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Topics in this issue:

Sponsor Message
Word from Publisher

C o n t i n u i n g   D i s c u s s i o n s (2)

1.Payment Systems- PayPal
~Mariateresa Ortiz-Kamkar

2.Pop up window ads

N e w     P o s t s  (4)

1.Wm McGill
~Help Request

2.Elizabeth Piotrowski
~HTML Question

3.Chris Pfund
~Crooked lake resort

4.Thomas J. Raef
~Who's written their own e-book?

Site Review Requests   (3)

1.Jeff Bentley

2.Elizabeth Piotrowski

3.James Pendleton

Site Review Responses   (3)

1.Dennis Sutherland

2.Andy Sparks


G u e s t   A r t i c l e    (1)
1.Submitting To Search Engines, The Right Way
By Boris Chow

Joke of the Day

================== Word from publisher ====================

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===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (1.1)=============
From:Mariateresa ortiz-kamkar
Subject:Payment Systems- PayPal


Yes, I saw the paypal warning website. I sure did get concern because I just
open an account with them in the last three weeks. Last week I was going to join
a company that the only payment method being  used was paypal. I told the
company representative to please check out this  warning website. Can this be
true? The gentlemen e-mail a few days later. He told me the headquarters of the
company was  indeed having problems with paypal  and the company was in the
process of changing to a new company to replace paypal. I told the company I was
planning to do business with that when they change  from paypal to the new
payment company give me a call.

I am sure at one time this paypal was wonderful and had many advantages for
small business. However maybe is has grown very fast or has poorly train staff
it is hard to know.
For whatever reason enough people appear to be are upset. Business people work
very hard to earn their money. Then they come to discover they can not do the
financial transaction they want. You can give Laurie my e-mail address and I
will tell her the name of the company. However, please do not put it in the
newsletter. I think people will soon or later discover this situation.


===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (2.1)=============
Subject:Pop up window ads

in response to Suzy:
Yes, pop-up are annoying, but they do work. if you have something really
innovative or out of the norm, they can be a real profit builder!  I do
recommend pop-unders. they are much less intrusive.


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==============N e w P o s t i n g  (1)=============
From:Wm McGill
Subject:Help Request

Our charitable, non-profit org needs help with its
fundraiser.  We have developed a sales enhancement
program for auto dealers that could sell 25-100 cars
per month for many of them.

We cannot afford to contact the dealers directly as we
lost all our money ($32,000) by embezzlement last
month.  We would like to contact marketers with big
downlines to help us contact the dealers.  How can we
accomplish this?


==============N e w P o s t i n g  (2)=============
From:Elizabeth Piotrowski
Subject:HTML Question

Hello and Happy New Year to all!
I will try and make this short :)

According to some sources, the inclusion of one line of code

<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.0 Transitional//EN">

in the <head> section of a web page is enough to make sure
that your site is viewable in all browsers. However, I was just
informed by a friend that more than one line of code is
needed. Has anyone else heard this, and if so, where
would I be able to find this information? Any help that comes
my way would be very much appreciated!

 Thanks everyone!
Elizabeth Piotrowski


==============N e w P o s t i n g  (3)=============
From:Chris Pfund
Subject:Crooked lake resort

I have  a vacation resort and would like to promote a few things on my site but
alot of these promotion sites don't tell what there selling even . could someone
explain. what and how you can promote something to a web site for travel.
Crooked lake Resort

8071 Mystic lake dr.
lake Michigan, 48632
 517 544-2383
For a Fun vacation spot


==============N e w P o s t i n g  (4)=============
From:Thomas J. Raef
Subject:Who's written their own e-book?

I'd like to know who has written their own e-book?

What program did you use to create it? Adobe Acrobat?
Who do you use for hosting?
How do you protect it so only paid buyers can download?

Please respond.

Thomas J. Raef

20 year computer consulting veteran and author of
"Consultant's Guide to Becoming Gainfully Self-Employed"


=====================Site Review Request  (1)===============
From:Jeff Bentley


I would like to have my fellow adlanders review my site. I would appreciate any


Jeff Bentley

Give Us $30, We Give YOU $500!


=====================Site Review Request  (2)===============
From:Elizabeth Piotrowski

 I would appreciate a site
review at
Comments, questions and display problems can be sent to (no ads please).

Thanks everyone!
Elizabeth Piotrowski


=====================Site Review Request  (3)===============
From:James Pendleton

Visit me on the web
Tell me what you think about the sites functionality
in these areas:

Main Constants:
New articles and information
Free java-scripts
Sections for Women on the Web!
Cyber writers! Submit your articles!

