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Vol. 2 issue #225 March 22, 2007



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First Impressions
Copyright 2007 By Bob Osgoodby

First impressions are extremely important if you hope to do
business on the Web. After you refine your ads, and if you make
your pitch to a targeted group, you will start to get visitors
to your web site. Here is where many would be entrepreneurs
drop the ball.

Putting up a web site is not a difficult task, but designing a
good one is, and if you don't pay attention, it might be working
against you. Think about it, the web site is not only the first
impression of you and your business, it is crucial to your
success or failure.

People don't waste a whole lot of time when visiting a site. If
it isn't professional looking, they may just "click away". While
looks are important, you must spend time on developing good

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Chris Agostarola   
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Ms. Chris Agostarola
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Location pine hill, nj, United States
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Industry retail

Copy written by affiliate programs has been seen over and over,
and while it may have been effective at one time, it is so
overused that people immediately recognize it for what it is.

In addition to good copy which of course, has no spelling,
grammar or punctuation errors, it has to clearly state what you
are offering. Many web sites offer a real challenge to try to
figure out what they are trying to sell. The offer should be
the first thing they see. The information must also flow
logically, and not leave a lot of questions unanswered.

Equally important is obvious contact information. A physical
address, and an email address go a long way to assuaging any
fears someone may have.

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In addition to complete information on your offer, it must have
a call to action, which entices the visitor to purchase from
you. It must also have an order form, or instructions that are
easy to follow. It is also a real plus to let the prospect know
a little bit about you. Your picture on the site can help
instill confidence.

If you have someone design the site for you, remember that their
expertise is in web site design, and most likely they will know
little, if anything, about your business. They can construct the
site and make it look good, but the copy and information flow is
your responsibility. You should always take a break from the
copy writing, and if at all possible, have someone else proof
your work for grammar. Also you have to be careful of words
that pass spell check, but are actually incorrect usage. Don't
confuse words like "there" and "their".

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Once you have the basic framework finished, it is now time to
test it. Try to corral as many people as possible to review it.
Is it clear and an effective presentation? You should probably
avoid friends unless you are sure they will give you an honest

The first impression your web site makes is crucial to success.
If people have to "jump through hoops" to find out about your
offer, or if it doesn't portray a professional image, the odds
are they won't buy.


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