning how to program with
Multimedia Builder, a $45 shareware program that I registered because it
is so easy to use. I am going to use it to develop ebooks and other
simple Windows programs.

If you are not a programmer, why not get some free screensaver making
tools from and start getting your software
business going?

You can get a free demo version of Multimedia Builder at:

Bogdan, thanks for an excellent ezine and I hope that I have helped
others learn an important lesson. If you want to succeed, develop your
own products and get them out there!

Eve Paludan


======================N e w P o s t i n g (2)========================
From: "Mike Lemmon" <>
Subject: Time to make it Sticky!!!

Hi Bogdan:
Once again thanks for the great job hosting this newsletter.
I wanted to pose a question to our fellow Adland Digest readers.
We at Celebrity How To have spent the last year developing a means to
deliver a large amount of content, that is kept fresh by additions on a
daily basis.
We would now like to add several features to our site that will encourage
our visitors to stay a while.
We have developed an extensive list which we are now trying to find sources
for (see the list below) if anyone has quality, but not too expensive,
sources for these please let me know.

Features we wish to add to our site:
1.  Chat Room (preferably graphical, with option for voice or typed text.
2.  Bulletin Board
3.  Email Accounts
4.  Contact / List Management
5.  Calendar Management / Reminder Service
6.  Classifieds Buy/Sell/Auction
7.  Mapping service
8.  Creation of a Personal Webpage
9.  Recipe Database (goes to content expansion)

Once again, thanks Adam and Talk to you Soon!

Mike Lemmon

Celebrity How To Go to
Fun and FREE How To articles.
Subscribe to our FREE Monthly Newsletter
Send Email To:
Please put "subscribe celebht" in the subject.

Note from Editor.

Good place to start for free discussion boards, free email  , plugin search
You not only get these services for free  but you will be able to customize
it and place your own banners on it.
Check AdlandPro Free Email here.
The price is 50% of advertising space.


======================N e w P o s t i n g (2)========================
From: "kathy mcdowell" <>
Subject: News letter

I enjoy reading you news letter and find it very informative. I now have a
mall up and running and would like to publish a news letter myself but don't
have a clue where to start. Could you give me some advise please.

Thank You,
Kathy McDowell

Mega Mall 2000

======================N e w P o s t i n g (3)========================
From: "Paul Clough" <>
Subject: Are  opt-in mail lists  really  good?

  I am just getting started with my online campaign and my one goal right
now is to get my product visible.  I have gone down many different avenues
but would appreciate some input on what others have found successful.  More
to the point, I am curious to know if opt-in mail lists are really as good
as I am lead to believe for the premium price tag that they charge.  Any
comments on the most effective way to advertise at low cost would be
welcomed.  Thanks

>>...Keys to riches-
$$..èCheck out the information that will unlock your doors to success and!!!  It is FREE!!

===============Site Review Response(1.1)===============
From: "Bob Cortez" <>

Hello Robert and fellow Adlander's,

While I don't post as often as I should, Adland Digest remains on my
priority reading list.  I've read Robert's excellent reviews of fellow
subscriber's sites and would like to respond to his request to review

First impression: Splash screen.  Perhaps it is just a personal pet peeve
but I simply don't understand why you want me to click again to get to find
out what your site is about.  I clicked once or typed the URL to get to your
site... give me the good stuff first up, tell me why I should click for more
and what to expect.  But since you asked for a review I clicked enter.  Next
Impression: Pop-Up window.  This will usually send me running right away,
particularly on a home page.  There are some times when it is handy, but
never on a home page IMO.

The pages load fast and have a consistent layout which is good.  Cantered
text is harder to read than left hand justified, and menus on the right are
counter-intuitive from a usability perspective.  Colors and background are
ok, except that bright yellow strip on the left.

Suggestions for improvement: 1) Create a real welcome page that gives a
general overview of your site and says what's in it for me.  2)When someone
clicks on one of the download links, why not send them to another page that
offers a free newsletter sample or to sign up for your newsletter. (this is
an example of a good way to use a pop up perhaps)3) Even though you aren't
selling anything, I still believe that you should have full contact
information including name, address, phone, fax and email.  Don't presume
that everyone can and will use a form to contact you. 4)Every site that is
advertising supported should have a rate sheet available online for
prospective site or newsletter advertisers.

