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Vol. 3 issue #326 January 6, 2011


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Four Ways to Build Your Customer Database

by K. MacKillop

Research has shown that marketing to repeat customers is both far cheaper and far more effective than drawing new clients. The advent of the internet has made this process much easier and significantly cheaper to accomplish. Therefore, building a strong contact database should be a top priority of any business's marketing objectives.

Growing your customer base is not particularly complicated, but deserves more attention than many business owners give. Here are the basics of keeping contact recruitment at the forefront:


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Every business needs a good website, and every website should provide an easy way for potential customers to opt in. Whether you offer periodic newsletters, coupons, or just informative messages to your site visitors, a simple signup form is the first step to building your contact list. The signup form should be simple -- if you ask for too much information, most people won't fill it out. Just a name and email is a good start, as you can always follow up with a more detailed questionnaire or survey. Be sure the opt-in form is on every page, near the top, and stands out. There are plenty of free, customizable widgets that are easy to add to an existing website.



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Social Networking

If your site is up and running, your business should also be represented on the social networks like Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook. Be sure your profile page includes links to your website and one that takes them directly to the opt-in form. Post frequent status updates (3 to 4 per week), and balance the messages to about one direct ad for every six or seven interesting, non-advertising postings. Sign up to follow or friend other businesses or profiles that are likely to draw your target market, and look for groups or directories that will post your business profile for free.

Online Marketing

Everything you do to promote your company online should also promote your website and opt-in program. All emails and newsletters should include a call to action for the reader to forward to a friend, all pay-per-click ads should visibly include your web address. Be sure all your online messages, whether small ads or weekly newsletters, reflect the image you want to portray and target the audience you need to target and include content that will encourage your loyal customers to forward them on.



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Offline Capturing

Not all of your potential customers are going to find your business through an internet search. Therefore, building your contact database must be a priority offline as well. Your web address should be included on all printed materials -- business cards, brochures, advertisements, coupons, etc. All networking efforts should include a request to add the new contacts to your mailing list and every public event or appearance should include an opt-in signup sheet or form. If you have a commercial location, be sure that everyone who comes in is added to the contact list...and you might as well ask those who call in as well.

Building your contact database is an important step in developing a loyal customer base. Put in the time and effort to both grow your contact list and nurture those relationships.




About the Author-K. MacKillop, a serial entrepreneur with a J.D. from Duke University, is founder of LaunchX and blogs about starting a business. The LaunchX System is designed to help entrepreneurs start a business based on a step-by-step process. Visit LaunchX.com to learn more about marketing your business startup.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=K._MacKillop


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