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Vol. 1 issue #129  Dec 09, 2004



It's Essential You Only Market Products That People Want
2004 By  Willie Crawford

Is your online business generating the standard of living that
you envisioned when you first started? Are you working the
hours you want and meeting your income goals? Are
people buying the things that you offer them like hotcakes?

If your answer to the above questions is "no" then there's a
good chance that you're either marketing the wrong product,
or you're marketing it in the wrong way. Countless online
marketers are marketing the wrong products and don't even
realize it. Let's take a look at why that's so and how you
can remedy it.

There is a fairly simple "formula" for determining what
products or services you should be offering your customers.
I once heard Marlon Sanders express it perfectly. He said,
"Whatever they're buying, that's what I'm selling." He
meant, he lets his market tell him what they want and
that's what he offers them. Brilliantly simple!


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Don't offer what you think your market needs or wants. If
you do, you going about it all wrong.  They don't buy what
they need - they do buy what they want.  However, they
often don't want what you think that they want.  So you
absolutely must offer what your market * tells you*  that it
wants and shows you that it is willing to pay for. 
Did you catch the second part of that last sentence? The
often overlooked factors there are that they must want it, be
willing to pay for it, and be able to pay for it.  Miss any of
these three elements and you have a product that isn't
going to make you a success.  The part that I see a lot of
marketers miss is the third part. They have a product that
the market wants but they offer it to segments of the market
that can't afford it... or are convinced that they can't afford it.
These marketers go on a crusade trying to convince their
market that this product is just what they need and that
the product will make their lives perfect.  These marketers
refuse to acknowledge that even if their market does *need*
their product, they won't pay for it.  That's a losing formula.


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Many marketers who create their own products also do it all
wrong.    Don't create a product and then go  in search of a
market.  Research the market first to let them prove to you
what they really want.  You can do this by doing surveys, or
observing what is being heavily promoted in the pay per click
search engines. You can also notice what problems your
market is discussing on discussion forums and in emails.
They will often show you a problem that they want solved.
Once you've identified a problem, confirm there is sufficient
demand to make it worthwhile for you to create a solution. 
Make sure that the market for that type of product is not
already over-saturated, but don't be afraid of competition. 
Competition proves that there is demand.  When you notice
a niche that no one is serving, asks why that might be. 


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When you see an "unfilled niche," it's very possible that the
product idea you have has been tried before and proved not
viable. You don't really want to be a "trailblazer" or "pioneer."
Top Internet marketers know that pioneers get arrows in
their backs. Top Internet marketers "go for the low hanging
fruit." Consider fast food restaurants in any major city.
They generally locate where all of the other restaurants are
and just point out what is different about their cuisine. That
gives them a greater chance for success since other
restaurants have already validated that the location is a

So the formula that you want to follow is simply to let the
market tell you what it wants and then offer it to them. They
tell you this everyday if you're really listening. Really listen,
and then respond to what they are telling you and you're
virtually assured to be a success. Just make your motto,
"Whatever they're buying, that's what I'm selling."


Willie Crawford is a corporate president, published author,
seminar speaker and host, tele-seminar speaker and host,
retired military officer, karate black belt, network marketing
trainer, and lifetime student of marketing.  He shows people
how to actually generate substantial income on-line using
very simple systems.  An example of such a system can
be studied and duplicated at: 



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