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Vol. 2 issue #262 June 18, 2008



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Building a Capture Page - Top 4 Success Tips

Copyright 2008 - Lucas Adamski

Capture page also known as squeeze page, landing page or gateway page is a key factor for building your mailing list. The main purpose of this page is to capture your visitor's name and e-mail. Building a capture page doesn't need to be a hard work if you will understand few basic principles. To build a highly converting capture page with high opt in rate read carefully below tips.

1. Always offer some free stuff in exchange of e-mail. It can be free e-book, audio, software or anything that you think could be valuable for your prospect. It should be also related to your main product you are selling. The good idea would be write specific free report about your product/business including your affiliate links. If the report will be good you will build trust with your prospect.


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Jerry Mitchell
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Blog Last Post: 3,568 Leads and 156 Recruits Free Videos Make It Possible
Posted on: 5/3/2008
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Posted on: 5/9/2008


2. Building a good capture page is all about good copywriting. Treat this page same as writing a sales page. Although you should not pitch here people to buy your product or even mention what it is. Your main goal here is to push person to the next page. Show only the benefits why you should opt in, what is it for me? Build a curiosity and show the solution to their problems.


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3. Don't put any links in your capture page going to other sites. Capture page is all about capturing person's email, name and pushing to the next page. Don't overcomplicate the process, try to make it as simple as possible. The best size for capture page is 700x700 px and also form should be as high as possible.


Visitor only for $0.01. Try our pay per click search engine. The cheapest on the market. Start here..


4. Focus your benefits on the freebie, e-book, report etc. In capture page you are selling your free stuff but to get high conversions you will have to show benefits to people. Remind that it's free gift for you and there are no hidden texts.

Building a capture page is nothing complicated but require few factors that I showed you. Stick on this and remember to build trust, add signature with your photo at the bottom of your capture page, make it personal and don't try to sell. Good capture page can really sky-rocket your sales conversion.




Lucas Adamski is 19 years old successful internet marketer who teaches people most lucrative and effective ways to market online.

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