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Vol. 2 issue #287 June 24, 2009




“SHOCKING” News for you... 

A message from the Internet Marketing Center's Derek Gehl, one of THE smartest Internet marketers, is retiring. Now more than EVER, (think 'recession'), people need some SERIOUS help making money online... and he just up and quits?!

Check out the special web page he posted explaining in more detail why he's retiring, how he has built an amazing team of experts he's passing the torch to, it all makes sense...

As a final "farewell," he's actually putting together everything he *knows* about making money on the Internet! That's $100 MILLION worth of experience and strategy secrets.

Here is the website where you can find out about Derek's entire collection of Internet marketing strategies and it is only going to be available for a short time, so you need to check it out RIGHT AWAY!

      Derek Gehl’s Insiders Marketing Strategies and Secrets

P.S. Derek's created more success stories than any other "guru" out there, so you KNOW his strategies will work for you, too.

How to Make Money With an Information Marketing System

by James Roche

If you are like most people, you hate selling. It's unnatural and uncomfortable pitching yourself or your product. But, not to worry there's a solution! You can "sell without selling" when you have an information marketing system. I'm going to show you how you can use the information in your head to do the selling for you over and over again.

The Secret behind a Successful Information Marketing System

Your information marketing system begins with the principle of giving great value to your potential client up front and for free. Begin by asking prospects, "What's your single greatest question/challenge about (fill in your topic)?: Ask enough people and you'll see clearly what your prospects want.

Next, put together a simple information product like a Special Report or an audio CD that answers the most common questions and challenges. Give this report out freely. This way people will get to know, like and trust you because you've proven yourself by giving great value to them.


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Where's the Money?

You may be asking, "But if I'm giving it away for free, how do I make money with my information marketing system?" This is the great part. At the end of your special report you give the reader an irresistible offer to buy your product or service. Maybe it has a great discount or an added bonus. At this point in your information marketing system you want them to take the plunge and take action to buy from you because you've proven yourself in their eyes.

You'll be amazed at how many people will respond once they receive value from you. Here are four techniques to capture the lead so you can later market to them over time:

1. Give away free CDs instead of business cards

Imagine you are at a networking event where everyone else is handing out their card and folks end up with a fist full of look-a-like cards, not knowing who gave them which card.

Now imagine that you hand them your audio CD. What an impact that would make, handing someone a product that has your picture on it and the name of your company. While they're driving home, they'll already be listening to it on the CD player.

2. Use an online opt-in form


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You want to apply your information marketing system online and offline. One of the proven techniques for generating leads online is the opt-in form. For example, visit my site and you'll find that on the first page I ask people pretty bluntly to sign up for my special report. I have a 25-page special report and people can opt-in, give me their name and email address in exchange for this free report.

You too can use this method without having to engage in any hard sell. You simply present what you know. People will be impressed and then they raise their own hand and ask to work with you or buy your product from you.

3. Turn your Special Report into a series of articles

You can get your name out there, establish your expertise and get links to your site using articles. Simply take parts of your Special Report and reformat them into 500 word articles. This is a simple technique to bring people into your information marketing system.

4. Use your information as a "value-added bonus"

You can create a simple "Tips Sheet" or "Top 10 List." You can give this away in exchange for business cards at networking events, or you can even give it away as a bonus attached to someone else's information product. In this way you get even more exposure, and leverage the list and traffic from those other sites.

How to Make Money after You Have the Lead


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Once people have "opted-in" to your database, you then want to close the sale. Some ways to do this are by building a relationship with the lead through emails, handwritten notes and teleclasses. The more value you give, the easier it is for someone to feel comfortable buying your product or service.

Some ideas for information products you can sell are:

1. An ebook

People will pay to find solutions to their problems. You'll win with an ebook if you target a specific group with your specific solution.

2. An audio program

Take the same information in your ebook and record it onto audio CDs. The best way to do this is simply have someone interview you about your topic. Use your ebook as an outline to guide the interview.

3. Teleclasses

People like the live interaction of a teleclass. Simply expand on the information in your ebook and add a coaching element to the calls. (Be sure to record the calls because you can sell them as additional products in your information marketing system.)

If you are in a service-based business, an information marketing system that captures leads then converts them into paying clients is a sure-fire way to build your practice fast. The beauty of an information marketing system is, once you've put the initial work into creating your products, they continue to make money over and over. And, you'll boost your credibility when people see your photo and name on your ebook and audio program.

Map out your information marketing system today. Include a give-away special report and ebook that you can sell. You'll be well on your way to more clients and passive revenue.


(c) 2007-2009 Info Marketing, Inc.
Small business marketing consultant James Roche, shows you how to attract more clients and make passive revenue with information products. Discover his proven and practical marketing strategies with his free special report, "The Shift: Quit Struggling, Make a Difference and Join the New Rich" http://www.marketingmadeeasyblueprint.com/free

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