I hope you find this feedback as helpful as the feedback you have given to
others on Adland Digest.  Your contributions are greatly appreciated.  Thank

Bob Cortez, President
Total Quality Marketing, Inc.

Moderator Note.
Here is  Robert's response to the above.

Dear Bob,

Thank you for your time in reviewing

To respond to some of your suggestions:

The majority of my traffic has followed me from the old times at Xoom and I
maintain a newsletter of almost 500 people. I wanted to continue with the
site as a somewhat exclusive site that attracts people to wander through the
site, maybe even getting lost in it.
The home page is purposely made to get
attention and focus for what is already known about the site to those that
know. The only clue that it is a pranks site, if you just happen to stumble
across it, is in the page title. I do expect most of my traffic to be in the
form of referrals and not direct search engine links to the main index.html
page, but to inside pages. There is no link back to the main index.html page
so only a percentage of visitors will ever see it. This page will be
changing as I gain more visitors, but will remain bare as to the site's
purpose. Sometimes it will change all together if I am feeling somewhat
mischievous that day! There is no popup window on the main index.html page
and never will be.

The pop-up window (on pranks.htm) was originally for award sites that count
the top 50 or 100 for humour sites, but I have changed it and it will become
merely an informational popup depending on the type of questions that I
receive about the pranks. The current popup tells people to get Go!Zilla to
download faster, as I was asked about how to download more files than their
browser will allow at one time, and this program fills that need.
There are other popup windows on various pages that offer other things.
Popup windows do work, even though I am one to NEVER read them and I rarely
let them load. Quite the strange affairs, using what I never see, but the
average visitor to my site is generally not that net savvy in closing the
window before it loads.

When someone hits a main page of pranks (,
movies (, games
(, or whatever, this page lists what is
available in that category and each short description does bring them to a
separate download page where they find out more about the program they
clicked on, such as a screenshot, how to end it, and such.
This download page also has advertising, since I have realized that many
people will sit and watch the download window, not realizing that they could
actually move on and check out other pages without losing the download
connection. The yellow color of the table may be bright on some monitors but
it gets attention! I do have to make it better known that they can download
and click on my advertisers and not lose that download and this is coming
once I have the proper wording for it.

Every download page has been optimized for search engines, using keywords,
titles, meta tags and descriptions and I anticipate the majority of my
traffic being directed via search engines to the specific program page they
are looking for. This is already happening, with unique hits to inside pages
being far greater than hits to the main index.html page. BTW average page
views per visitor is almost 11! With at least 6 downloads each! And yes, I
pay for traffic above 3 gigs so I have to be careful about the size of
downloads that I offer. I could look for another host, but the only time I
go over my 3 gigs just passed, April Fools Day, so I have time to make
changes if necessary there. Every download page also has a java history
click box that will send the visitor back 1 page if they want to go "back
where they came from" rather than farther into the site using the right
navigation table. A right navigation table, rather than left, helps to keep
my site's information rather than the advertisers, in main view. Again
different from the norm, but tested to work better.

For contact I have the form, very easy to use and it does get used quite a
bit, my direct email address and a link to my ICQ page with number on it. I
answer about 5 emails a day for this site, helping people out with their
computers. Any advertisers are only through affiliate programs or have been
working with me at my other site, , I feel
that additional information at the site about me would be
counter-productive to the mystery I want to convey, see the FAQ page for
details about this (

The domain,, is a new site using what I have gleaned as
effective trap marketing from various sources that I have been following.
The main value of the site will always be free downloads and the navigation
system helps to keep the fact that there is a lot of downloads and
information offered here.

I appreciate the time you took to visit my site and hope that you will visit
again and look deeper into the set-up of the navigation.
If you wanted to create a word-of-mouth-site, is this the site you would
People are many times more going to look through a site if referred by a
friend and I am reaching this goal and maintaining the trap and mystery all
at once, I hope.
This is what I would like to know if I am achieving.

Thank you for your time,
(alias Robert Lee)

Thanks for visiting
Free Computer Pranks, Games and more!

==============Site Review Response(1.2)===============
From: Terri Robinson <>

Hello Bogdan and Adlanders!

It has been a long while since I posted to the list too - part
of the reason is the same as Robert Lee mentioned about
those posts that are blatant ads for their affiliate programs.
Don't get me wrong - I don't believe in censorship on the Net
in any way!  But I have always read this newsletter because
it offers such great advice for the newbie and the seasoned
webmaster alike.  I hate to see it turn into a forum for affiliate
programs - there are plenty of other places for that online!
As Robert also said, if you want to "advertise" to the list,
pay Bogdan the very reasonable rates and have your ad
highlighted as what it is:  an ad.

