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Vol. 2 issue #242 July 26, 2007



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How To Appeal To Different Personalities
Copyright 2007 by Ayat Shukairy


We all think differently. We read different books, listen to different music, and have different opinions on things.

Yet with our websites, we often develop the voice, copy, and style with what we want and how we do things. What about the customer? Chances are, the customer won’t feel and do things the same way you do. The site must be client-centric and visitor-focused.

Keep the customer in mind and construct a website that leads the customer to buy your product or service. Your copy and design will grab the attention of the right visitors and get them to act. So, when the customer hits your site with the obvious question of ‘what’s in it for me?’ You’ll grab their attention if you’ve constructed a website that considers their wants and speaks in their voice. You’ve got to know what the customer wants to hear, and how they need to hear it to make the sale.

“But”, you say, “I’m me. How can I write copy or talk in a way which appeals to another person voice and style?” The answer is to understand your customer and speak to them personally. It can be a little like dealing with Jekyll and Hyde, but once you’ve get the knack of it you’ll find that split personalities are easier to handle than you think!

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Personality types

Take the following different personality types:

An easy going likes a personal approach. They will ask the question “Why is your product the best?” To satisfy the easy going person, provide reassurance and opinions. These personalities are humanistic in nature so testimonials and such appeal to them and may help them move through the conversion process.

An analytical person is all business and detail oriented. They are disciplined, and will ask you “How does your product differ from others?” For analytical people, provide evidence. A simple paragraph explaining your products will not suffice, you need to give this personality type in-depth information about your process, details about your products/services, etc.

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A spontaneous person likes brief, to-the-point answers! The expressive person will ask “What are the benefits and how can this (product/service) help me?” For this person, you need to display the points, give them the reason to buy your products or services, and help them convert right away by placing call to actions throughout your copy.

An assertive person is powerful and strategic. They will want to know “What can your product do for me and why is it the best?” This personality is competitive in nature and always wants the best, wants to know why it’s the best, and wants to see the advantages of your service/product over the rest. For this include person comparisons, assurances, and satisfaction guarantees.

The method

“You mean I have to write different copy to suit all these different personalities?” Don’t panic, not at all. With careful thought, you can combine the approaches and come away with something for everyone. Take a look.

“At INVESP, our approach is customized to meet your objectives and concerns. Your results are guaranteed. Explore our methodology to discover how hundreds of clients have been satisfied. Our solutions include:

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• Traffic builder designed to drive more online visitors to your site.

• Optimized conversion solution designed to lead users through the conversion process.

• Community builder designed to keep your traffic coming back to your site for more.”

Different types of people will all find something here they like.

• Easy going, humanistic personalities will identify with the ‘hundreds of clients’.

• Those that are analytical will identify with ‘methodology’ and most likely click on that link.

• The spontaneous will explore like the list of solutions and their immediate benefits.

• Assertive/competitive people will like the ‘guaranteed results’ and satisfaction guaranteed.

Something for everyone, pretty easy concept. However, before imploring this technique, you must identify who your clients are. The majority of your clients may be analytical and spontaneous in nature, so you would have to try to appeal to them mostly. Identify with your customer and they are more likely to complete the sale, so start appealing to their personal side. Remember, the site must be constructed for them, not you.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Ayat_Shukairy


Ayat Shukairy serves as the creative director at INVESP consulting. She oversees the implementation of online marketing services designed to help clients increase site traffic, improve low site conversion rates, and establish customer loyalty. Additionally, Ayat has worked closely with clients to optimize their landing pages and help them lead successful online ad campaigns.

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