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C o n t i n u i n g   D i s c u s s i o n s (2)

1.) Are opt-in mail lists  really  good?
~ Edward (Cynted)
~ Neil

2.)Starting a news letter
~ Edward (Cynted)

N e w     P o s t s   (5)

1.) R. Chambers
~ Ad Software.

2.) Ken
~ HTML Shrinker

3.)Eric Huntley
~ Pick Me Up's

4.) Sheldon Lerner
~ I hope that this post is a breath of fresh air

5.)Kenneth Smith
~ Credit Card payment services.

A l e r t   S e c t i o n(0)

Site Review Responses (2)
~ Robert Lee

~ Robert Lee

Site Review Requests (1)

G u e s t   A r t i c l e (1)
How to Generate Multiple Streams of Revenue from Your
Online Business
By Marc Goldman

Thought of the Day

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================== Word from publisher ====================

Greetings All

Welcome  255   new subscribers who joined list since last mailing.

If you are accepting credit cards online, this article will be of help if
you want to minimize fraudulent transactions.

Minimize Credit Card Chargebacks,94

Discussion about consumer credit card protection for Internet
purchases has become intense. But the fact is that U.S. federal
law limits a consumer's liability for unauthorized charges to
$50 (U.S.), whether the purchase was made face to face or on
the Internet. No such protective legislation exists for
merchants, however, so they bear the full cost of fraudulent
charges as chargebacks from their bank. When a fraudulent
credit card transaction takes place without the physical card
being presented to the merchant, or funds are uncollectible for
some other reason, merchants are charged the sale amount by the
cardholder's bank. This is known in the industry as a
chargeback. Here is a checklist to help you protect yourself.

Understand How Credit Card Chargebacks Occur,94

Protect Your Rights With Regard to Credit Card Chargebacks,94

Install and Use Fraud Prevention Software,94

Take Extra Precautions When Processing Orders,94


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==========F e a t u r e d P o s t=============
From: "Mick" <>
Subject: FFA site advertising

Hi fellow adlanders,
                FFA site advertising, How effective are they really?

                I have just spent the last month or so promoting my poetry
site to FFA sites to see how effective this sort of promotion is. Whilst
doing this I sent all visitors from these sites through a "redirect" page
with a hidden counter. Just thought that you may be interested in the
"disappointing" results of this promotion listed below. Although, I must
admit I am not the best at writing adverts, but having a month of doing just
that I must have become better! or I hope I did.

Here are the results I recorded from approximately 26,000 submissions every
second day for 30 days.......

Number of Emails received FROM the FFA page owners..... 10,264 ( number I
actually read was about 10 )
Number of HITS received from ad placements ......          21 TOTAL.....13

I'm afraid to my way of thinking the only winner here was my poor old FULL
email box !!

I hope this helps anyone taking the large amount of time required for these
FFA page submissions, on the other hand, most of my site traffic comes from
either the search engine placements or word of mouth.

Regards to all
Mick Puttock
( , )

=========Why Selling Other's Affiliate Programs=============

 When You Can Create Your Own & Make 100% Profits!
Create and sell your own Affiliate Program rights to others by making
tons of money out of it like other Internet gurus did.
All you need is a computer and a valid email account.  Online Training
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lose and only pay us from your profits if any!
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==========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (1.1)=============
From: "Edward (Cynted)" <>
Subject: Are opt-in mail lists  really  good?

This is in response to Paul's question about the usefulness of opt-in mail
They work, ONLY if you use legitimate services.  The only one I can think of
is at . People "opting in" their list
are fully aware and requesting to receive email offers.  Other non-reputable
companies offering opt-in lists sometimes use email address harvested from
websites.  Others offer for sell or rent, their own mailing lists.
Personally, I don't use email advertising because I know what it's like to
get unwanted emails.
Your best bet is ezine advertising.  You could start with the Adland Digest!
A good place to start would be Swap-Resources at
You can find ezines willing to swap ad space with you are charge reasonable
fees for ad space.  They really do work.

Edward S. Gause


==========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (1.2)=============
>From Neil
Subject: Are  opt-in mail lists  really  good?

In issue #169 Paul asks if opt-in mail lists are any good.well Paul, yes and
know, you have to be very careful.
Never part with your cash to anyone who claims that they will send your ad
to 1300 or even 2000 opt-in lists everyday.

For one thing there are only about 780 safe business opportunity lists, most
of which you don't have to pay for,
and for another thing most lists will only let you post once a week.

Even when you have got your "safe" lists people can still accuse you of
spamming. People join a list then forget and
wonder why they are getting mail from you and start screaming spam. Last
week someone in a list I'm in sent an
obscene message to everyone in the list because he was receiving emails. He
was, of course, banned from the list.

Also mass e-mails containing the same header are deleted. The listserver
robots are looking for e-mails containing the
same subject although there is a way round this using Aureate. If you don't
have this program I will be happy to send you
it, it's free, or there are several sites where you can download it from.

Despite all these hurdles, opt-in lists are a very cheap if not a free way
to advertise, you just have to be careful. Very careful.

While I'm at it, don't post to newsgroups, or if you really have to, be 100%
sure that it is safe to do so because there are also
robots looking for links to business opportunities etc. It's just not worth
the risk.

Good Luck


==========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (2.1)=============
From: "Edward (Cynted)" <>
Subject: Starting a news letter

This is in response to Kathy McDowell's request for advice on starting a

Hi Kathy,

An excellent place to get started learning to create your own ezine is at .  They offer an online ezine
building tutorial
AND a FREE interactive E-Zine builder that will have you publishing your
first ezine
in about 5 minutes.

Edward S. Gause


======================N e w P o s t i n g (1)========================
From: "R. Chambers" <>
Subject: Ad Software.

Dear Bogdan,

I will need to know which advertising software you recommend. I can
only manually enter ad by ad, to newsgroup by newsgroup on my near 6 year
old laptop. I need advertising software and a newer computer.
I plan to enter an ad in each  newsgroup and search engine, but need to know
which advertising software  does that? I hear their is advertising software
that lets you write one ad,  and then submits it for you to several hundred
newsgroups, and search  engines all at once. THAT is what I'm looking for.
Can you recommend one or  more please? Thank you very much for your time
and any reply!


Richard Chambers

======================N e w P o s t i n g (2)========================
From: "Ken" <>
Subject: HTML Shrinker

To: All
I have just found a program which will:
-reduce your page size (up to 45% in some cases) and loading time
-reduce your bandwidth costs
-make your HTML hard to read or copy ( it strips unnecessary quotes and
-creates a backup first
-original page can be restored
-no cost- linkware

View my page source code after processing by HTML Shrinker

Link to free program:


Get TOP Search Engine Listings FREE OnLine Courses

======================N e w P o s t i n g (3)========================
From: "Eric Huntley" <>
Subject: Pick Me Up's

In this fast paced world of ours do you ever stop to reflect? Where do you
go when things aren't going right? How do you start your morning before you
get into the hustle and bustle of everyday life? Where do you go for
motivation and inspiration to keep you on track?

That's what "Pick Me Up's" is all about. To inspire and motivate you. To
make you feel good when you're feeling low.It will get you back on a
positive note when negatives creep in.Who couldn't use a daily dose of

Visit "Pick Me Up's" and  get a boost. You'll be the better for it.

Eric Huntley

======================N e w P o s t i n g (4)========================
From: "Sheldon Lerner" <>
Subject: I hope that this post is a breath of fresh air

