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Topics in this issue:

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         Word from Publisher

C o n t i n u i n g   D i s c u s s i o n s (4)

1.) Free trade boards submitters, good for nothing?!
~ Joe Bellshaw

2.)(was A SCAM REVEALED!!!)  1-800discount
~ A L Haines

3.)How to build referrals?
~ Kenneth L. Hanna

4.) ValidPay PROBLEMS!

N e w     P o s t s   (2)
1.)Melanie Kozik
~ Free ebook Maker & ebook

2.) Heather
~ I have absolutely no idea about how to get started.

A l e r t   S e c t i o n (0)

Site Review Responses (1)
1.)Frank Jamison

Site Review Requests (1)

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================== Word from publisher ====================

Greetings All

Welcome  230   new subscribers who joined list since last mailing.


I was trying to get this issue as short as possible, because new
email software which I have installed to send the digest, seems
to  use more bandwidth than my previous solutions. I still
have some good posts and site review request, which will be included
in next issues. But first  I have to tune up the application. Eventually I
will be
moving my newsletter server to different location, where more bandwidth
will be available. I might be able to offer some of you  good email
solutions requiring  0 administration to run your own newsletters.
This new software was a result of 2 months of investigation
of different email/newsletter solutions. More later on that.


Again call for more success stories.
I run out of my supplies and expect to receive some more from you,
before next issue goes out.
You did great job so far.


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==========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (1.1)=============
From: "Joe Bellshaw" <>
Subject: Free trade boards submitters, good for nothing?!

in response to:

From:   "Henryk Bartnicki" <>
Subject: Free trade boards submitters, good for nothing?!

What I noticed was that, even if my ads were shown there
some of them didn't show them even at the time of my posting ), when I came
back to a given trade board, few minutes later my ad weren't there any more.
Not to mention when I tried to get to my ad I had a message displayed: " you
have the access forbidden to this server"
What is the use of posting through all those 400 free trade boards
submitters. Do all of them work the same way.
Do you have any experience with those tools? Please comment.

My reply:

Hello Henry ,

I think I can answer this one, I have done a lot research on the message
boards, how they work, and the servers that host them. Here's the deal...

Many of the free message board submitters available online are all basically
the same submission script, and the same database of message boards. It's
the same old routine, one guy copying the next. If it's free, there's a good

Theses free posters are all trying to submit ads to a free message board
hosting service at "". The reason you keep seeing a
"FORBIDDEN.. error" is because insidetheweb is logging the IP address of the
server that the free submitter is located on.

The most common problem with submitting in bulk to message boards is the
fact that most message board services limit the number of messages you can
submit at once. They do this to prevent people from over populating the
message boards. Think about it... if 1000's of people are all using the same
free submitter, located on the same server, all those ads are being blocked!

Typically you can submit to about 100 boards, before being temporarily
"blocked" from submitting, or even viewing any web pages at

Obviously, if everyone is using the same free submitter, the IP address
where the free online submitter is located, is being logged, and blocked by
insidetheweb. So if everyone is using the same submitter at the same IP
address, no one's ads are getting thru.

This is only a "temporary block out period".  It typically lasts about 1
hour. You will know if you are being blocked because if you try to submit
more than (about) 100 messages, or visit a message board web site to check
your ads, you will see an error: " don't have permission to
access". That's because you submitted too many ads at once, not to mention
you're using the free submitters, which are all blocked from getting in
anyway, because too many people are using them all day long.

Stop using them, you're simply wasting your time.

The reason I know so much about this is because I developed the software too
get around the IP problem. The basic principle is this... Submit ads from
your own PC and your own IP address and you will get in.  I hope this

Joe Bellshaw, Developer
Message Board Blaster
Blast your FREE ad to 1300 message boards!
Try it free!

==========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (2.1)=============
From: "A L Haines" <>
Subject: (was A SCAM REVEALED!!!)  1-800discount

Hi Bogdan,

I recently sent a warning about 1800discounts and i'm
standing my ground on this one.
The person with the rebuttal made me look further into it
than i previously did.

SO, I sent 1800discounts an email and mentioned i heard it was
a scam. Well, i got the EXACT same email from the EXACT
same person that the person saying it wasn't a scam.

Here is my email;
> Hi,
> I received an e-mail that mentioned 1800discount wasn't
> on the up & up. Could you answer a question or 2 please?
> The email mentions that each person we refer to you and
> they subscribe, they must spend $500.00 before we get
> our 10.00 for finding them.
> question 2 is;  If this is indeed correct,
> why can't we find it in writing at your website??
> we looked and don't see it.
> Your website keeps mentioning we get this 10.00,
> but nothing about us having to spend 500.00 before
> the person who referred us gets theirs either.
> We await your assistance.
> Thanks

and THEIR reply;

As you can imagine with as lucritive a bonus as 1 800 provides
there are those who have taken advantage.  The following is the reason the
pending referral bonus was implemented....
see for exact content here.


