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Vol. 2 issue #320 October 6, 2010


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10 Ways to Provide Your Clients With a Better Experience

by Robert Berry-Smith

Does your line of work rely on building successful relationships with clients? Do you risk losing clients to competitors if you don't? Here are 10 ways to ensure your clients feel well-looked after.

1. Friendly and helpful call answering - When a client calls up, what level of service do they receive on the other end of the phone? Is it friendly and efficient? Is it helpful and knowledgeable? Get this right and their initial engagement with your business will be a positive one.

2. Friendly and professional visiting experience - That level of service needs to be carried into their visits in person to you office. make sure they feel welcome and make sure the working environment is a professional one.

3. Useful website experience - If your client is too busy to call, they may want to get the information they need from you online. An attractive, easy to navigate website is a must. But also consider implementing a 'client area' for them to access specific information.


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4. Doing what's right for them - If you say 'yes' to everything, you may be doing what they ask, but when it doesn't work that won't stop them blaming you. Be willing to tactfully challenge them when you think a better idea might be an option.

5. Complete work within the deadline - If a client provides you with a deadline, don't ignore it. If possible, get the work to them even earlier than they've stipulated and earn extra brownie points.

6. Make them feel like your most important client even if they're not - The better treated your client is treated, the more likely they are to feel loved and well-looked after. In turn, they'll know the work they've outsourced is in safe hands.


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7. Provide corporate hospitality and entertainment - Why not treat your client once in a while to some corporate hospitality and entertainment? The football or horse racing are just two of many excellent days out that will help foster a strong relationship.

8. Get the little things right - Whether its having their favourite blend of coffee in when they visit or laying out a lovely selection of biscuits, the smallest gestures can have a massively positive impact on how they enjoy their experience of working with you.

9. Provide fair and competitive rates - If you overcharge, you're unlikely to get the work in the first place, but even if you do they are unlikely to stick around long.


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10. Form a partnership - Ultimately, what matters is what the end results of the work is and the best way of achieving great results is to form a strong and long-lasting partnership. Two heads are better than one, as they say, so make it a joint adventure rather than a client-supplier arrangement.

If you want to dedicate more time to your clients on the phone, you may want to consider using an outsourced call centre for dealing with inbound call handling. They can organize calls for you, making sure you can spend more time speaking with your clients, rather than taking time-wasting calls.



Robert Berry-Smith is an Eziner Articles Expert Author. Why not visit alldayPA.com - a telephone answering service and virtual office that can provide a full live answering service to ensure your client enjoys an exceptional experience.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Robert_Berry-Smith


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