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Vol. 3 issue #330 March 9, 2011


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Stop Losing Sales to Your Competitors

by Nige Dixon

We are still in difficult times and all the indications are that we will be for some time. It's a nightmare for many businesses as customers are driving prices down and expecting more for their money. Overheads are being cut where ever possible, and even advertising needs to be more selective to ensure you increase your market share. Why then, are your competitors getting more leads than you?

Websites are the most efficient and effective way of promoting your business. Much better than advertising in magazines it seems as there is a greater audience. But, as we know already, websites need constant attention including optimisation and constantly fresh content. You have your website and your competitors have theirs. If anything, yours is much better, visually that is, so what's going wrong under the bonnet?


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Old Websites
It may be that your website was designed and published say, four, five, six or even more years ago and the only attention it has had in that time is a change of address and a few new products launched. It may have been constructed using Frames or copious amounts of Flash. To most businessmen Frames and Flash means nothing. The tech-speak can be a mystery and because of this most of what you can achieve with a properly constructed website does not get done unless your business employs an IT technician. By the same token some businessmen of a certain age were heavily involved at business start, putting their site together and as far as they're concerned it can be no better.


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Times have changed. Websites are different animals than what they used to be, and let's face it, if you are a small company and you can't afford to employ an IT Tech, then the chances are that you don't outsource your SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), backlinks, Social Media Integration and general website maintenance. That's why you are losing sales to your competitors.


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Free Website Health Check
So how can you tell if your website needs tweaking, overhauling or optimising? Well, the best way is to get a free website health check of your own site and one of your competitors. This will tell you what wants working on, with regard to your site and how to achieve it, as well as showing what your competitor's site is doing right or wrong. You then have the opportunity to address these issues and snatch back your market share.



Nige Dixon is an Ezine Articles Expert Author


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