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Vol. 1 issue #12 May 14, 2002


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Laying The Foundations Of Internet Marketing Success
  by Detlev Reimer

So you want to have success working on the Internet as an online marketer ?  Then you're certainly not the only one .....
In order to be successful in this wide area, you've got to fulfill several personal qualifications and you need to follow some steps which I want to explain in this article .

1.) Enjoy working on the Internet/with computers

It would not make sense for you to become an online marketer if being online is something you don't like at all or if  you feel uncomfortable after one or two hours sitting in front of a computer.

You should really enjoy working at a computer and you should also know certain basics like how to create directories, how to move, copy and create files; how to copy and paste text, how to work with Excel ,Word and Outlook  etc.

2.) Have or develop technical skills (e.g. webdesign ) .

If you have to outsource every single detail of your website/ web design, then you might soon be spending hundreds of dollars for it, the busier you become.  Learn about it at least until that point which allows you to make TEXT updates to your site yourself .

A simple HTML-editor like Frontpage 2000 will enable you to do this. You don't have to become a graphics wizzard ....

3.) A strong desire to succeed

If you say to yourself  : Oh , I will give it it a try and see if it works fine then it's o.k. and if not, it's okay, too. This is not the right way to deal with it. It must be your greatest wish to work on the Internet and to become successful. If you don't put 100% of your abilities in your work,  you will NOT be successful .



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4.) Persistence

NEVER ever give up if you want to succeed . You will suffer some setbacks but nevertheless you have to learn from them but don't stop . Improve your abilities every single day and you simply CAN'T fail !

If something didn't work for you, try the next variation ! You can't expect that your first try will make you a millionaire ....

5.) The wish/desire to read and learn every single day (how
else do you want to become an expert ? )

Experts have become experts because they know more or better than others . So you must constantly be seeking for ways to learn more than anybody else. Search actively for more information in your area of expertise and soon you will become the expert yourself .

6.) Specialize in one area of Internet marketing

When your efforts are not really focused and you try to do too many things at the same time, you won't  be successful, either. Decide for the area where you have the highest knowledge level . You must develop your own unique selling proposition if you want to become successful, something that people can get from you and ONLY from you !

7.) Develop products in the area you're specialized in

If you know everything about getting lots of traffic for free then you have a product . Or you know everything about creating powerful sales letters; that's another product . Just write down how others can learn this, too, and you will have a product that a lot of people would be interested in. Your imagination is the limit ....!

8.) Write a sales letter for it

You must be able to create a real powerful sales letter to sell your products. If the sales letter is too weak , then it doesn't matter if you have the greatest product and website. It's very unlikely that you will make any sales then.

9.) Create a (Mini-) website for your product .

Create a website and put your sales letter online. Let your visitor only have  the option to order or not and if not, try to capture their contact address by offering a report or something else of a high perceived value .

10.) Write articles to promote the products

Writing articles which are also related to your product is one of the best free possibilities to drive targeted traffic to your website. Your resource box at the end of each article will do all the selling for you . And best of all : It doesn't cost you a single penny !

11.) Set up your affiliate program

This is the best part : Put your promotional efforts on autopilot by offering high commissions for resellers of your products. You could have an "army" of highly motivated sales people which do most of the advertising for you and just send you the traffic to your website (sales letter) .

12.) Build your opt-in list

Building your own opt-in list is one of the most important steps in online marketing . If you don't have a list with people who are interested in what you have to say, you would have to start from zero again, every time you have developed a new product .

13.) Automate everything

You can automate your followup if you're using autoresponders . The delivery of digital products can be automated by using a third party credit card processing  company like Clickbank or iBill .

Prepare answers to frequently asked questions for your customers in advance: Create a list of answers and put  them on your website (FAQ). Or file them away in your Outlook "drafts" folder . This will free a lot of your time for more important tasks.

After having automated everything, you can start from point nr. 7 again ; creating your new product, writing a sales letter for it etc. up to nr. 12 . That is THE procedure if you want to become successful online.

Just try it and you will see .....

Feel free to use the article with this resource box  included . Detlev Reimer is the publisher of the 1A IMS-Newsletter which gives you tips and tricks on organizing your marketing data, web site and ezine promotion and testing and tracking ads. Subscribe to his free newsletter and get 3 free gifts for subscribing : mailto:newsletter@internetmarketing-success.com?subject=ims14 or sign up at  http://www.internetmarketing-success.com/

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