That said, I am always happy to check out fellow Adlander's
sites for legitimate review requests and especially glad to
say a hearty WELL DONE to Robert Lee on his sites at and !
Rob, you continue to amaze me with the excellent presentation
of your alovelinksplus site!  What could have turned into a
plain blah link site to dating services is taken to a much
higher realm by your personal touch.  It's well thought out
and arranged in an easy to navigate manner.  I love the way
you have introduced the book on your page without "hype" -
and it is extremely relevant to your readers.

The pranks page (robrob8) is hilarious!  I was afraid to click on the
links for fear of exploding my computer <grin>  But it is
arranged in a very easy to read and navigate manner, and
your personal touch is very evident.  I admire the fact that
you "practice what you preach" on the sites that you design!
Great work, Robert!

Best regards,
Terri Robinson

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other options without him knowing?
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===============Site Review Request(1)===============
From: "Evelyn Gehlsen" <>

Hello Bogdan and fellow subscribers,

I have been reading this group digest for quite some time now and have seen
how you all give such good constructive criticism for new business sites.
Having been inspired myself I have started my own new business on the web
and it is finally up and running as of April 2.

I did all the work myself including the concept, product, design, and the
programming (minus the replicator script which I bought from Mike Watkins
and am very happy with). I am extremely pleased with the final product but I
know that I may be "too close" to it all to see the flaws that an objective
viewer might find.

Would you all do me a favour and review the site. I would really like to
your comments and suggestions on my product, the concept, the business plan,
or the web-site whatever your area of expertise may be.

I also have a contest running for the FREE Affiliate Program. Details at:

I could also use some suggestions about how to launch this big time
internationally on a practically ZERO ad budget. What capital I had went
into product to fill the orders when they come in. Anybody got contacts?

Thank you,
Evelyn Gehlsen


===============Site Review Request(2)===============
From: "Bobbi Brasel" <>


I too, am a very new internet surfer.  I have only been connected for a
couple of weeks.  My husband thinks I am a "Junky" as I spend so much time
on the net.  I just find it all amazing!  I also want to be able to spend
more time with my children, as I work a full time job.  I am trying this
Internet Business, to allow myself that
choice, someday.  I would appreciate any advise you can give.


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===================G u e s t A r t i c l e (1)=====================
How to Succeed in a "Paid To Surf" Program
with the LEAST amount of EFFORT.
By: Rafael Aguilo
© 1999 All Rights Reserved

Imagine you're reading a special magazine,
which you pay for every month.

You can look for and see the content you want,
in any order, at any time, at your own pace.
You call all the shots.

Now imagine that a group of companies want to
use that SAME magazine and put their own
COVER on it. Every company gives the magazine
a different name.

These companies charge advertisers for placing
ads in these "magazines".

Why? Because they have signed-up a very LARGE group
of "Readers" that have agreed to RECEIVE the ads
while reading these "magazines".

What do You get out of this arrangement?
You GET PAID to read a "Version of the magazine
that has Special ADS". You do this for a certain
length of time. Spend more time "reading", and you
get more money.

If you "pass along the magazine" to your friends,
they get money for the time they spend reading,
plus YOU get an extra bonus from this too!

Crazy? Not Quite.

Let's make some substitutions and see what happens:

1. The Magazine = Your Access to the World Wide Web
2. The Cover = A Get Paid To Surf Program
   (All Advantage, etc.)
3. "Special Ads" you receive while "reading" =
   Ads placed through the program by advertisers.
4. Money you get to read the magazine =
   You get paid to surf the Web.
5. You "Pass along" the magazine =
   You recommend the program to your friends.
6. The Bonus = Get paid for the time others
   in your group spend reading.

To recap:

The Owners of the "Cover", pay you money for:

1. Doing them the favor of RECEIVING Ads, while
you "read".

2. Building a group of "readers" that will do the
same as you.

3. The more time you and the others spend "reading",
the more money everyone makes.

That, in a nutshell is what "get paid to surf"
programs are all about.

Now let's go to the difficult part:
Building Your Group and MAKING MONEY.

Reality Check!

