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Vol. 3 issue #336 June 15, 2011


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Start Strong in Marketing Programs With Updated Consumer List

By Alice C Clark


Every program needs a solid foundation to ensure its success. The same goes with your marketing campaign. You can only begin strongly if you get hold of an up-to-date consumer list.

A strong start is very critical in any situation. A tennis player grabbing the first set has higher chances of winning the match. A catchy opening line of a song can get the attention of the listeners. Workers arriving at work early receives cash incentives for punctuality. Runners leading a marathon can finish first. All of these are just simple yet real examples of how it makes a big difference to begin anything in powerful manner. The same is true in marketing activities. How you commence an undertaking plays a big part of what the outcome will be. And all too often, a smooth start finishes strong.


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At the present time, kicking off sales and marketing programs rarely happen with face-to-face interaction. This is so because it is more expensive and time-consuming than using the telephone or discharging thousands of mails. Direct marketing tools such as telemarketing, email blasting and direct mail are more practical and easier to undertake. Whatever your strategy is, be it the use of cold-calling or sending catchy brochures, the most important thing about the campaigns you formulate is to be assured that the message reaches in the hands of your sales prospects.

This is where a consumer list is of great help. A business contact database is highly needed because it contains the business contact information of your prospective clients. Phone numbers, mailing addresses, email address and the like- these are your channels that make it possible to reach the leads without delays and interruptions. Now, all you need to secure is an updated leads list that can be accessed quickly. Your telemarketers can only work when accurate phone numbers are available. The missives can only be mailed when the right home and office addresses are present. Emails will never be included in the crowded inboxes of the clients in the absence of email addresses. This is the big difference of executing activities between using a contact list and a random approach.



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To ensure the effectiveness, a consumer list should be broken down according to demographics which usually includes age, gender, income, zip and area codes, and various categories. This is in order to determine the segments or subgroups in the targeted market and to know the attributes of each segment. Sold lists by the providers have been generated from various resources including but not limited to business directories, trade shows and conference, associations and professional organizations, direct mail, email and telemarketing campaigns. Nowadays, data banks must be privacy-compliant. Meaning to say, no information about prospects who choose to opt out of a leads database must be included.

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It is expensive to fuel sales and marketing endeavors. Therefore, you are expected to employ your tactics only to the interested people. Securing your firm a consumer list makes it possible for a precision targeting, reaching those who will use your products and avail of your services. When you buy your own record from a list provider, make sure that you do not only get an updated list but also a targeted one. Besides, ask for a data guarantee as a protection against errors in the business contact information. Now, you can get higher success rates and sales potential by starting strong with the aid of a leads database.


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Alice Clark is a sales and marketing consultant specializing in business contact database management. Alice invites you to visit http://www.contactdb.com/ to learn more about business contact lists and databases.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/6352793 

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