Message Board Community:
Several new topic areas on the message board system.
Free boards are available also will
full moderator capability.

A free searchable directory:

Directory in the main site Web links in the
other site. Get crossed linked and help it
Free code for your visitors to rate your
site from your site! with
Add your site or suggest new categories.

Free banner advertising rotation system:
Get free banner advertising in the Serious Netzine
with active member contribution of articles and
useful information sharing.
Note: Banners subject to review before approval



=====================Site Review Response  (1)===============
From:Dennis Sutherland

Barb wrote,

>What improvements would you make to the site? Also I used the
>easy to use Tripod
>site builder and don't have the ability for those using Netscape
>to view it, only Windows. What can I do about this. Any advice
>would be helpful.  Thanks

Hi Barb,

I learned something. I wasn't aware that tripod was not
Netscape friendly. Nothing I know of to do about it.

I had a look .... with IE 5.1

Chin up now, this may hurt. But keeping in mind this is
only one opinion.

Remember, people are looking for WIIFM.
(whats in it for me?)

If you really must use tripod try to shorten the URL.
Better yet, register your own domain name. Several registrars
are $10 a year and less. You may then use a free service. The long URL
won't show up... but you're still stuck with their banner.

Lose the Welcome.jpg. If it adds to page load time and
doesn't show a benefit for the visitor, cut it. Maybe add
'Welcome to' at the top by your store name.

Use bullets for benefits in your main page; for instance,
Barb's Needlecraft Books offers great buys on new and used:

         * crochet patterns,
         * cross stitch patterns,
         * knitting leaflets,
         * plastic canvas patterns,
         * quilting and sewing books
         * and more.

In addition we offer:

          * seasonal ideas (just threw that in)
          * ease of ordering
          * great selection
          * personal service (gift wrapping?) you get the idea

FREE crochet patterns have been added for your use also. Take
some time out from your busy day and browse awhile.

You'll be happy you did.

If you have what they're looking for ... they'll browse.

Is it really necessary to repeat the word, "Patterns" 18
times? Trim your  menu by using headings.

I would stretch the layout of the pattern pages with a little
space between them. The .jpg images should be optimized.
I loaded one (80k) and made it a .gif at 28k with 256 colors.
No appreciable loss of quality.

If you are allowed the space, a larger image of the finished
afghan, quilt, etc, hyperlinked to a larger image so they open in
a blank browser page. Or just the words: "To see this item click here".
It's unlikely everyone will want to see every item. Then your
page loads quicker.

In short: improve the menu, benefits, and make your Order info
easy to find and stand out in the menu. Optimize all pics or
hyperlink text to larger images.

The color scheme is fine. All the pages follow the same theme.
That's good.

If I can drag the missus to the computer, (kicking and screaming)
I'll show her your site. She likes that sort 'o stuff. Not
Hates 'em.

At least you can add your individual content. I'm pretty
much stuck with what I have on this one.

>(beating a hasty retreat, dodging pots and pans)


Dennis Sutherland

ICQ# 801900
Interactive Voice and Video Products


=====================Site Review Response  (2)===============
From:Andy Sparks

Hi Bogdan
Hope the new year finds you and your family in good health.

Everybody in the digest probably thinks I am some old grouchy guy waiting to
pounce upon people that ask for site reviews. Here I go again.

Bernard re site review.

There is basically nothing wrong with your site.  It loads quickly, it looks
nice and it navigates just fine.

The problem is with or rather your lack of a sales letter.  You know, all the
text between hello and would you like to buy something, please?

You tell me a lot of things and you make a number of statements.     Telling is
NOT selling.  If you want to sell, you must ask questions or make statements
that cause the reader to personally identify with  the situation.

Your headline is, today's health improvement tool, that doesn't do a thing for
me.  I believe you would be much better with some thing like, Would you like to
improve your health?  or Need a user-friendly health improvement tool? or if you
need a statement do something like a tabloid headline, Amazing Health
Improvement Tool Saves Lives!

You have to grab their attention immediately.  If I wasn't doing a site review I
would have never read the whole page.

Here is an example of how not to sell, this is a cut and paste from your site.

We know that well balanced nutrition is of great importance to you.

No you don't, you don't know me from Adam and who is we?

You need to ask me if or remind me that well balanced nutrition is important,
then assume that it is important to me and continue to ask questions or identify
problems then show how your product solves these problems.

Here is another example;

Did you know that a bowl of spinach contain 150mg of iron in 1948,and today the
same size bowl only contains 2mg.

That is excellent but you need to follow with a closing question like, Do you
want to eat 75 bowls of spinach per day? The word contain in the first part of
the sentence should be past tense (contained).  I would rewrite that question to

Did you know that in 1948 a single serving of spinach contained 150mg of iron
and now it only contains 2mg.

