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Vol. 1 issue #81 Oct 16, 2003


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Do What Works and Stop Doing What Doesn't
2003 By Michael Angier

Success is simple. Just be clear about what you want and go after it. That and a few million details and you've got it

Let's assume that you already know what you want in your life and what it would take to make you feel successful.

But how do you make that happen?

It takes a clear and impassioned focus on your dreams and constant and diligent attention to what you do, how you do it and ways in which you can do it better. Sounds simple, doesn't it?

It is, but it's not easy.


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They are just thinking in terms of fast money...

But is it really that easy, that fast? No, certainly not. These so called "Gurus" have been in this field for years when it was not as overcrowded as it is now. Nowadays, it's like being a little piranha in a pool full of sharks. Competition is fierce.

The first ones had a big advantage over others who started later. If you are starting now with another Internet marketing ezine which are dimes a dozen, you will be crushed. How do you want to build a list if you are not unique?

What's your niche?

You should not think in terms of fast bucks but rather in terms of hobbies and interests. This is the only way to make sure that you will enjoy  what you are doing. You want to put your energy into something that is fun to you. If you go the Internet marketing way but don't really enjoy it, you will feel like being in another "job" again. It should not be work to you. It must be something you would enjoy even if you would not get paid for it.

Do you like to build model ships? There's a product. Are you a great chess player? There's a product. Do you know how to save hundreds of dollars on holiday travels? There's a product. And then you can start offering your knowledge in the form of info products which are not restricted to ebooks only. Create audio interviews, create video tutorials, offer a service. Do whatever it takes to turn your hobby into a moneymaker.


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Ask your friends and contacts what they would need and how much they would be willing to pay for it. Then give it to them.

Never stop learning...

Only when you are actively searching for ways to improve your abilities and gain more knowledge about your subject, you will be up to date and get an advantage over your competitors. Some people just don't get it. They are trying to accomplish things on their own without even spending a minimum of money on their own education.

So instead of buying ebooks and courses from people who have already done what they want to do, they try to find it out all by themselves and for free. Yes, I must confess, personally, I am an info product junkie and whenever I find a great sales letter that is telling me how get better results in Internet marketing, I jump on it. But only presupposed the price is in my reach...

The most expensive ebook which I have bought so far was $167 but nevertheless was a great investment. In contrast to this; I bought an ebook for $47 some weeks ago about how to get more traffic and I must confess it had a terrific sales letter.

But when I read those materials, I had seen that it was nothing more than rehashed material from other sources. No personal experiences, no resources given, nothing. So I simply asked for my money back and that really is the great thing about info products. If you don't like them, you can ask for your money back. I won't mention his name here but I'm sure I won't buy from him again...

Nevertheless, I'm buying new products every month (at least 2-3) and you should too.

How to dominate your niche

Your idea doesn't have to be perfect.

Your site doesn't have to be perfect.

You don't have to be perfect.

You just have to make START.

By far too many people are daydreaming about how nice it would be if they could work from home, enjoying what they're doing. But they never take ACTION! You can always improve things later if you know what the reason for your bad results is. That's why you will have to test and track everything until you know you are getting the best possible results. There are too many people just doing the same that others are doing.

Don't just be a copycat. Get your own ideas and most importantly: Put them into practice! Test and track. Try to come up with products which are so desperately needed that your prospects would pay almost any price to get it. (More on finding and developing your niche can be found in Randy Charach's excellent ebook on the subject called "Niche Magic".) If you have reached this point, you will know when you are dominating your niche.


About the author: Detlev Reimer is the editor of Web Money Marketing Videos, a new multimedia ezine which shows you how to make a living online. Learn how to use certain programs like ARELIS, Keyword-Site-Builder or AdWord Analyzer. Get to know Internet marketing basics and advanced techniques. Subscribe to the free version of the ezine by sending a blank email to: webmoney AT


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