Radio Shack MD 982 Music Electronic Keyboard Bundle Kit

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$ 375.00

I once had aspirations on being a music producer and it's what gave me the curiosity to try my hand at playing piano as part as my renaissance lifestyle. As far the entire keyboard kit, it mainly served as a dedicated companion during my piano classes in college. Beyond that, I did some independent practice of my own but I shifted gears on what I wanted to do in my life. The Radio Shack MD 982 Music Electronic Keyboard has been stored away in my bedroom for way too long. Almost 7 years in fact, lol. Needless to say, it's in great condition with the exception of some minor scratches. Overall, you'll get combinations of fantastic sounds through all 61 keys.Product InformationThe Radio Shack MD 982 Music Electronic Keyboard has 100 rhythms and 100 tones. It has a song controller, transpose capability, a chord book with choices of fingered and concert formats, a tempo controller and accompanied volume. Operates on 6AA batteries (which are included). It's measurements are 37 1/2 inches in length X 13 1/2 inches in height X 4 1/2 inches deep at rear X 1 3/4 inches deep at front.Here is the bundle kit in a nutshell: music electronic keyboard, compartment bag for keyboard, sheet music stand, keyboard stand, a chair, sustain pedal, sheet music lamp and a piano study course booklet.Enjoy the instrument. Have fun!