Bernard, go read sales letters from other sites.  Read a lot of them and copy
their style.  Here is a good sales letter,

Because you are dealing with health issues, don't make medical claims you can't
prove. I am not much of a gambler but, I'll bet your sales will improve if you
rewrite your text to be a sales letter and ask a lot more questions.

Don't feel bad, it ain't as easy as it looks.

Andy Sparks


=====================Site Review Response  (3)===============

Kevin,  I looked at your page, but can't catch your nitch. A search engine is
fine, but there are many, a thousand times more powerful than yours.  Bring the
people to YOUR product.  Jim


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=====================G u e s t   A r t i c l e   (1)===============
Submitting To Search Engines, The Right Way
By Boris Chow

   With all of the search engines and directories tightening
   their quality control on web site listings, it's getting
   harder and harder to SUBMIT A SITE SUCCESSFULLY. Along with
   these new restrictions that search engines are implementing
   comes much confusion about the DO's and DON'Ts of SUBMITTING
   web pages. And although I've been following the search engines
   for quite some time now, I must admit, some of your questions
   I've been receiving are making me second guess my knowledge.

   That's when I decided I would step forth to clear up some
   common myths, and give you the facts about SUBMITTING your

   Myth #1: The More Search Engines That a Web Page is Submitted
   to The Better.

   I'm sure you've all seen ads, or have received emails from
   companies that boast they can submit your site to hundreds and
   thousands of search engines for a phenomenal price. All I can
   say is, BUYER BEWARE. Don't get me wrong, they're not all bad,
   but you have to know what to look for.

   There are countless numbers of search engines popping up all
   over the place and ONLY about 8 SEARCH ENGINES and directories
   that can actually deliver a SUBSTANTIAL AMOUNT of TRAFFIC to
   your site. Here's the list of major search engines and
   directories, in order of importance:

   1) Yahoo
   2) Inktomi (database feeds over 300 engines including AOL,
   MSN, NBCi, iWon, LookSmart, About, HotBot, Overture non-paid
   listings, CNET, ICQ and more...)
   3) Google
   4) Excite / LookSmart
   5) AltaVista
   6) ODP (Open Directory Project)
   7) Fast (database feeds results to Lycos)
   8) Northern Light (a distant last and least important of the

   These 8 major search engines are used by roughly 95% OF ALL
   PEOPLE searching on the web. In other words, if you aren't
   submitting to these top 8, it doesn't matter how many search
   engines you submit your pages to, the traffic to your site
   will be nominal. Even if you submit to no other engines and do
   a good job with just these major search engines and
   directories, YOUR SITE WILL BE SUCCESSFUL - assuming of
   course that you have a topic or product that people are
   interested in, and are searching for on a regular basis.

   So when it comes time for you to submit your pages to the
   search engines, just remember, more does not necessarily mean
   better. Not to say that it's not a good idea to submit your
   web pages to as many places as you can find, but just make
   sure that you COVER THE MAJOR ONES FIRST.

   Myth #2: Submit To The Most Popular Search Engine First and
   Work Your Way Down The List.

   Some of you may already know about the 8 major search engines,
   but did you know that there is actually a LOGICAL ORDER in
   which you should be SUBMITTING TO? If you're unsure, don't
   worry, you're not alone. Many people don't have a clue where
   to start. But, rest easy, I've got a FOOL PROOF PROCESS.

   To ACHEIVE the BEST POSSIBLE REACH when submitting to
   the 8 major search engines and directories, I suggest the
   following SUBMISSION ORDER. Why the specific order? This is
   because many search engine databases these days are

   For example, MSN search receives results from both Inktomi and
   LookSmart but displays results from each in a specific order,
   according to criteria.

   This is called the "blurring effect", where criteria is based
   on the RELEVANCY OF YOUR PAGE. Basically, this means
   that if one engine finds you in both databases, it considers
   your page to be more significant. From there, the criteria
   weights one engine more than the other. The higher up you
   are in that engine the MORE RELEVANT YOU BECOME in the

   Anyway, let's get to the good part. Here is the submission
   order that is recommended:

   1. Inktomi - use the paid entry program.

   Inktomi is the first engine you should submit to because it
   feeds some major portals such as AOL, MSN, NBCi, iWon,
   LookSmart, About, HotBot, Overture, CNET, ICQ.

   It also supplies results to over 300 other smaller portals run
   by ISP's. Inktomi's paid inclusion service - accessed through is the quickest way to get the
   most visibility possible within (supposedly) 48 Hours.

