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Every person perceives the possibility of needing their power quotes polished for perfect punctuation. Could your copy contain incorrect criteria, are your adjectives alarmingly assumptive, not sure if it’s 'i' before 'e', except after 'c'? Need an editor? Contact me for reasonable rates!Passion is an elemental force capable of creation. If the human mind can conceive it, passion can bring it into being. This one element is the foundation of everything I stand for under the banner of White Feather Editing Services. To do a job with passion is to do it well, and to create something that can fire the imagination and fuel humanity to astonishing heights is a rare and marvelous gift.Words are powerful and the ability to use their inherent magic to conjure images in the minds eye is a gift few are given. It is we few who strive to give an eloquent voice to all those who seek the right words to sell their products or services.Whether you are an author striving to ready your masterful manuscript for publication, or whether you are seeking the perfect content for your brochure or webpage, White Feather Editing Services can assist you with all your content and editing needs.* Editing* Proofreading* Copy & content writingContact: