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Vol. 2 issue #221 Feb 23, 2007



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Home Business hurting your family?
Copyright 2007 by Alan Cheng

I was talking to my wife over dinner about my achievements over the past year. Sure enough I have made some money and I knew she was happy with what I have gained. The extra clothes and nice dinners we have had to celebrate the additional earnings was memorable.

I mean I have even started my own Home Business Membership Site which I thought helped a lot of beginners. This is also the fact why I have been so busy during the past year. Making money online and concentrating on my Membership Site which I think is going to be the next best thing since sliced bread.

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Mr. Lawrence Johnson
Gender Male
Age 48
Location Maumee, OH, United States
Interests watching cable, old movies, reading sci-fi, mystery, Dirk Pitt Novels, music, cooking, taking photo's, marketing and promotions, having fun, enjoying life and helping others.collecting movies and paperback books.
Company The Best Traffic Of Your Life
URL View The Best Traffic Of Your Life's web site
Industry Do you want to know how to quickly make your website more successful, and then how to keep your success growing day by day? Success Formula #1, Traffic + Website=Sales, Success Response: Sales & Money= A Better Life, With our system, You will have BOTH!

To my amazement, my wife looked at me, smirked, and carried on eating her dinner. I thought to myself. What's up? I thought she would be saying things like how glad she has a husband that would concentrate on bringing extra money to the family and how lucky she was to have such a capable husband blah blah blah....

I nagged her throughout dinner as to what was going on in her mind and to tell me now. About 10 minutes of almost arguing she came out with it.

She told me she was unhappy with what I was doing and wish I never started Internet Marketing......I was totally stunned.

I never knew she thought that way during the past year. I assumed she was happy with the extra cash I brought home. After an hour of talking with the dinner turning cold, I seem to have understood her unhappiness with my hobby. They are listed below:

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1. I don't play with my daughter as often as I do
2. I hardly ever change my 11 month old son's nappy or feed him milk.
3. I rarely speak to my wife. All I do is talk about my business and the money Iíve earned
4. I go to bed and start reading printing ebooks and then go to sleep
5. As soon as I get back home from work, I switch on the
PC and never watch TV with the family.


It hit me straight in the face. I have failed as a father and husband in the past year. Funny thing was my wife kept it inside her and I didn't know.

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It was time I changed how I worked. I searched the web and read all about the time management stuff I could get my hands on and went ahead managed my time splitting it between work and family. And you know what?

I have managed to do *more* work and spend *more* time with my family. Life is now so smooth and sweet.

I have written down the techniques that I have successfully used myself to manage my time with my online business. And now I want to share it with you. Just send a blank email to omm_time@a1ebiz.com and you will get the information in an autoresponder. Please forward this article if you know someone that can benefit with such information. You could be saving them more than time.


Alan Cheng, is the owner of www.onlinemoneymachine.com a complete membership package for home business owners providing a money making website, essential tools, information and products you need to sell. You can contact Alan at alan@onlinemoneymachine.com


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