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Vol. 1 issue #19 Jul 10, 2002


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Are You a Biz-Op Junkie?

2002  by Angela Wu

Once upon a time -- and I'm just a touch embarrassed to admit it -- I threw common-sense out the window and went searching for an "easy" way to make my fortune on the Internet.  I found what I *thought* was a perfect opportunity... but in reality was nothing more than a pack of lies.  Fortunately, I was one of the lucky ones who quickly came to her senses and successfully fought for and received a full refund.

This isn't always the case.  Business opportunities, or "biz ops" as they're commonly called, often prey on people who are desperate to start making money from home.  The ridiculous claims of easy money can *seem* so real, so achievable -- but let's face facts:  there's no such thing as easy money when it comes to starting a business.

You won't make $5000 every month with 30 minutes of work a day.  You won't receive $100,000 in your mailbox just by sending $5 to the first address on a list.  Your "automated business-in-a-box" will not magically produce $1000/day while you sit on the beach sipping a cool drink.

The lure of easy money is hard to resist.  There is certainly no shortage of biz ops, and no shortage of people who are willing to try them.  That's a *good* thing in many ways, to be open to trying new things... but it can also be dangerous:  you could end up in the situation where you jump from one biz op to another, in an endless quest for something easier, faster, or potentially more rewarding.



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I once "spoke" through email with a very bright guy who has been operating his own successful offline business for over 10 years.  He wanted a change, and so he came onto the Internet looking for the perfect opportunity.

Well, he found several that appeared to be perfect.  None of them were -- he found that out the hard way, after spending several thousands of dollars over the last 3 years.  It just goes to show that no one is completely "immune" to endless get-rich-quick claims, regardless of how experienced or educated he is.

There seems to be some sort of belief -- especially with people who are new to the Internet -- that joining a business opportunity is the only way to make money online.  It's no wonder, then, that so many biz ops have sprung up to fill the demand.  But whatever happened to creating a product or service of your own? 

Starting a business online is financially very affordable,
when you compare it to the traditional 'brick-and-mortar' business.  What makes people so willing to shell out several hundreds of dollars for a 'biz op', but equally unwilling to spend the same money creating and building a business of their own making?

Remember that 'biz ops', no matter how wonderful they may seem, aren't a magic bullet.  A business is a business, and they all require time, commitment, hard work, and plenty of determination.  Biz ops are no different:  in amongst the scams there are legitimate opportunities -- but there's no such thing as a "perfect" opportunity that's going to be right for everyone.

So if you've been doing the 'biz op tango'... consider sitting down with a pencil and notepad -- and doing some good, old-fashioned brainstorming.  You just might discover your ideal business!

Angela is the editor of Online Business Basics, a practical and down-to-earth guide to building an Internet business on a beginner's budget.  See why it's received so many rave reviews!  Click here: http://onlinebusinessbasics.com/ or request a series of 10 free reports to get you started:

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