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Vol. 4 issue #269 October 16, 2008                    


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List Building - Four Daily Tasks For Success

by Janet B. Cole
Below, I will give you the 4 steps that you must take in order to be successful with article marketing. The purpose of marketing articles on a daily basis is to generate massive traffic by generating back links. Now, in order to achieve this, you must create a daily task that will make this job easy for you to achieve.

So here are your 4 tasks:

1 - You need to create a plan of action for the day. This plan of action needs to include drafting article titles, time for creating the content of your articles, proofreading and finally submission.


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If you do not plan time for these tasks, your time will escape from you.

2 - Drafting your article titles. It makes more sense for you to draft or create a minimum of 10 article titles before hand. If you could create your article titles in advance, then you do not waste time having to stop and start and break your creative flow when you are writing articles.


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So before you begin, make a list of 10 article titles, using different keywords and a similar subject matter. Once that is done, you could use any one of these article titles for your articles.

3 - Each article should be a minimum of 250 words and a maximum of 450 words. That is usually the article length that is acceptable online. Create lists or bullet points for the main content of your articles, and ensure that you give valuable information to your reader.



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4 - Before you submit your articles, it is vitally important that you proofread each one for errors. Ensure that each article reads correctly, is written in a friendly style and is error-free. Then you can submit your articles online to each of the article directories that you have chosen to use.

Now, this represents the daily tasks that needs to be done in order for you to successfully submit articles on a daily basis. If you are just starting out with article marketing, you can find it a bit grueling at first, but after a few weeks, once you become accustomed to what you are doing, drafting and submitting articles should become easier to you. And within a very short period of time - sooner than you think - you will be very thankful that you spent the time submitting articles.




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