The All Advantage site has become one of
the MOST POPULAR sites on the WEB. It was
the twelfth most visited web site in October/99.
This info is available at PC Data Online:

According to AllAdvantage, 30 of their
3 MILLION members earned well over
US$1,000 each in that month, with the top
earner pulling in over US$4,400.

Of 3 MILLION members, only a limited
few earn a high amount from the program.


Here's the answer.

Programs of this kind make recruiting other
people NECESSARY for your success. If you
don't have a BIG circle of people who will
follow you into a program like this; the most
likely scenario is YOU'LL FAIL.

You MUST-HAVE a way to recruit PEOPLE, Period.
No If's, And's, or But's.

Prof. Lon Lindsey, a former educator and
administrator in Louisville, KY; writes
in his article: 'The Hidden Factor'; that the
average newcomer "...will find it almost
impossible to build a huge 'deep' organization.

...Most companies develop a marketing plan
that is 'company friendly' or 'heavy hitter

A "company friendly" plan is one where you'll
be greatly compensated ONLY if you can build
a VERY LARGE & DEEP GROUP. In most cases,
these numbers are basically IMPOSSIBLE to
achieve by the newcomer.

A "heavy hitter" is a person that has a fairly
large group of people that will follow his/her
advice on joining a particular program. For these
people, building a group takes almost no effort.

Get a copy of 'The Hidden Factor' article here:

Who benefits the most?

The company does, and your GREED plays a
vital role.

They COUNT on YOUR desire to be 'Top Dog'.

Almost everybody wants to be in front of the line.
Your first reaction is: "I'll put everybody right
under me". Very few will be able to. The numbers
have already proved this.

What can YOU do to change this?

Do what successful Heavy Hitters do:
concentrate on 'TEAM WORK'.

My father taught me a LONG time ago, that
a complex piece of machinery is nothing
more than a combination of many smaller
and simpler machines. Each one does a
certain job. All WORK TOGETHER to achieve
a desired result.

Once you understood the function of the
INDIVIDUAL machines, you could figure out
how it all came together to make the

The same principle applies here.

Heavy Hitters have developed and perfected
their own SYSTEMS to build their groups.
EACH NEW MEMBER then learns how to use the
system so they too can duplicate it. This
process repeats itself over again.

The INDIVIDUAL EFFORT is less, but the

Can you really make money?

Here are some examples, using the AllAdvantage
Program's Referral Calculator:

1. Everyone needs only TWO friends to join with
them and 'surf' the web for 20 hrs./ mo. for
four levels deep.
Potential monthly income: $74

2. Everyone needs only Three friends to join with
them for four levels deep and 'surf' the web for
20 hrs./ mo.
Potential monthly income: $376

3. Everyone needs only Four friends to join with
them for four levels deep and all 'surf' the web
for 20 hrs./ mo.
Potential monthly income: $1378

4. Everyone needs only Five friends to join with
them for four levels deep and all 'surf' the web
for 20 hrs./ mo.
Potential monthly income: $3920
(This group requires almost 4,000 people)

5. You bring 100 friends and they 'surf'
the web for 20 hrs./ mo.
Potential monthly income: $210

Contrary to what you may have expected, the more
you kill yourself recruiting others into your first
level the least you make. The last example shows
why it's to everyones' advantage to HELP each other
build a DEEP group. It's easier for everyone to
recruit 2 to 5 friends than to be greedy (which
is exactly what the company would expect you to do).

There's a NEW and EASY way to help you build a
group that is both DEEP AND WIDE. It's completely
automatic, and it helps EVERYONE that joins.
You concentrate on doing only ONE thing. The system
does the rest! It's called:
"The Current Link(tm)".

You can see it in action here:

You achieve more with TEAMWORK.

Rafael Aguilo is the Webmaster of
Free Internet Marketing Course for Beginners
Free EBook: eBay Exposed! How To Sell On eBay

======================Joke of the Day=====================
Taken from Joke a Day

A cowboy rides into town and stops at the saloon, gets off
his horse walks around to the back of it, lifts up the tail and
kisses it smack on the ass,

The bartender inside the bar notices this transaction and
thinks it a little strange.  When the cowboy saunters up to
the bar and orders a drink the bartender asks him, "I noticed
when you got off your horse you walked behind it and kissed
it on the ass.  Can I ask why?"

The cowboy answers "Chapped lips".

"Wow!" says the bartender.  "It cures chapped lips?"

"No, but it sure as hell keeps you from licking them."


Let's hear from you......

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