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Vol. 1 issue #157 June 23, 2005



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Internet Marketing Expert - Follow Your Own Advice
2005 By Willie Crawford


By the time you've been online for a year or two, if you've read
enough books and studied enough of the readily available
info products, you qualify to call yourself an "Internet
Marketing Expert." If this describes you, you already know
all that you need to know to be successful. You already
KNOW enough to teach others the things that they need to
know to be successful online.

If the above describes you and you're not successful, there's
only one reason. You're not following the advice you've been
given. You're not following the excellent advice that you may
even be passing along.

What is this advice that you understand, are passing on, and
should be following? What's standing in the way of your
success? Here are just a few things that you probably
already know that you should be doing but aren't:

1) Develop focus and don't allow yourself to be distracted
by the latest craze that makes its way into your inbox. Do
your research (due diligence), confirm that you've picked the
right product or niche, and then focus on building that
business. Ignore everything else that you'll hear people
clamoring about every day. To do otherwise makes it impossible
for you to devote the attention to your business that is
necessary to make it massively successful.

2) Develop multiple streams of income. Better yet - develop
multiple streaming income. The difference, is that with multiple
streaming income you begin with a basic product and then
you spin-off multiple products... multiple income streams from
the same core product. This concept is not unlike successful
television shows spinning off related shows.

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Hope's General Info

Hope Janicki (user id: 137342) is offline. Last login: 6/22/2005 11:41:45 AM 23 Friends
Member since 6/16/2005
Ms. Hope Janicki
Gender Female
Age 46
Location Baltimore, Maryland, United States
Interests Loving the Outdoors. Enjoying my two great children !
Company DiabetesECare.com/JewelsofHope
URL View DiabetesECare.com/JewelsofHope's web site
Industry Health, Medical, Diabetic Supplies Online

Experts who teach you how to develop multiple stream of
income (like Robert Allen) teach "master one stream at a

The idea is to not put all of your eggs in one basket. With only
one income stream, if that market takes a downturn you're sunk.
If technology makes your one product obsolete, you're out of

The idea is to develop one product or service, and somehow
put that on autopilot, and then move on to the next. You may
even develop the project to the point where you can turn it over
to a manager, so that you can move on to the next project and
completely focus on that new project (knowing that the old
project is in capable hands).

3) Communicate with, and connect with, your customers one
on one. A few hundred loyal customers are much more valuable
that thousands of lukewarm customers. These customers are
going to be the core reason for your business success. Take
care of them and they will take care of you. Help them to get
what they want first, and they'll help you to get what you want.

4) Focus on building residual income. Marketing products
and services that you sell once and then they pay you for
years to come is the secret of the rich. They have what they
call "monthly money" (rents/dividends/royalties/commissions)
coming in every month with no additional work required.

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Online you do this by offering products or services that pay
monthly residuals such as web hosting, or consumables such
as nutritional supplements.

Join a network marketing company where you basically earn
a commission for helping to publicize an in-demand product.
Rather than the company spending a lot of money on advertising
and distribution channels, they reward you for filling those

Depending upon your preferences, here are two companies
that you'd like:

The first rewards you for helping the hundreds of millions
of people in debt over their head to finally achieve financial
freedom. The training and support you get from the team
is unsurpassed and really works. I know because I am the
#2 producing representative in the entire company. My
mentor is the #1 producing representative. Check out:

The second is one that serves the fastest growing industry
in the world... the travel industry. As baby boomers reach
retirement age, or the age where they have more free time
and disposable income, they are traveling a lot more. This
company allows you to profit from that fact:

You help customers get travel at rates often lower than the
huge travel sites and you get paid for it. Also you can
earn that critical monthly residual income if you chose to
focus on that aspect of the business.

No... I'm not encouraging you to break rule #1 by not focusing
on one thing at a time. By showing you two companies that
I recommend I'm demonstrating how to do number 1 and
THEN do #2. I built successful businesses with the above
two companies in that order and I chose them because
they offered something my clients wanted and needed. They
also both offer products I use.

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5) Consider developing and marketing your own software
products. Software and digitally delivered products are
great because it's so easy to automate the marketing
and delivery process. They are great because you don't
have to invest in a lot of inventory or even huge product
development cost. You can inexpensively outsource or hire
a programmer to write the software for you. A good place to
be stepped through the software creation process is at
Joe Clayton's DPCon. Check it our now at:

6) Form strategic alliances, brainstorming or mastermind
groups, and JV partnerships. Grow faster by cooperating
with those whom you'd normally consider your competitors.
All major brick and mortar business, and the most successful
online businesses form strategic alliances. Partner with those
already reaching your target market and watch your business
grow exponentially.

7) Avoid paralysis by analysis. Don't spend so much time
planning and over-analyzing the business that you never get
started. Yes, you will probably make mistakes. So what!
Learn from them and move forward. If you don't take a chance
and do SOMETHING, you'll be in exactly the same place a year
from now. The only difference will be that you'll be a year
older and your competitors will be another year ahead of

There you have seven excellent bits of advice that you
probably already knew, and that you're possibly already
passing on. It's time-tested, proven advice. Knowing
the above does make you an expert. Acting upon it is what
will make you a success.

Willie Crawford is a corporate president, published author,
seminar speaker and host, tele-seminar speaker and host,
retired military officer, karate black belt, network marketing
trainer, and lifetime student of marketing. He shows people
how to actually generate substantial income on-line using
very simple systems. An example of such a system can
be studied and duplicated at: http://ProfitMagician.com



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