   2. Excite / LookSmart - use the paid inclusion program.

   Submitting your site through the paid inclusion program, will
   save you time because this one step submits your page to both
   Excite and LookSmart, which also supplies results to
   AltaVista, MSN, and iWon.

   Their review/inclusion time frame is 48 hours which means that
   they will review your site within 48 hours and, assuming it
   passes review, they'll include it in their directory. You can
   find info on the paid inclusion program here:

   3. AltaVista

   Once you have received confirmation back from the two paid
   submissions mentioned above, we advise you to proceed with
   AltaVista but don't use the Express Inclusion. Instead, use
   the free addurl service instead at:

   Note that AltaVista takes longer, 4 to 6 weeks, to include
   your site in their index.

   4. Yahoo!

   Be sure to use the Business Express submit gateway at Yahoo
   ( because this is the fastest
   way to get listed. Always keep in mind that Yahoo can be a
   finicky directory to get listed in but it's worth the money. A
   good listing in Yahoo can provide your site with a significant
   amount of traffic.

   5. ODP  - The Open Directory Project

   ODP is a directory of volunteer editors. Over the years we've
   learned that it's easier to get into ODP after you've been
   accepted to Yahoo. The logic is sound when you think about it.
   After all, if Yahoo liked your site, why wouldn't the editors
   at ODP like it? You can submit your site for free at

   6. Fast - All the Web (powers Lycos)

   You can submit your page at:

   7. Google

   Due to the fact that Google assigns more relevancy to pages
   with link and click popularity, it's important to already have
   your other submissions in place, before submitting to Google.

   Therefore, even though this is a very important and popular
   search engine, it will pay to exercise patience and focus your
   attention on the other engines and directories in the order
   listed above before you spend your energy submitting to
   Google. You can find Google's free submission page at:

   8. Northern Light

   Northern Light is, by far the least significant of the
   "majors" - a distant last from the big dogs listed above.
   Regardless, it isn't a difficult engine to get listed in and
   that being the case, it could be worthwhile since it does send
   some traffic - unlike most of the remaining search engines and
   directories that send virtually no traffic whatsoever. Submit
   to Nothern Light for free at:

   Myth #3: Automated Submission Software and Services are Real
   Time Savers.

   Not necessarily true. Some CAN ACTUALLY PENALIZE YOU
   or get you banned. Problems which could potentially cost you
   more time to fix, than manually submitting in the first place.

   In truth, before writing this, I wasn't really even sure of
   what repercussions came with using automated submission tools.
   So, I called up search engine expert, Stephen Mahaney to clear
   up this issue. Stephen, as you all probably know, is the
   President of Planet Ocean Communications Inc. (publisher of
   the best selling e-book "The Unfair Advantage Book To Winning
   The Search Engine Wars"), and the senior editor of "Search
   Engine News" (a monthly newsletter that provides late breaking
   search engine changes and news).

   I've been using his tips and techniques for the past few
   years, and have had NOTHING BUT SUCCESS in the search
   engines. Even search engine greats like Michael Campbell
   learned from Stephen. So he definitely knows his stuff.

   Here's what he told me over the phone:

   Will Using An Automated Submission Tool Affect A Web
   Site's Ranking In The Search Engines?

   Well, the official position of the major search engines is,
   they don't like automation tools of any sort and if they
   could, they would get rid of them completely.

   So submitting your site via an automated submission tool
   will put your site at risk of being penalized in the search

   Yes, unless that submission tool can emulate an individual
   going to the site and submitting their page manually.

   To sum up, if you want to AVOID GETTING PENALIZED by the
   search engines, it is better to submit your web site manually,
   than to use an automated submission service or software. Does
   this mean you will have to MANUALLY SUBMIT to hundreds of
   search engines manually. Well, not really. Stephen gave me
   some insight into this as well.

   As mentioned earlier, the 8 major search engines that I've
   already listed for you account for about 95% of all users on
   the web. Because these are the ones that matter the most, you
   only really have to manually submit your site to these 8
   search engines.

   What you can do after, is use an automation tool to submit to
   the hundreds of smaller engines. Stephen also added that being
   in so many small search engines, can actually GIVE YOU A
   BOOST in the major ones. However, even if you are penalized
   in several of the smaller engines, it won't hurt you nearly
   as much as being penalized in just one major search engine.
   This is due to the fact that even collectively, the smaller
   search engines receive very nominal traffic.

   Myth #4: Submitting an URL More Than Once a Day Per Search
   Engine Will Get You in Trouble.

   This is the myth that seems to be the most widely circulated.
   How many times can an URL be submitted to an individual search
   engine each day? If you want to be 100% safe, submitting one
   page per search engine, per day, is always the best way.
   However, this can be tedious and it could take a very long
   time. There is a solution though.

