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Vol. 2 issue #215 Jan 03, 2007



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2007 By Charlie Cook

Stuart from Colorado had talked to a number of marketing firms
and gotten estimates for designing and printing his marketing
materials and building a web site for his business producing
promotional cds. One firm quoted $100,000 to build his web site
alone. He sensed something was missing or wrong, but couldn't
put his finger on it, so he called me.

I asked Stuart how the various marketing pieces and activities
were going to work together to help him generate leads. I asked
him what his marketing strategy was. He drew a blank. The
marketing firms he had talked to had provided detailed
information on what they were going to produce for him, but none
had discussed a coordinated plan to generate leads and s.ales.

Marketing without an integrated strategy is like playing poker,
tennis or football without knowing the rules, keeping score or
having a game plan. You could put in a lot of time, energy, and
capital, and still end up losing the game. Has this happened to

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W.inning at business is the same as any other game, whether your
objective is to beat the competition or just to be the best in
your industry. To be successful, you need to know the rules of
the game, have a clear strategy and track your progress.

The Rules for W.inning at Marketing and Sales
Here are some of the most essential rules to follow to succeed
at marketing your business.

1. Written goals are motivating and can help you succeed.
Define your objectives for revenue, lead generation and
conversion rates for the year and then break those down for each
quarter. Commit them to writing. Next list the weekly and daily
tasks you and/or your employees need to accomplish in order to
reach your goals.

2. The more qualified prospects you can attract, the more
clients you'll have. A clearly defined lead generation strategy
will bring in the new prospects you need to be profitable.

3. It's easier to convert prospects to clients when they are
looking to solve a problem. It's much harder to convert people
who don't have a current need or concern, even if they are
members of your target market. Instead of seeking prospects,
prompt prospects to look for you.

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4. You'll get a better response from marketing messages that are
focused on client problems and concerns, not on your credentials
or descriptions of products and processes. If you're not getting
the response you'd like from your mailings, ads or web site,
take a second look at your marketing message. A few changes in
your marketing copy can increase response by factors of ten or

5. Integrate your tactics and message across your marketing
materials, ads, and web site to prompt people to seek you out
and contact you. Trying to generate leads without an integrated
strategy is like playing football without a set of plays for the
quarterback to use with the team. He'd end up throwing the ball
only to find the receiver had gone the other direction or go for
a field goal on the first down.

6. The purpose of having a web site is to generate leads.
Once you have a lead you can use it to generate s.ales. Once you
get prospects to your web site or reading your marketing
materials, make sure you prompt them to contact you.

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7. Most s.ales are the result of a relationship based on your
credibility and the value of your products or services.
Developing these relationships can take weeks or months to
build. Your marketing strategy should facilitate this process
of building relationships over time, with multiple opportunities
for contacting prospects.

8. The easiest people to sell to are past customers. Prompt
first time clients to buy from you again and again.

Keeping Score
In order to know if your marketing is working you need ways of
keeping score. Which marketing results are you tracking?
Which additional ones should you define each month and quarter
to track?

Keep track of these important 'scores' to evaluate your

1. How many prospects seek your firm out each month? Is this
number growing each month by five to ten percent?

2. What percentage of people who are exposed to your ads, your
web site and other marketing materials give you their contact
information so you can stay in touch with them?

3. How many people are on your house list of qualified
prospects? How fast is this list growing each month?

4. How many people buy from you each week? What is the dollar
volume of each sale?

5. How many s.ales come from repeat customers?

Whether we're talking poker, tennis, or marketing your small
business, the objective is to improve your perf0rmance and
succeed more often. When you have a game plan, know the rules
and track your scores, you can continually find ways to improve
your marketing and be more successful.


The author, Charlie Cook, helps service professionals and small
business owners attract more clients and be more successful.
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