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Vol. 1 issue #151 May 12, 2005



Marketing- The Basics Of A Successful Business
2005 By Sharon Vondita


All business owners have the same goals - to encourage
new clients, increase profit and nurture the business
to a point where it is consistently growing. Small
business owners should adopt a marketing plan that is
designed to achieve these goals by attracting sustained
interest in its products and services.

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When a business owner is trying to develop a marketing
plan that will work it is critical that they understand
the key differences that exist between the laws of
advertising and the structure behind promotions.
Advertising and promotions are both undertaken in any
comprehensive marketing plan but they are key
distinctions that must be made between the two. Both
advertising and promotion are used to promote a business
via similar mediums - newspaper, Internet, TV, radio,
magazines - however they are used in two completely
different ways to market a business products and services.

Advertising is how a business promotes its products
and services into the marketplace. Meanwhile
promotional activities do much more than this. Advertising
keeps your business top of mind through bold, regular
statements made on popular mediums. Promotions go one step
further and not only help people remember your brand but
help them remember you fondly. An example of this is
engaging your company in some type of community
partnership which builds the perception that your business
is a good community citizen. These kinds of activities
improve the perception of your business within the
community and encourages people to trust you as someone
they would like to do business with in the future.

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Advertising is far more complex than merely hanging a sign
outside the front door. To create a campaign that really
communicates a very clear marketing message you need to
know your products and services very well and understand
what benefits these products and services bring to your
customers. You must also understand who your customers
are and what how the products and services will help them
improve their lives. People only purchase things that
add a benefit to how they live - usually because they have
a fear of something being or going wrong - so if you can
help them see how your product or service will fit into
their vision for the future then you will have a sale.

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Conducting promotions that create a feeling of goodwill
in the community will nurture the perception that your
company is both reliable and credible. These kinds
of promotions ensure that new customers will continue to
enquire your business long after the community event has
been packed away.

Sharon Vondita is the owner of
http://www.fbcmarketing.com which is an excellent collection
of marketing information.  To read more articles and receive the
free newsletter, visit http://www.fbcmarketing.com



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