   Each search engine has it's own different algorithm, and just
   so long as you adhere to the that, you're safe. If you pay
   close attention to their submitting algorithms, it is not
   always necessary to submit just one page a day. Be careful
   though, search engines change their submission algorithms
   whenever they feel like it.

   To give you an example, here is THIS MONTH's SUBMISSION
   ALGORITHM for the 8 major search engines:

   1) Yahoo - Human reviewed directory, you can only submit your
   home page

   2) Inktomi - No limit through paid submissions. However, the
   free submit option has a penalty.

   3) Google - Submit home page and let Google's spider find
   other pages in your site.

   4) Excite - No limit.

   5) Altavista - 1000 per day, but Planet Ocean recommends going

   6) ODP - Human reviewed directory, you can only submit your
   home page.

   7) Fast / Lycos - 50 pages per day.

   8) Northern Light - 50 pages per day.

   Okay, so now you know it all. Well almost. The thing about
   these search engines is that they can CHANGE THE WAY
   THEY WORK at anytime. So what works this month, may not
   work next month. Take for example today's tips, they will
   most likely be valid for the next couple of weeks. However,
   next month everything could change.

   So, how do I keep up with the search engines then? Well, I
   could just call up Stephen every time I need an update. It's
   costly though, Stephen consults at a very high price. Instead
   what I do is subscribe to his monthly Search Engine News. This
   way, for HALF THE COST of my morning newspaper each day, I
   receive all of the LATEST SEARCH ENGINE NEWS and tips,
   without having to spend hours every month researching. In
   fact, most of the valuable information for this article is
   provided by Search Engine News.

   This MONTHLY UPDATED news site gives you all the information
   needed to keep track of submitting algorithms, submission
   areas, penalties, criteria changes, up-to-date secret
   strategies and more. Best of all, the cost is cheap - only 40
   cents per day! I highly recommend that you sign-up for a
   subscription, if you are serious about driving HIGH QUALITY
   SEARCH ENGINE TRAFFIC to your site.

   Stephen and Planet Ocean were kind enough to extend a SPECIAL
   OFFER to all of our Internet Marketing Chronicle Subscribers.
   For a limited time, you can purchase Planet Ocean's BEST
   SELLING EBOOK "The Unfair Advantage Book On Winning The
   Search Engine Wars", and receive a BONUS 6 MONTH
   SUBSCRIPTION to Search Engine News for only $97.

   The Unfair Advantage Book On Winning The Search Engine Wars
   is an IN-DEPTH LOOK into the search engine world. In this
   book you'll find everything you need to become a search
   expert including:

   - Basic WEB PAGE OPTIMIZATION for better positioning in the
   search engines.

   - ADVANCED STRATEGIES and secrets to achieving top

   - Optimal UP-TO-DATE SUBMISSION ORDER to help you maximize
   your reach in the major search engines.

   - Techniques that you should avoid to PREVENT YOUR SITE from
   being penalized.

   - IN-DEPTH INFORMATION on each search engine and more...

   Once you've mastered the techniques, you can keep up-to-date
   with your bonus 6-month subscription to Search Engine News.
   Read this just once a month and YOU'll ALWAYS BE ON TOP
   of new developments in the search engine world.

   I guarantee that if you follow all of Stephen's techniques in
   the book, and keep yourself privy to shifts announced in your
   subscription to Search Engine News, you'll BECOME A SEARCH
   ENGINE EXPERT. I'm serious about that guarantee. If you are
   not satisfied with the information this book has to offer at
   anytime WITHIN SIX MONTHS, just let Planet Ocean know and
   you'll receive a full refund. The book and any information
   you've received through your subscription to Search Engine
   News, is yours to keep. This is a LIMITED OFFER for our
   chronicle subscribers. Take advantage of it now before it's
   too late.

   To order click here:

   This is an excellent offer. Whether you are just a BEGINNER or
   an ADVANCED optimizer, the amount of information Planet Ocean
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=====================Joke of the Day   (1)===============

Horse walks into a bar, orders a beer, sits down at one of the
tables, and starts reading his paper.

The bartender is a bit shocked by all this, but pours the beer,
and brings it over to the horse, who proffers a ten dollar bill
for it. Now the barman figures the horse isn't that bright, so
he decides to pull the old 'short-change' trick on him. He
duly goes back to the horse with 1 dollar. The horse doesn't
say a word.

The horse eventually finishes his beer and goes up to the
bar to order another. Says the bartender to him, "Y'know,
we don't get many horses in here."

To which the horse replies, "At nine dollars a beer, I'm not

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