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Vol. 4 issue #302 February 3, 2010                    


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5 Tips to Become a Brilliant Standout in Your Market 

By Martina Srblin

Being an unstoppable business star, capable of growing by leaps and bounds, encompasses positioning yourself not only as an expert in your field, but as »the« expert. It requires work and courage, though, to step ahead of your competition and become the leader, the trend-setting standout people can look up to for inspiration and information. This means you can no longer blend in with others, hide in your comfort zone, or settle for average results.

Make a conscious decision to shine by incorporating these 5 simple tips into your business:

Be different just enough

Standing out from your competition is crucial for getting clients and customers. Make sure to set yourself apart from other professionals in your field by emphasizing your uniqueness, creating original content, acting as - and truly being - a leader, and always going that extra mile to connect with your people and serve them better than anyone else. However, don't go overboard with this. Trying too hard could be counterproductive - you could scare people away.


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Brand yourself for success

Entrepreneurs need a strong brand just as big corporations do. Even if you're on a shoe-string budget, roll up your sleeves and start working on branding yourself and/or your business. It's not just the logo you need to pay attention to, though. It's everything you do, especially when interacting with anyone outside your circle of team members, and how you do it. The logo as a symbol only represents the entrance to much deeper layers of your brand.



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Develop your signature approach

An important part of the branding process you must go through is the development of a signature approach constituting of a step-by-step signature system you help your clients with, a signature presence to be used for all your marketing materials, including your website(s) and social media backgrounds, and a signature experience you provide to anyone who does business with you, may they be your client, customer or joint venture partner.


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Be 100% trustworthy

If you want your unique brilliance to emerge from the crowd of your competitors, you must understand that trust is a big issue. Highly successful entrepreneurs can be trusted to deliver what they've promised on time. This builds their credibility, as well as their bottom line, since people tend to buy from whom they can rely on. So, if, for instance, you've ever tempted to abandon the publishing of your Ezine without even notifying your subscribers, explaining your reasons, and apologizing to them, think again. After all, your desire is to stand out in a positive, not in a negative way.

Be the inspirational leader in your market

The simplest recipe to get your voice heard in your market is to speak up and let people in on your truth, your opinions, your fresh ideas. Become that very inspiration you're looking for. Be the leader who does business in alignment with their values, and empowers others to do the same. An example, a role model, a true thought provoker. Commit to originality and reject any kind of content copy-pasting. Instead, absorb as much quality information as possible, and come up with new, breathtaking, groundbreaking, and game-changing combinations. Dare to be different - dare to be the best version of you!




Martina Srblin is The Multi-Passionate Entrepreneur who will help you build an efficient, coherent and thriving multi-faceted business around your values and your core message. For free resources, a FREE subscription to The Multi-Passionate Entrepreneur Ezine and to sign up for a FREE report on "7 Key Strategies to Skyrocket Your Multi-Faceted Business", please visit Martina's website http://www.martinasrblin.com.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Martina_Srblin

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