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Vol. 1 issue #146 Apr 07, 2005



Can an Autoresponder Benefit All Busines Models?
2005 by Abe Cherian


According to the American Heritage College Dictionary,
there is no such Thing. This is probably because this is
one of those Internet things that just came about since the
internet was started. It is a series of messages or just
one message that is sent out to someone who requests it.
There are a couple of different ways to get an
autoresponder message. One is to signup for one and the
other is too physically put someone's email address on a

You can have the best website and the product, but if you
do not get your message out who will visit or buy? That is
where autoresponders come in. Autoresponders can be
messages, lessons, solo ads, articles or stories. The one
main function is to get someone familiar enough with you,
so you can convert them into a customer. This function is
in popular demand and one that everyone wants.

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There are many other functions such as automating your
website, thanking someone for buying your product or
service and sign someone up to your Newsletter. These are
just a few of the more important functions of an
autoresponder. There are mistaken assumptions that
autoresponders should only sell a product or only contain
an advertisement. If you think this is true then you have
lost potential customers. An autoresponder which only
contains advertising will turn people off right from the
start. Now you have definitely lost potential customers!

Use your autoresponder to cultivate your prospect not
overwhelm them with advertising. You will discover a way
to accumulate friends who trust what you have to say and
become comfortable with purchasing whatever it is you are
selling. This way you will be able to collect email
addresses and add them to your customer lists, instead of
having them unsubscribe on the first message. Now you can
start your targeted list that will eventually become your
customers for life.

Targeted lists are people who are interested in your
products and will be more susceptible to your backend
products (products that you can sell that compliments the
first product you sold). Targeted lists are GOLD! That is
also another lesson. You will soon learn that a list of
any kind is good to have, but a targeted list is worth its
weight in gold.

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Autoresponders are used to collect email addresses for your
all-important list. They are also used to establish a
relationship that will eventually build TRUST between you
and your potential customer. This is why you should
personalize your responders not only with their first
names, but also with something about yourself.

Selling ebooks on your website? Use it to keep people
honest by setting up an autoresponder with the link to the
ebook so they can't download it without paying for the
book. Also, to capture their email address, setup an
autoresponder to deliver your free gift or lesson.


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Always include your autoresponder in your email signature
file. Utilize it to manage your personal and business
address files. It can also be used to update and manage
your Business Database. A variety of people use it for
Customer Service and as a Follow Up to their customers.

One usage is a Training Guide to help your customer get
started on their business. It is easy to setup the steps
without having to spend hours on the phone trying to
explain all the details.

If you have a business that asks for applications,
Autoresponders are perfect to use for the application form.

There are so many ways that Autoresponders can be used. You
could probably brainstorm a few. The most important use, is
Marketing to a potential customer online. If done right,
they can make you very successful. Put a lot of time and
thought into your Autoresponder and soon it will pay off
for months and years to come.


Abe Cherian is the owner of Multiple Stream Media,
a company that helps online businesses find new
prospects and clients, who are anxious to grow
their business fast, and without spending a fortune
in advertising and automation.  www.multiplestreammktg.com



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