This does not answer the questions, now does it??
all it says is if you do this we will DO THIS

It does not mention the pre-spending of 500.00 i asked about,
the web site doesn't mention it, and as far as I'm concerned
their avoiding the questions period.
A simple yes or no about the 500 would suffice.

With their reply, I'm even more convinced now than before.
They must be getting a huge amount of questions regarding this,
because their sending out a pre-written email.

This is not the first scam I've seen nor will it be the last.
Remember those Yahoo-china shares,  where are they? or
what about the free emag from studentprofit or whatever it was called??
supposed to be a 10.00 deal as well,  only problem is,
i been waiting over 4 months for my 170.00!!!
they said payments go out in June......then July, now sept.....
(go figure ......sheesh)

You keep promoting them if you wish sir, me, i have
better things to do than work for free....
i wonder...are you perhaps looking to do some more free work??
where do i apply? lol

Have a great and profitable day

A L Haines

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==========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (3.1)=============
From: Kenneth L. Hanna
Subject:How to build referrals?

To Paul P:

Hey Paul,

I know exactly how you feel. I would really like to be getting some of those
$800 dollar checks. I have many PTS program and affiliate programs with 20
or more people in them but still no huge checks. Don't get me wrong, the 5
or 6 $50 checks that I get, come in handy. Getting the referrals is the easy
part, getting them to sign the dotted line can be the frustrating part.

Just imagine for a moment that you had a newsletter with a subscriber base
of 20,000 readers. You join a new program, affiliate or PTS or whatever, and
put just a little ad in your newsletter for your program. Do you think you
would probably get 20 or more referrals? You probably would along with a
big smile on your face.

But getting them to sign the dotted line, (use the viewbar, buy the product)
is another story. Most of the PTS programs are geared so that you can't even
get in touch with your downlines. I believe that is a key element in any
business opportunity that you try. You have to let your downline know that
you are there to help in any way possible. Next to impossible when you don't
have an email address.

It take time, patience, commitment and a host of other qualities to be
successful in Internet Marketing. You are already showing great promise by
asking questions. You will NEVER know the answers if you don't ask the

Those so called 'heavy hitters' didn't get there overnight. And I can
guarantee you that there isn't a program online that will give you overnight
success. You have to work for it. They did! If you are willing to send them
$39.95 to learn their 'secrets', go for it. But I will promise you that you
will get the same thing FREE with your time and efforts.

I am building my own website that has lots of tips, suggestions and
opportunities that I am finding on my way to the TOP. I also write a
newsletter called, "OFF THE TOP". You can subscribe or just check out my
information at

And to Bogdan, I used a newsletter with a subscriber base of 20,000 readers
just as an example. I love your newsletter and all the comments and
suggestions. And also the way that you don't shove anything down my throat
like 100s of ads. Thanks!

Kenneth L. Hanna

Get the help you need...NOW!

==========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (4.1)=============
Subject: ValidPay PROBLEMS!


Yes I too have had the exact same thing happen to me with ValidPay.  I was
one of their first customers and brought them one hell of a lot of business
.  Towards the end of March this year, I stopped receiving checks as well.
I sent them literally dozens of email all with zero replies.

Back then they still had their phone working and I was able to get through
to a few voice mail boxes but never received a reply.  I stopped using
ValidPay at all after I had over $1500 in pending checks sitting in the
print queue.

I'm currently working on a complaint through the Michigan State Attorney
General's Office:

I suggest you do the same... because you're not getting your money back from
ValidPay although I do have a suggestion that "kind of" worked for me.

You need to purchase CHECKMAN from:   You also need to purchase some blank check paper
from them as well.  This may cost you a few bucks, but you can always create
checks for your own account later.

One final thing about ValidPay aka ValidCheck...

I sent them several registered letters with return receipt requested to the
P.O. Box address posted on their site.  None of these letters were ever
picked up from the post office and were sent back to me after a week or so
of just sitting there.

I was able to go online and do a search of Michigan yellow pages and found
this street address for them:

6230 Orchard Lake Road
West Bloomfield MI 48322

I did send a registered letter to the above address and it was in fact
received (I have the signed receipt) however no one ever replied to me
either by telephone, email, or regular mail.

I even tried faxing them at their posted fax number but found out that this
is an eFax phone number and the fax simply gets converted into an email
anyway which they have yet to respond to.

Yours and mine are not isolated incidents either...

I have since began posting most of this same information on any type of
ezine, newsletter, newsgroup, ecommerce message boards, etc. and through
these postings, found out that MANY other customers are having the same
problem.  One person emailed me saying that they had over $5000 in the print
queue still!!!!

