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Vol. 1 issue #50  Feb 14, 2003


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How To Turn Trash Traffic Into Gold
 2003  by Dermot Hogan

How To Turn Trash Traffic Into Gold

I have to laugh every time I surf through a hit exchange.

You see the same exact pages over and over, I think
there are about 4 types:

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1.The Las Vegas Page-
Lots of flashing lights and a million links to visit

2.The Banner Farm-
A million offers, you just got to click one, riiight.

3.The Hot New(or Old) Program-
Just refer 10 and you're a millionaire

4 The Really Targeted Website-
Hey lets sell antique chairs to webmasters

These are all the same people who give up hit programs
real quickly. They say: "This is a waste of time, its
just trash traffic".

That's a lot of B.S. really, if you do the hit exchanges
right you can really help your business. To do them right
there is really only a few simple steps you need to follow.

Visitor only for $0.01. Try our pay per click search engine. The cheapest on the market. Start here..


1. Create a Free Offer.
Write something that relates to your product. Like a
email course, and ebook, or a free sample.

2. Target
Your audience is webmasters or affiliates trying to get
more traffic to their websites, think about what they
want and need.

3. A Direct Response Site On Speed
The page you send your traffic to should be short and
sweet. A great headline, some bullets, and ask for a
response. That's it, nothing else. You have seconds to
catch your audience's attention.

3. Load in less than 10 seconds or less
Don't even bother with graphics here; in fact a page
with just text could work.

4. Don't Even Bother Selling Anything.
These people are surfing for hits, rarely will they
bother to read a long sales letter and order something.
You should offer them something free, and ask them to
subscribe to an auto responder.

5. Follow-up on your leads
Send out more messages to your leads telling them
about your website and products.

6. Small Headline, Big Headline
The first headline should a couple of words that is a quick summary of your offer. The second should stop them in there tracks and hit them with the biggest benefit. These two headlines are crucial. Even the most hardcore surfers can be pulled in with a great one-two headline punch.

7. A few quick bullets
These mention some more benefits, maybe offer a few
bonuses, and ask for the subscription. They should be
like a continuation of the headline.

I created a sample lead generating template for hit
exchanges. You can use this yourself just by filling in
the blanks Lead Template

If you follow these simple steps you should be easily able to double or even triple the response you get from hit exchanges

New, Unorthodox, and Sometimes Even Strange Ways to
Grow Your Internet Business Subscribe to Dermot Hogan's
ezine The Twisted Marketing Report at

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