Distributors Wanted For Revolutionary New Security Product

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3275 days ago

We are looking for established businesses or commercial chains with at least five years’ experience to act as distributors for our revolutionary new technology.The products in question are called ‘Cackle Cloak’ and ‘Cackle Concealer’. They look like simple USB-sticks, but they allow consumers to browse the internet in total privacy and anonymity at full speed through instantaneous encryption and decryption of all outgoing and incoming data.Our company will start selling the products via our website in January 2013. However, as we envision a huge worldwide demand, we’ll be moving to a different business model involving worldwide distributors over the months following our launch. It’s this network that we’re trying to build, and which you have an opportunity to become part of right now.If you’re interested, please go to our website and fill in your business details.