So please PASS this information around so we can warn others against using

Matt Retherford

The Equilibria Group

======================N e w P o s t i n g (1)========================
From: "Melanie Kozik" <>
Subject: Free ebook Maker & ebook

Hi Adlanders! It's been awhile. I just wanted to stop in and give you
something really good! :}

Do you need an eBook maker? I have found one that a lady in the UK has made
and is giving it away for free. It's not crippled in any way. There are NO
ugly "Unregistered" sign popups anywhere to be found on your finished eBook.

It's a nice program that simply works better than some I have paid for! It
is a simple, basic program that creates an eBook. I am surprised she is
giving it away free. Her site is:

The eBookbuilder you want is here:
It is called sbookbuilder2.exe

There are others there but this is the one you want!

Secondly, there were requests in the last digest for traffic secrets. This
is the best ebook on getting website traffic PERIOD that i have ever read
(and believe me when I tell you, I have read a lot of them!)

I have put it up for download. It is free too. Get it, read it, study it. It
is really all you'll need on the subject and I am not even exaggerating. Get
it here:


ALL the best-Melanie Kozik

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in the United States and Canada -
a 40 percent increase since 1997. Source: Merrill Lynch"

======================N e w P o s t i n g (2)========================
From: Heather <>
Subject:I have absolutely no idea about how to get started.

HELP.  I am a real computer nerd.  Just beginning to get a handle on things,
I am trying desperately hard to build up a web page but have absolutely no
idea about how to get started.  Oh.  I have already registered my Domain
Name.  That's a good place to
start I presume.  I also have a web hosting site organized.  But what do I
do now.  How does a novice get to the place one needs to be to set up a

I read your mail every time, and am always intrigued by the stories in it,
but most of the time the technical jargon really throws me for a loop.  I am
not a quitter and I am not going to give up on this thing until I have it

I have built home pages before with my ICQ provider, but that doesn't seem
to be what I need.  I am looking for something to draw attention to my
business, which is a Singles Social Club and I am looking to recruit members
and sell licences to run this business.  I want to put a referral program in
which will be able to earn people some bonus bucks if they recommend people
to join up with us.  My business in based in NSW, Australia and if there are
Auzzies out there reading this issue, I would be grateful to hear from the
at my
email address

Thanks for reading:  I wait with baited breath for some advice for those in
the know.


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===========Site Review Response(1)=============
From: "Frank Jamison" <>


All in have a good site.  It is quick loading, easy to navigate,
and gets right to the point.

I have only a few suggestions for your site at this time...

First, you might consider a different color for your menu (this is a
personal preference).  You might also consider leaving a little space
between your section titles and the links below, and also centering those
links.  I think you'll find that your menu looks cleaner that way.

On your Special Contact Information, try putting the text in parenthesis on
a separate line.  This will also give a cleaner look to your menu.  Also, we
don't really care what software you used to create your site.  Especially if
the graphic doesn't link to a page where we can get a copy of it (on your

The definition of your acronym AWESM should be placed above the fold.  I
initially thought this was a misspelling.  Also, the third section of your
homepage references "either of these programs."  Since you list more than
two programs, you might change this to "any one of these programs."

I also clicked on some of your links, and found no compelling reason to join
the programs you have listed.  A small, informative paragraph outlining what
these programs are about will go a long way toward getting visitors to join
your programs.

Lastly, part of the code on the bottom of your homepage is messed up.

All-in-all, most of my suggestions are cosmetic.  However, the most
important change should be the addition of a descriptive paragraph of each

Best Regards,

Frank Jamison

Visit the internet's fastest growing affiliate
program directory and get the facts you
need to know BEFORE you join a program!

========================Site Review Request(1)=========================
From: "M Shaw" <>

Dear Bogdan,

I would really appreciate a site review for

There is an intro page, which attempts to capture the
visitor's email address, although they will still get
to the main site without submitting their email. I don't
want to lose a customer if they are not willing to give
out their email, but I know the value of follow-up, so
it is a bonus if they do give me the email. I know Frank
Jamison is very against using a freebie site. I will
consider using my own domain if the page gets a high
approval other than that point.

The main website is a consultant website for a company
which produces Online Computer Training. These courses
may be of great interest to your readers. They include
html, java, basic, visual C++, FrontPage, Photoshop, as
well as Microsoft Word, Excel and many more. Having been
out of school myself for 20 years, I really enjoyed being
able to learn at my own pace, when I wanted, without
having to find a babysitter! And as the courses are
interactive, I could answer the questions as many times
as I liked till I got them right, without feeling
embarrassed. And the courses are only $19.95!

Although the format of the webpage itself is somewhat
restricted, I have worked hard on the text to make it
as clear to follow and understand as possible. I now
need an objective opinion. Please include feedback on
the signature. Many thanks.

Miriam Shaw

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opportunity to become an ad broker for that business.

Let's hear from you......

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