Hello Listmembers,
      It's been a while since my last post. Hopefully, fortune has smiled
upon all of you!  I hope that this post is a breath of fresh air to all of
you in the fact that it's not about the latest MLM or Matrix scheme. No, I'm
just an average person (if you call being a poker dealer at a greyhound race
track an average occupation) trying to get a business off the ground by
doing the "Internet Thing". It's tough promoting a website without have the
"big bucks" to do it. They call the Internet the great equalizer, that
everybody can look like Wal-Mart or J. C. Penney, which is true; but they
left out the part about promoting and the time and money that it takes to do
so. I fear that the "Internet Rush" is going to turn out like the California
"Gold Rush", a handful of people make their fortunes while the masses chase
dreams. So here, by the Grace of God, I go chasing my dream of being a
      My business is Crystal Ship Imports and Gifts
( and I have over 3000 specialty items listed
by categories (i.e.: lawn and garden, home accessories, personal, etc.).
Some expensive, most are not!  And, of course, secure online ordering or a
toll free number to call and order, whichever you prefer. You will also find
linkpages to other products and services as well as most of the top programs
such as: PostMaster, Cognigen, and Hooked On Phonics, just to mention a few.
I strive to present something for everyone, and believe that I have
succeeded, so far. You be the judge. E-mail me with your opinion:   Tell me what you think and offer suggestions on
improvements, It will be greatly appreciated. And while you are there,
Please visit the links to the charities that are listed. Most of them don't
cost you anything. A donation is made by a sponsor on your behalf, so,
Please visit them and help make the world a better place to live!  Thank you
for reading this, at least I hope you did, and hope I haven't been boring.
                                Respectfully,   Sheldon Lerner

        Crystal Ship Imports and Gifts
      "We have gifts for any Occasion!"
New Opportunities/ Free Stuff /Check Often

======================N e w P o s t i n g (5)========================
From: Kenneth Smith <>
Subject: Credit Card payment services.

Greetings to all,

I would like to get the group's suggestions and feedback on
some good online credit processing services.
These companies will process the credit card for you, take a
percentage of the sale, and send you a check for the rest.
Such companies include: and Clickbank

I'm afraid that securing a merchant account may be out of the
question for me at this particular time.  These services may be
my only option.

If anyone can help, I'd appreciate it.

Get your own "800" number - Free
Free voicemail, fax, email, and a lot more

Note from Editor.

I just read about this service in two articles coming from different
Although the site seems to offer entire e-commerce solution, this also
your question and  follows up on recent thread about e-commerce.

In AssociatePrograms newsletter. offers help for people who want to create their own
e-commerce site - easily, fast and free.

Their mission is to make it easier for the little guys to compete
with major corporations which have always dominated offline

You just decide which options you'd prefer for your site's
layout. It requires no knowledge of HTML and you can create your
own website in minutes with a few clicks of your mouse.

The instructions are simple and easy to read. Bigstep offers many
useful pages which explain the processes in detail, so you know
what you're doing.

Among the awards which Bigstep has won is one from the editors at
PC Magazine, who recently added Bigstep to their list of Top 100
Web Sites. These are the sites they think are "especially useful
and well designed and that deliver on the promises they make".

You can use your own free Bigstep Web address, which will look
something like, or you can
use your own domain name (like on your
Bigstep site.

I checked the FAQ to make sure that the service really IS free.
It is. However, to accept credit card transactions on the Web
you'll need to apply for an online merchant account from
Bigstep's partner, Cardservice International, at a discount rate.
Bigstep says it makes no money from that.

Your Web site includes access to do-it-yourself Web-building
services, including your own customized catalog or portfolio, the
ability to create an unlimited number of Web pages, and 12 MB of
storage space for your pictures at no charge.

Bigstep says it will make money by selling advanced e-business
options, but you are not required to buy any of them.


And  this from Dr. Ralph F. Willson Newsletter.


"If someone has very little to spend on a website, what is the
harm in using a free site? I am on and so far I can't
see any catch. They got me up and running and I have my own domain
name." -- Penny McAdam, ( looks pretty good for a
starter store -- and the price is right. Bigstep won PC Magazine's
Editors' Choice when similar storefronts were reviewed in November
Since you can install your own domain name, you're able to upgrade
to a more capable e-commerce system in the future if you need to,
without losing all the marketing you have done. When something is
free you always need to ask where the company makes their money.
Bigstep plans to offer advanced e-business options for additional
fees as well as sell advertising (though no ads on your
storefront). If you sell a lot of products, you may find Bigstep's
order fulfillment interface a bit frustrating, but it's a good
place to start. Their low-cost merchant credit card account is a
bargain -- a 2.67% discount rate, and a payment gateway for only
$14.95 per month plus 20 cents per transaction. Be careful though.
The vendor, CardService International, will charge you a $300
"early termination fee" if you cancel their service in the middle
of the six month agreement term -- a fact that Bigstep doesn't
disclose on their website.


===============Site Review Response(1.1)===============
From: "Robert Lee" <>

Evelyn wrote :

>Would you all do me a favour and review the site. I would really like to
>hear your comments and suggestions on my product, the concept, the business
>plan, or the web-site whatever your area of expertise may be.

I think you have a great site! Magical and intriguing all at once. But why
can't I see a sample picture of the products that you want me to buy? Is it
because you want me to become an affiliate instead?
I would have dearly loved to see what the Starlight Window looks like but
when I clicked all I found was more descriptive text. Well written and makes
me want to see it all the more.
You may be right, it doesn't show itself well for a picture, but I have seen
similar items for sale in brochures and advertised elsewhere (mail order, I
believe) and they did show pictures.

I also noticed that you did not complete your site yet.
This is a must, an incomplete site doesn't ever look good. What I mean here
is the link you give for the review is to a page inside the site, but if all
I remember is and go there, I am viewing pages that are
not EXACTLY the same and even with some incomplete and missing info.

My recommendation is this:
Bury the affiliate and designer training info somewhere else. Maybe with a
simple link that says "associates" at the bottom of the page or something.
Telling a potential buyer that they are paying $75.00 too much won't help
with your sales.
Remember, your main focus is the product, not the affiliate plan, I hope.
There are places that you can easily promote your affiliate program, rely on
that to increase your worldwide sales force (since you are saying that this
is a global opportunity).
Take a look at the places Yahoo has links to for you to add your affiliate
program to:
Most of these sites will let you advertise your program for free.

Best of luck, maybe you want to be added as an aLoveLinksPlus merchant?

I hope that this helps you decide on where to take the next step.

Robert Lee
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===============Site Review Response(2.1)===============
From: "Robert Lee" <>

"Bobbi Brasel" <> wrote:

>I too, am a very new internet surfer.  I have only been connected for a
>couple of weeks.  My husband thinks I am a "Junky" as I spend so much time
>on the net.  I just find it all amazing!  I also want to be able to spend
>more time with my children, as I work a full time job.  I am trying this
>Internet Business, to allow myself that
>choice, someday.  I would appreciate any advise you can give.

Sorry Bobbi,
I don't buy it.You have a nice looking sight (should be site!!) but the
spelling, formatting and such make it look horrible.
To my critical eye, anyways.
"We have tried several programs for starting an Internet Business, and found
them too technical, not technical enough, or VERY EXPENSIVE to complete. We
are constantly seeking out others! We Investigate these programs for you,
and provide you with the BEST!" is what you say, but you don't tell me
anything about the programs you have on your "Success Secrets" page. Your
main page should highlight various techniques that you make available, but
you don't do this.
Instead the page I am directed to is just a page of links, nicely done, but
just links all the same!
You even offer merchant accounts through one of your links, but you don't
accept even online orders, just snail mail......hmmm. I understand that this
is just temporary, but it sticks out peculiarly all the same.
"FREE INFORMATION getting set up to except MAJOR CREDIT CARDS!" have you
reviewed this offer and not been accepted or just placed the link? The word
except should be accept, this is your mistake, not mine.
You have a newsletter, low in membership I am sure, but what does it offer
to me? Please be more specific. I read a lot of newsletters and will sign up
if I thought there would be something of value in it for me. You don't tell
me anything I need to hear to make me sign-up.
I have said this before, pick a single program and use it. Become an expert
at it and grow your business from that. Have you used any of the programs
you are selling? If you have, tell me more about them. Show me the glowing
referrals and recommendations. If you haven't, well then what's next, "Get
Paid To Surf"?
Sorry, but you are paying at least $10.00 a month hosting, I peeked at the
iPage-Builder link, and know that you are up against some very tough
competition. All I can do is offer you good luck and ask that you remember
me when you change your website tactics and strike it rich.
If you need any more advice, I will answer you. I may not be right but I am
an alternative voice to help you along.
Best of luck!

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From: "Bobbi Brasel" <>

Just wanted to thank everyone, who visited my website, and offered all the
wonderful advise, I received, from posting in AdlandPro.  If you remember, I
am a newbie, who wanted my site checked.  Well I am happy too report that I
have received excellent advise, and oodles of help!  Maybe someday, I'll be
able to help someone in return.

Thank You All so Very Much!
Bobbi Brasel
Internet Income Information

===============Site Review Request(1)===============
From: "A.L Haines" <>

Hi Bogdan,
  Thank you so much for printing my little success story
recently. I'm quite sure some readers from here signed up to my
newsletter, so i owe you one  (now two!)

I have recently began my next foray into the cyberworld
and i would appreciate any feedback from adland digest members.

It is called "The Articles Archives" and people are allowed to
submit or take articles to use personally or to place on their
websites. FREE of course.

If people join the club they can submit an article for
the "Article of the Week Contest"
The winning article will be posted Online at the archives.
The Archives is located at

The club is found at Egroups (formerly ONElist) and people can
join by e-mail

Or visit online at

Thanks again for having this feedback area Bogdan.
If more people used it, more could see it's true value. (I do!!)

if you have something to say, please reply to

A.L Haines
Remember, Success is what YOU get out of it.

Are your customers you must put on hold hearing
silence, or are they listening to a radio station
that may be playing an ad from your competitor??
Call us today and save $100.00 by mentioning this
ad when ordering our completely solid state
Call 1-800-372-3233 or email us at
or visit out web site at

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===================G u e s t A r t i c l e (1)=====================
How to Generate Multiple Streams of Revenue from Your
Online Business
By Marc Goldman

The biggest mistake that people who run an online business
make is to rely on only one product or service as their sole
source of income.

Don't get me wrong, if that one product or service is
providing you with all the income you need or desire, then
by all means continue on that path. However, most people who
make their living on the web do so by maintaining several
profitable revenue streams that bring in a steady and
dependable flow of income.

This does not mean that you have to develop several of your
own products and/or services. There are many other ways to
find additional sources of income, some are right under your

1. Sell advertising space: If you publish an opt-in
newsletter you already have an extremely powerful vehicle
for reaching a target market. If you have 1,000+
subscribers you could begin selling advertising space in
your publication. As soon as those wishing to target the
same market are made aware of your newsletter offers to
purchase ad space will begin to flow in. Some newsletters
with high circulations (over 15,000 subscribers) bring in
anywhere from $1,000-$10,000 a month just from selling ad
space in their ezines.

TIP - In order to make potential advertisers aware of your
newsletter and the advertising packages you offer, you
should make sure your newsletter is listed in the 40 or 50
ezine directories available on the web.

You can also generate a revenue stream by offering banner
advertising space on your website. This is one of the
easiest types of online advertising to sell. You simply
need to install banner ad serving software and provide
advertisers with a way to track their ad campaigns and
measure their effectiveness. If you do not wish to go
through the trouble of setting this up and managing it on
your own, you can use the services of a third party company
such as Doubleclick. They specialize in bringing together
advertisers and websites offering ad space for sale.

2. Joint Venture: Form strategic joint ventures with other
websites or newsletter publishers who offer a non
competitive product or service that your audience would be
interested in. One of the simplest joint ventures, albeit
not the only one, is to participate in other peoples
affiliate programs and make a personal recommendation of
their product/service to your audience and both parties
reap the benefits.

Here are some tips to help you develop the most effective
joint ventures possible:

a. Be very selective in what you recommend to your audience
(i.e. customers, subscribers and website visitors). If your
website is cluttered with banner ads for several different
products or you send out solo mailings endorsing a new
affiliate program to your subscribers every other day, you
decrease your credibility which in turn decreases the
effectiveness of your endorsements. This naturally lessens
your profit potential. Remember, you always want to
maintain the trust you've built up with your audience
especially since it has been proven to be easier to sell to
your existing customers than it is to someone who has never
before had dealings with you.

Therefore, you must always try to be as selective as
possible when forming your joint ventures. Carefully
examine the affiliate programs and other products and
services you endorse to insure that your audience can
definitely benefit from them. Do not think solely of your
bank account. This way your personal recommendations will
carry a lot more weight with the people who trust your
opinion. This is how people really make money with joint

b. If you wish to create a joint venture with someone who
does not offer an affiliate program but offers a high
quality product or service, you should not hesitate to
approach them and offer to market their products/services
to your audience in exchange for a share of the profits.
Keep in mind that not everyone will respond to your offer
and the ones who do may not fully understand the concept or
the potential power of joint ventures.

Patience and some time spent educating your prospective
partners will go a long way here. Make them aware that joint
ventures are win/win situations. Many of your joint venture
partners may also be looking for additional revenue streams.
If you own your own products/services you can offer
potential joint venture partners the ability to recommend
them to their audience for a split of the profits. We have
used this joint venture technique to promote our
<a href=""></a> Ultimate
Marketers Resource to a much wider audience than we would
have reached on our own.

3. Consider purchasing reseller or reprint rights for
software or information that your target audience would be
interested in. For example, if you have a website or
newsletter that focuses on stock market information you can
look for software that helps your audience track their
portfolio and analyze stock trends. Try to make a deal with
the software developer to resell his software to your
audience. Many of the developers on the web offer various
reseller programs and opportunities where you can purchase
several copies of their program at wholesale and then resell
them at whatever price you choose.

Reprint rights involves purchasing the rights or ability to
sell someone else's information (ebooks, books, manuals,
website content, etc.) for full profit. However, at no time
do you take credit for creating the material. As long as
you pay the one time fee you can then sell that information
for whatever price you choose to your audience.
This is one vehicle that many folks in the Direct Marketing
business use on a regular basis to generate a very
profitable revenue stream.

4. Consider other non-traditional methods for earning
revenue from your online business. For example, if you
spend quite a bit of time online running your business you
could join a program that pays you to be online.
For example, Alladvantage
<a href=""></a> offers
a free to join service that pays you to place a small
toolbar on your website and receive banner ads while you
are connected to the internet. This will not make you a
millionaire but it will provide you with a real and
consistent flow of money that can be considered an
additional revenue stream.

When you open your eyes to the potential income
opportunities that exist online and you set up several
streams of revenue then you can begin to expect a
constant and predictable flow of income from your online

Article by Marc Goldman, Goldbar Enterprises
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======================Thought of the Day=====================
From: "Daniel C. Kline" <>

Nobody Cares How Much You Know
Until They Know How Much You Care
It's very easy to forget, in today's world of fast changing technology, that
it's the constants in our life that create lasting value.  All too often we
are allured into believing that some new tool or trick will magically propel
us to the realization of our dreams and our success.

I dare you to debunk the myth that holds your dreams hostage.  Challenge
yourself to believe what you already know.

Enterprise both on and off the Internet has ALWAYS been and will ALWAYS be
about people.  If you're trying to hide behind the technology, or you're
seeking a way to fortune that leaves the investment of yourself out, you
will end up being the very thing missing in your dreams.

If you strip away all the tools of any trade, in the end we have but one
thing to offer -- ourselves!  What we offer can only be quantified in two
measures -- our efforts and our caring.  Doesn't it make sense to choose and
use our tools and the expenditure of our time in ways that enhances these
measures???  Only laziness and/or fear could make us wish it any other way.

Don't gamble with your dreams and don't squander your time and effort.  Do
what has always worked.  Dare to invest the only thing you have -- yourself.
There are no shortcuts and only a cheat would sell them to you, and by
buying them, both you and he would walk away fools.  Your success is ONLY
about you and the people you serve.  All the tools, tricks, and techniques
exist only to help you do that better.  If you remember and tend to the
needs of the people you serve, you will be remembered.  If you forget

Best wishes for your success and good fortune

Daniel C. Kline


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